20 years of Minis at Greenwood show…or is it 21?

For the first time ever, maybe, SAMOA participated in the Greenwood Car Show in 1998 with at least three cars.   No idea where I came up with this information, but it wasn’t from the newsletter.

The first accurate information of club participation the date is June 26, 1999.  Nine Minis, one non-Mini.  Even with the first few years having less than 10 club cars, we’ve averaged just over 17 Minis through 2017.

The most ever? 27.  Twenty or more? 10 times through 2017.

Do you have more Greenwood Mini memories you’d like to share?  Please do!  – Chuck Heleker


Years of driving enjoyment on the Tulip Rallye

Begun in 1982 as a way for a few enthusiastic members of the MG Car Club Northwest Centre to tour the scenic Skagit Valley, this event has grown to include as many as 300 cars from over 30 car clubs from as far away as Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

The Tulip Rallye has become a “must do” spring event for those car enthusiasts who truly enjoy the thrill of driving on country roads with so many other like-minded car hobbyists!   – MGCCNWC established in 1957


Remembering past White Elephant Auctions

From the SAMOA vault, club historian Chuck Heleker comes up with details about 40 years(!) of White Elephant history – an event that in early years kept the club’s treasury solvent and more recently kick-starts activities as winter winds down. Go to MENU/HISTORY in menu bar above for details


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