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Next membership meeting


March 17, 2020 at the old same place, Pingrey’s on Roosevelt Way and NE 89th St.

Meeting starts at 7:30pm but Mini Happy Hour starts anytime from 6pm on so come early.
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Our uber-cool grille badges have arrived and will be available at the next meeting or event.  If you pre-ordered a badge and have not already paid, please bring a check or exact cash ($35).  There are a few extras if you didn’t preorder (still $35 and a bargain at that, they’re really neat!).

Go to MENU/REGALIA for details.

On the calendar

JUST LISTED, THE SAMOA 2020 EVENTS CALENDAR.  For this and for details regarding the following events, go to the menu at the top of this homepage and click on 2020 EVENTS CALENDAR.


April 11, Saturday 10:00am, Kirkland, WA.  On the rolling road again, it’s great to be on the rolling road again…..  It’ll be here before you know it.  Details and discussion at the upcoming February meeting. Pre-event registration is a must.  – more info, Mark Hurston, mshurston (at)


Mini Meet West 2020 Update

Just a quick note to let you know that the host hotel had filled up our block, but we just added a few more rooms. Can you please send a note out to your club members to let them know if they are planning on attending MMW2020, they should book their accommodation soon, as Victoria is very busy in the June/July time frame.
The host hotel link is here..
and Camping options here..
We have registrations coming in and look like this will be a well attended event!
Thanks for helping with communication to your club.
Mike Smith
MMW2020 Organizing Committee



It happened

Never shoot into the sun?  From today’s “Nut Run” to CB’s Nuts in Kingston, east side of Gamble Bay (day after Feb SAMOA meeting).   – Don Dixon photo



Go to RECENT EVENTS in the MENU at top of home page for details of these and many other past events.

White Elephants and slot cars

Almost too much excitement for one event.  Details and photos from the January 25 SWEA and slot car races are posted now in RECENT EVENTS.



and☃️all🌞🎶the🎁Best❄️🎄for🦌🎅🥂 the 🤶🥂New🥂🎄🔔Year🎶🥂❄️🎉

from Jeorge McGladrey  (as Jeorge Patience, she was SAMOA’s first club secretary from 1967 to 1972.  Soon after, she married and moved to Canada where she still resides.  Thankfully, she has kept in touch.)

SAMOA’S 2019 holiday party,December 17, 2019

It was the SAMOA HOLIDAY PARTY!  No, it was the December members meeting!  STOP, you’re both right so you will find this listed both in RECENT EVENTS and MEETING MINUTES.


A SAMOA night at the movies

Nearly 40 SAMOA members and friends attended the advance screening of FORD v FERRARI.  A BIG turnout for our little club.  Lots of Mini reviews in RECENT EVENTS.


The large and the small of it

No telling who you might run into at the ethanol-free gas station.  For Andrew Bertschi and his MkII 850 it was Carl and his 1924 Cadillac V-63.


Historic Minis sold

Two key pieces of the Heleker Collection have been sold.  Long-time Mini owners make the long haul from the East Coast to take their new possessions home.



White elephants for how long?

The SAMOA White Elephant Auction was first held in 1978 at the house of somebody named Ed from Ballard.

In the 40 years through Jan. 28, 2017, only one WEA was missed – 1988. However, that shouldn’t count. In the early years the WEA was held near the end of the year – up to Nov 14, 1987 for instance. It was decided late in 1988 to have the WEA early in the next year. So, the 1988 WEA was held over until Jan 14, 1989, meaning there wasn’t one in 1988.

Of the 39 WEAs through Jan. 28, 2017, sixteen have been held at George Thompson’s house. All the work George did for the WEAs and the Greenwood Car Shows was the reason why he was chosen as the Penna Inspirational Award winner for 2003.

Go to MENU/HISTORY for a detailed history of the Dick and Carmen Penna SAMOA Inspirational Award.

The total money taken in during the 39 WEAs that has been recorded is $23,962.24. There are 18 WEAs for which no record could be found.

– Chuck Heleker


From our friends at Bring a Trailer


Go to MENU/HISTORY for details on the following yearly SAMOA events.

A country tour just minutes from the city

We keep bashing about on Vashon Island and Peter Larsen keeps on inviting us back for more.  Hard to believe we’ve been at it for 20 years.


A long run of East-side picnic meetings

Steve and Kim Gay love to BBQ in their beautiful backyard.  SAMOA loves that we’re invited every summer.

Tool library

You’ll be saying, “Thank goodness for SAMOA,” the first time you are working on your Mini and you need “that special tool.”  You know the one, and chances are it’s in the SAMOA Tool Library.

For more info, click on MENU/TOOL LIBRARY above.

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