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You need to be a paid SAMOA member to attend but remember, because of the pandemic, dues have been extended to July of 2021 so don’t miss this opportunity to get involved and hang out with your Mini friends.

Is there anything going on for 2021? Odds are there is! Find out at the meeting.

You should receive an email a week or so before the meeting with the Zoom invitation which will give you access to meeting on the 18th. Your computer needs to be video and audio ready. If you don’t receive your invite give me a call. If you don’t think you are a paid member give Toby a call. Our numbers are at the bottom of this home page. -Ed Sauer, secretary, editor, 5/11/2021


Enter your Mini in any of these recently confirmed summer events

For details go to NEXT EVENTS and 2021 EVENTS CALENDAR

June 12, 13 – SVRA Vintage Races and HAGERTY SPEEDTOUR CAR SHOW at The Ridge Motorsports Park, Shelton, WA

July 2, 3, 4 – SOVREN Vintage Races and COLLECTOR CAR CORRAL at Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA

Aug 21 – Saturday WESTERN WASHINGTON ALL BRITISH FIELD MEET at St. Edward Park, Kenmore, WA

Sept 4 – Saturday PORTLAND ALL BRITISH FIELD MEET at Delta Park, Portland, OR

Sept – (tent.) VANCOUVER ALL BRITISH FIELD MEET at Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver, BC


Greenwood Car Show lives on as a monthly cruise

The event lives on but due to the covid pandemic, the format has been changed from a car show to a show-car cruise. And the cruise through Greenwood and Ballard will take place the last Saturday of every month from April through September!

Famous for upwards of 20 classic Minis at each years Greenwood Car Show, perhaps SAMOA should organize a platoon of Minis for CRUISE GREENWOOD. Let’s discuss at the May meeting!



We are all in this for the long haul. As more Mini events are cancelled or postponed the question eventually came up, “What exactly is a car club member supposed to do when there aren’t any options for getting together as a club? No drives, events or even meetings? Why even be a club member?”

Good question so until at least May of 2021 your membership will continue. At that time dues can be deposited in the club coffers and your membership will be good for a year and as soon as SAMOA can adjust to the new normal, we will notify members of the plans for upcoming events. Keep in touch, hang in there, and above all stay safe. -Toby May, president, membership maven, 1/31/2021


Out and about

In these trying times keep in mind there’s no better mood enhancer than a drive in your Mini. Next time you hit the road, snap a selfie, writeup a brief description of your trip and send it to the blog editor so your fellow SAMOAns get to share in your experience.

Graham goes to Graham

It’s an atypical tour when the Mini driver doesn’t come along but James Thompson drove up with his trailer and picked up Barth Sherwood’s Mini, along with it’s jazzy new motor (fresh from Autosport) and left Barth behind on the trip back to James’ south-sound shop, A-Series NW, where James will bring them together again.

In 1963, Graham Thomas Powlesland of Devon was the first owner of Barth’s Mini hence the name, Graham, and James of course lives south of Puyallup in the town of Graham in case you were wondering.  –Barth Sherwood photo


Six South-Sound SAMOAns celebrate spring

In the above photo, six classic Minis from the lower end of the Puget Sound area recently took a drive through the south end.  From left to right is James Thompson, Jim Younkins, Carl Barfield, Ben Compton and Peter Larsen plus the best looking black over blue Mini in the foreground. -The cranky guy took the photo.

We met in Tacoma, driving south on  Hwy 507- you know the route – but turned into Bucoda and drove down to a ghost town (Tono), past the coal-fired plant into town.  Almost.  Jim Younkins knows the area very well and took us up, down and around on some really cool roads, ending up coming into Centralia from Seminary Hill (where Wobblie snipers fired upon the Armistice Day Parade in 1919).  We had lunch at O’Blarney’s, then Jim led us to the west side of I-5, again on roads I never knew existed, until we intersected Hwy 101 a little north of Olympia.  We split up there, James heading for Graham, Jim to Olympia and the rest of us, Ben, Carl, Peter and I, drove through Shelton and Allyn.  Carl and Ben peeled off and left Peter and I to make our way home.  A long 7-hour day but we were rewarded with great roads, perfect weather and good conversation over lunch.   -Jerry Miller, the cranky guy.


