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I found a new red carpet set for an Estate but just the carpet behind the back seat. Plus  under-hood and firewall insulation. All Newton Commercial and all new.  Should have been for sale at the garage sale.  Make offer.

Al Beebe – 425-745-0052





Right hand MK1 door skin, Heritage 14A5498, $175.
Don Dixon –








Set of 10″ x 5″ Revolution wheels.  Four-spoke, black with polished rims. Very good condition. Includes lug nuts and center caps (slightly faded).

The second wheel from the left has a 1.3” place on the rim where the clear coat has been slightly compromised.  Other than that, they are in great shape and well worth the money.

$275  Jerry Miller,




New Zealand number plates, just visible, go with the car.


Looking for a good home for this super-rare, unrestored, original example of a 1972 Austin 1300GT. Sold new in NZ.  Very good mechanical condition, runs great and nearly rust free.  Still has original Cooper S spec engine and gearbox.  60mph @ 3500rpm.  A few recent subtle improvements to improve drivability.

Looks like the Cooper S engine/gearbox have never been out of the car.
Interior needs some love but everything’s there and everything works.








No, it’s not a Mini but it is a great car that loves the road whether it’s a trip to the store or a spirited back-road tour.  Currently on craigslist and Mini Mania classifieds (more text, photos.)  Special SAMOA-member price:  $5,000.  Ed Sauer, 206-288-9003  (talk or text)

See craigslist ad for more info and photos:




Here is a picture of the Woody that I have restored – almost done, not for sale.  -Jim Dawson


Mini Parts – email Jim Dawson at

Spax Shocks, lowered set, New

Revolutions, 6×10 (4) new

5” Dunlop Alloy 10” wheels (4), used

Hi-Lo Suspension kit, new

Rajay 377B25 Turbocharger (sized for 1300cc motor), new

Salisbury Limited Slip Differential with side covers, stub axles, 3.44 crown gear

Strengthened Rocker Pillars

Front and Back Hydrolastic Subframes for automatic mini

Steel 6″ wide 10″ tires w/ Goodyear Bluestreak – 10 racing tires, old and used

850 cc thick-webbed block with crank, pistons, rods, cam, and head

Austin America or MG 1100 shift extension, differential housing, new sandwich mount

Miscellaneous wood sections from a mini woody

Firestone 5.00/7.30 – 10 racing tires, old and used

Goodyear 165 70SR 10 radials (4) – new.  One has a rip in the bead which may be repairable

Smiths Speedometer black face 90 mph – SN4479/10

Smiths Speedometer black face 100 mph – SN4409/06

Idler gear with internal tapered roller bearings

Used 3-syncro transmission with magic wand differential housing




doorskinspl2 Door Skins MK 3 non heritage for sale 2 for $100.  Can deliver to the White Elephant Auction on the 26th.

Peter Larsen







The following ad is being pulled.  The NY distributor hasn’t been able to secure enough orders and there hasn’t been seen enough club-member interest for to order an entire case of “Mini Auto Plants.”  If you already placed an order you will get a full refund.  -Mark Hurston

I’m interested in heading up a group purchase / club buy for the ceramic “auto plants” – Plant Growing Kits that are classic Mini shaped and approximately 3″ long.  (Much nicer than a Chia Pet! -ed)  A new Classic Mini shaped item for the collector who has an interest in all things Mini!chia-minis011619

Some of you may recall seeing them at the Gearbox day at Chris Miller’s. They are available in White, Light Turquoise, and Red. They will cost $25 delivered to a club meeting by me.chia-mini-box011619

I’ll also bring examples to the White Elephant Sale.

Let me know what you think. Oh, btw there may also be some Type 2 VW examples as well.

Best, Mark Hurston






Here is a “short Moke”  from a friend of mine in Germany.

Built in 1985 by Hrubon Schmitt, based on a Mini 1000 and a Moke, it’s a 2 seater, shorter than a Moke, with front disc brakes and a 42 hp engine. Made in Alsace, France.  Only 200 were produced.

Four still exist in Germany with others mainly in Cote de Azur in Southern France. 19,000  Euro.   Price negotiable.

If interested give me a call.  206-683-1017

Peter Larsen




Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 Export 1974A-innocenti1974 export 1300-crop

Light blue with white top (original inno colors). Everything is original except steering wheel and wheels. Car runs and is non-hydrolastic. Comes with a lot of Inno parts. Located in south Seattle. Looking for $18,000.

Craig Gorman       crg.gorman@hotmail.comB-1300 Innocenti export 1974-crop

253-448-9412    12-11-18


E-innocenti 1300 1974 export-cropD-innocenti 1300 1974-crop






C-Inno 1300 export 1974-crop












FOR SALE:  Mystery Mini on Craigslist:




Hi Mr. Sauer,

Thank you for your help. The engine has been sold.
Merry Christmas!
Chip Miller 
SOLD:  Out of my 1979 Mini is a turbocharged 1275cc engine/trans with an HKS blow off. Oil cooler, transmission, shift linkage, just needs a car with axles. Asking $400 call or text Chip at 206-818-991411-30-2018




I Have some parts for sale-
A/C unit from 1989 Japanese Mini$150.
New rear swing arms $500.
Early front sub frame $200
After market Van Wagon gas tank $150.

Michael Palmer, 206-723-5854 or view on facebook




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