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Election of club officers will take place just before the January meeting, a departure from the norm.  It usually takes place AT the Jan meeting.  This year all paid members will receive a ballot via email.  They will be asked to cast their ballot by simply replying to the email.  Your secretary will count the ballots and record the results which will be announced at the January meeting.

You need to be a paid SAMOA member to attend but remember, because of the pandemic, dues have been extended to at least May of 2021 so don’t miss this opportunity to get involved and hang out with your Mini friends.

You should receive an email a week or so before the meeting with the Zoom invitation which will give you access to meeting on the 19th. Your computer needs to be video and audio ready. If you haven’t received your invite give me a call. If you don’t think you are a paid member give Toby a call. Our numbers are at the bottom of this home page. -Ed Sauer, secretary, blog editor, 12/3/2020



We are all in this for the long haul. As more Mini events are cancelled or postponed the question eventually comes up, “What exactly is a car club member supposed to do when there aren’t any options for getting together as a club? No drives, events or even meetings? Why even be a club member?”

Good question so until at least May of 2021 your membership will continue. At that time dues can be deposited in the club coffers and your membership will be good for a year and as soon as SAMOA can adjust to the new normal, we will notify members of the plans for upcoming events. Keep in touch, hang in there, and above all stay safe. -Toby May, vice president, membership maven, 5/14/2020


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