Old tricks

It’s what you do when you grow up in Ballard – way back when we were driving our 50s-vintage Chevrolets. Now we still meet up at Dick’s Drive-In but we’re driving our Minis instead. A few weeks ago we “Met half way,” Bill Wecker driving his MkI Cooper S up from Ballard and me down from Everett in the Rover Cooper to the Edmonds Dick’s Drive-In next to Winco on Hwy 99. We had to wait a few days for the rain to stop but the social distancing was no problem nor was the transfer of funds now that Dick’s has card readers. -Ed Sauer


Grumbleina vs. the Bubbleator

I went for a ride today and ended up in Redondo Beach, home of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair’s Bubbleator. If you zoom into the Bubbleator, you might be able to discern the turkey the owners have put in there for seasonal decor, which I thought was pretty funny.

It was really great seeing everyone at the October meeting! Yep, the request was made for Mini photos, so I figured it would be put on the blog.

Grumbleina is my Mini, named for the canned grumbling sound she makes at idle, like it is an affront to her very core that she is not in motion. My neighbor’s kid thinks my name is Minnie. He’s almost 4, so I’m wondering if he’ll find out first about Santa or that my name is Lara. I answer to Minnie, to him. -Lara Williamson

Recent Events

For the following stories, go to MENU/RECENT EVENTS

A long strange trip

Don and Marian are quite the adventurers in ‘Old Paint’ and they set a new standard on their anniversary trip to the Edgefield McMenamins.  How many Mini owners do you know who have crossed the Columbia River going backwards in their Mini?


Octoberfesting on Orcas

The wee town of Olga has a wonderful wreck of a store, soon to be a United States Post Office and grocery/cafe if the friends of have their way. The old place looks like a Mini repair facility to me, but then what doesn’t? 


Why no events?

It has been a struggle. The Covid-19 pandemic brought SAMOA to a screeching halt in 2020 and 2021 looks like more of the same. We hope you understand. For details on the pandemic and how SAMOA is effected here in the state of Washington, go to MENU/NEXT EVENTS.


Rusty tractors and cooling towers

Three serious Mini drivers, Peter Larsen, Jerry Miller and Jim Younkins, tour some awesome back roads south of Olympia and enjoy a tasty lunch in Elma.

On the calendar

Western Washington ABFM change of date

Greetings to our fellow British car enthusiasts!  

Here’s an update on the 2021 Western Washington All British Field Meet. It is our ultimate hope that the vaccination process gets enough people vaccinated to be able to put on the Western Washington All British Field Meet this coming summer, and that governmental phasing regulations allow the event to proceed. 

Initially we had retained our July 17, 2021 date for the 2021 WWABFM, but that date has now been changed to August 21, 2021 to allow more people to be vaccinated. 

We have also entered into discussions with the Lodge at St. Edwards about blocking rooms for the event along with other potential services. More on this and other services will be forthcoming once the food manager comes on staff next month.  Regardless, wouldn’t it be fun to have a room onsite at the WWABFM where you could enjoy a beverage in the pub Friday night, and walk to the event Saturday morning from your room!   In the meantime, please save August 21, 2021 on your calendar and update your email and mailing information under the “About Us” tab on the website as we will be using emails to provide timely information as it develops given the uniqueness of the times.    You can use this direct link to update your information on the WWABFM website.  

Knowing that personal information security is paramount, please be assured that we don’t share the information with anyone.   Thanks so much for your assistance.  

Regards, Lee Orphan – Director WWABFM


IMPORTANT UPDATE – Mini Meet West 2021 cancelled

The joint Victoria and Vancouver Mini Meet West 2021 team has been monitoring the Vaccinations & Canada/USA Border opening to non-essential travel, as well as the restrictions on public gatherings and event sizes, and the vaccination rollouts.

