Mini Meet West 2023

(1/14/2023) – We’re working hard on the planning for this year’s Mini Meet and as you can well imagine it’s a lot to do! We’re looking for possible help from the other West Coast clubs during the event. If you and your mates are coming to Mini Meet, we would appreciate any help you could provide. That could be anything from directing people to the proper parking spots during the Shine & Show to leading the AutoX. Please let me know if you can support us.


Craig Dewey,

President, MOASF



Hot but much better than rain  

Ben Compton had nine months to gather a team of volunteers and execute a plan and they did it!  The meet and greet was well done, show and shine site was unfortunately changed by the hotel at the last minute but they pulled it off. 

The 75 mile scenic drive went off without a hitch, not counting a 60-car pee stop and having a Mini with no brake lights in front of me. 

Ben’s approach for the meet was to have each event start late in the morning and end in the early afternoon to allow free time to explore. It worked!

The only complaint that I heard was that the autocross course was too cramped but that was to restrict speeds as dictated by the hotel.

There may be some of the normal grousing but the meet was one of the best that I’ve been to!

– Jerry Miller

  • For more about the meet including plenty of photos go to RECENT EVENTS.


Minis right at home on autox course

Autocrossing was huge in the 60s and 70s and, since the Mini is the best autocross car ever produced, SAMOA was formed back then as an “Autocross Club,” partaking in events all over the Northwest.  You can continue the tradition.

The sport of Autocross is alive and well and you can join SAMOA member Dave Anderson and the Bremerton Sports Car Club for some great fun and excitement!!! For further information click on NEXT EVENTS on the above menu. – February, 2022


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