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SAMOA, the car club, has been in continual operation since 1967 as, “…an elite union of funny little cars and the unique people who are drawn together by them.”  Just don’t accuse us of being over-organized.  If we were, we would have remembered at the October meeting to open nominations of club officers for 2022.

So consider now that nominations for club officers (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary) for 2022 are open.  SAMOA consists of a bunch of Mini-loving members, a bunch of volunteers and the four club officers. They all meet monthly and get together at Mini-friendly events.  No bylaws, no constitution, a minimum of red tape but loads of Mini fun.

Club officers are the club’s only elected officials and are elected yearly by membership from members who have volunteered to be nominated for those positions.  It is doubtful the club could exist for long without them.

We ask at this time that you to think of all the wonderful things that have happened to you because of SAMOA.  Perhaps it would be fitting for you in turn to give back to the club a small bit of your spare time and consider nomination as one of these club officers?  Talk to any our current club officers if you think you might be interested.  Thank you,  –Ed Sauer, secretary


Nov 16, Tues – 7pm SAMOA Member’s Meeting via ZOOM. Nominations continue for club officers for 2022. Members will receive information via email a few days before meeting or contact website editor, Ed Sauer (contact info at bottom of homepage).



It’s time to renew your dues. This club doesn’t just run on its good looks you know. A new membership renewal procedure is in effect and if you don’t understand if you do or don’t need to renew your dues, you probably do. Look me up at the next meeting. It’s painless as a covid shot. -Toby May, president, membership maven, 1/31/2021


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