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Western Washington ABFM change of date

Greetings to our fellow British car enthusiasts!  

Here’s an update on the 2021 Western Washington All British Field Meet. It is our ultimate hope that the vaccination process gets enough people vaccinated to be able to put on the Western Washington All British Field Meet this coming summer, and that governmental phasing regulations allow the event to proceed. 

Initially we had retained our July 17, 2021 date for the 2021 WWABFM, but that date has now been changed to August 21, 2021 to allow more people to be vaccinated. 

We have also entered into discussions with the Lodge at St. Edwards about blocking rooms for the event along with other potential services. More on this and other services will be forthcoming once the food manager comes on staff next month.  Regardless, wouldn’t it be fun to have a room onsite at the WWABFM where you could enjoy a beverage in the pub Friday night, and walk to the event Saturday morning from your room!   In the meantime, please save August 21, 2021 on your calendar and update your email and mailing information under the “About Us” tab on the wwabfm.com website as we will be using emails to provide timely information as it develops given the uniqueness of the times.    You can use this direct link to update your information on the WWABFM website.  http://wwabfm.com/mailing-list/  

Knowing that personal information security is paramount, please be assured that we don’t share the information with anyone.   Thanks so much for your assistance.  

Regards, Lee Orphan – Director WWABFM


I’ve always had an irrational fear of speed bumps but I’m getting over it.


IMPORTANT UPDATE – Mini Meet West 2021 cancelled

The joint Victoria and Vancouver Mini Meet West 2021 team has been monitoring the Vaccinations & Canada/USA Border opening to non-essential travel, as well as the restrictions on public gatherings and event sizes, and the vaccination rollouts.

Consequently, the Victoria and Vancouver Mini Meet 2021 team has made the hard decision to cancel MMW2021 for Victoria BC, as we do not feel that we will be in a position to hold the event, given the increases we are seeing in cases and variants and the slow process of vaccinations, and USA/Canada border closures.  We do not make this decision lightly, but we realize that protecting the health of our Mini friends and their families, as well as our sponsors and partners is a higher priority than holding the meet. 

In BC, current vaccination plans have been moving out the dates and we will not see the majority of the province vaccinated until late in the year.  There is no target date from the Health Authorities on when we may increase numbers for events.  Currently we are not allowed any large events, especially one that would have 250 people and the general public attending. 

What happens next? 

The MMW 2021 team will be closing the registration page and issuing refunds to the attendees. The fees paid will be returned as paid in Canadian currency, (minus the PayPal fees, which PayPal keeps) through PayPal in the next few weeks.  Please note that with currency fluctuations of the Canadian Dollar, the US$ refund amount may vary slightly from when you registered.  It will take some time to process all refunds, so please be patient. 

The block booking for the host hotel is cancelled and all reservations within the block will be cancelled at the same time, attendees do not need to call in.  However, if you had made extended reservations or other reservations for accommodation or ferry reservations, you will have to cancel these yourself.  

The Vancouver Mini Club and the Victoria Minis Car Club hope to host a MMW in the future, so you can come and enjoy what BC has to offer.  Thank you to everyone for your support and for your understanding.  Any questions please email Mike at MMW2021.vic@gmail.com

Support our Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors – Seven Mini Parts and Cedar Valley Alignment – for the support of MMW2021.  Please continue to support our Sponsors as they help keep your car running or complete your rebuild for next year’s MMW. 

Mike Smith for the MMW2021 Organizing Committee.

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