Consequently, the Victoria and Vancouver Mini Meet 2021 team has made the hard decision to cancel MMW2021 for Victoria BC, as we do not feel that we will be in a position to hold the event, given the increases we are seeing in cases and variants and the slow process of vaccinations, and USA/Canada border closures.  We do not make this decision lightly, but we realize that protecting the health of our Mini friends and their families, as well as our sponsors and partners is a higher priority than holding the meet. 

In BC, current vaccination plans have been moving out the dates and we will not see the majority of the province vaccinated until late in the year.  There is no target date from the Health Authorities on when we may increase numbers for events.  Currently we are not allowed any large events, especially one that would have 250 people and the general public attending. 

What happens next? 

The MMW 2021 team will be closing the registration page and issuing refunds to the attendees. The fees paid will be returned as paid in Canadian currency, (minus the PayPal fees, which PayPal keeps) through PayPal in the next few weeks.  Please note that with currency fluctuations of the Canadian Dollar, the US$ refund amount may vary slightly from when you registered.  It will take some time to process all refunds, so please be patient. 

The block booking for the host hotel is cancelled and all reservations within the block will be cancelled at the same time, attendees do not need to call in.  However, if you had made extended reservations or other reservations for accommodation or ferry reservations, you will have to cancel these yourself.  

The Vancouver Mini Club and the Victoria Minis Car Club hope to host a MMW in the future, so you can come and enjoy what BC has to offer.  Thank you to everyone for your support and for your understanding.  Any questions please email Mike at

Support our Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors – Seven Mini Parts and Cedar Valley Alignment – for the support of MMW2021.  Please continue to support our Sponsors as they help keep your car running or complete your rebuild for next year’s MMW. 

-Mike Smith for the MMW2021 Organizing Committee.

It happened

Go to RECENT EVENTS in the MENU at top of home page for details of the following and many other past events.

White Elephants and slot cars

Almost too much excitement for one event.  Details and photos from the January 25, 2020 SAMOA White Elephant Auction and slot car races are posted now in RECENT EVENTS.



and☃️all🌞🎶the🎁Best❄️🎄for🦌🎅🥂 the 🤶🥂New🥂🎄🔔Year🎶🥂❄️🎉

from Jeorge McGladrey  (as Jeorge Patience, SAMOA’s first club secretary from 1967 to 1972.  Soon after, she married and moved to Canada where she still resides.  Thankfully, she has kept in touch.)
SAMOA’S 2019 holiday party,December 17, 2019

It was the SAMOA HOLIDAY PARTY!  No, it was the December members meeting!  STOP, you’re both right so you will find this listed both in RECENT EVENTS and MEETING MINUTES.



A SAMOA night at the movies

Nearly 40 SAMOA members and friends attended the advance screening of FORD v FERRARI.  A BIG turnout for our little club.  Lots of Mini reviews in RECENT EVENTS.



Go to MENU/HISTORY for details on the following plus many more historical club stories.

More Messin’ With Minis

Hard to do anything these days so let’s go back for some more good stuff from yesteryear.


SAMOA circa 1968-1971

Some fascinating stuff about the earliest days of SAMOA from one of the earliest of SAMOA members.  Would you believe member #4?!


Never too early to start…

Folks in the front and the kids in the back of their Mini Estate.  They’re still involved in SAMOA and one of those kids is VP.


A light in a dark room

SAMOA photos from 1986 found on the dark room floor.  Well, not really, but found they were and now we get to see them again.


Ongoing restoration of an early SAMOA Mini

Questions arise about a proper boot lid and insulation as Ted Atkins restores a Cooper S.



Facemasks are now available

After checking 35 on-line suppliers and buying two samples, no satisfactory mask was found.  The choice was then made to order custom material printed with the SAMOA logo and make the masks myself.  -Rowly Stow.  Go to MENU/REGALIA for details, 10/2020

Tool library

You’ll be saying, “Thank goodness for SAMOA,” the first time you are working on your Mini and you need “that special tool.”  You know the one, and chances are it’s in the SAMOA Tool Library.

For more info, click on MENU/TOOL LIBRARY above.

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