Meeting minutes

October, 2018 meeting

Call to Order – Not a cloud in the sky with temps in the 70s and an early arriving crowd that started showing up before 6pm.  Throw in some bbq and it doesn’t get much better than this.  Following “happy hour (and a half)” the October SAMOA meeting was called to order by club Prez, Brian Slominski, once he’d finished grilling the hot dogs at around 7:40pm.  September meeting minutes were approved as printed in The SAMOAn blog.

Secretary Report – A copy of the yearly WordPress host fee invoice was given by Secretary Ed Sauer to the Treasurer who wrote a check to the Secretary for $48.  2019 events calendar has appeared on the blog as a work in progress.

Treasurer Report – The Treasurer’s report was given by Lisa Love as follows: September/October 2018 beginning balance of $3115.88, expenses of 9.95 (web hosting), income of 60.00 (memberships), ending balance of $3,165.93.  Balanced through September, 2018.

Please note: Old and new business reports have been bumped up to an earlier time slot so our Treasurer can perhaps leave a bit early to get the kids to bed on time.

Old Business –  2019 officer nominations: the club president, secretary and treasurer for 2018 said they will run again for 2019.  Toby May was nominated for the 2019 vice president position.  Nominations remain open for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer until the election which takes place during the January, 2019 meeting.  Perhaps you are interested in keeping this vibrant and famous organization on the road to success?  Now’s your chance speak up and be nominated.  — Club Volunteer positions: Chase Maben has volunteered to be the Social Media guy and David Koch is our new Events Coordinator.  The Regalia Meister position remains open.–  Chris Miller announced that Amy Douglas, local artist and former Mini owner, will shortly be on her way to the coveted internship at Hatch Show Print in Nashville. Her “kickstarter” campaign was a success after  SAMOA members “passed the hat” last month.  That money was instrumental in getting her there.  Amy sent along a number of prints to the meeting and Chris handed them out to the members who had donated the most.  Two of her “Austin Mini Cooper” silk-screen prints will be part of the live auction at the 2019 White Elephant Auction in January.  Lisa notes that Chris and SAMOA are thanked by Amy on her instagram page:

New Business – The SAMOA Christmas Party/meeting will once again be held at Ryan and Lisa Love’s place in Newcastle on December 18.  Ummm… that’s only two months away!  With our recent warm weather it’s hard to imagine that last years party was almost snowed out.  A motion passed to fund the event with a $250 limit from the treasury.  —  Mark Hurston reports that Aaron Anderson and crew, including Greg Temkin, won the recent Lemons Endurance Race at The Ridge after stealthily passing for the lead during the closing laps of the race.  Oh yeah, they were driving their MG1100!  — Mark suggested to look for a 2019 Dyno Day to happen in either the spring or fall months.  Let Mark know if you have a preference  —  The Al Beebe Garage Sale will happen before the end of the year, so says George Thompson who has been helping Al put it together.  SAMOA members will get first dibs on some really good Mk I, MkII, Cooper S and race parts before it’s offered to anyone else.

Membership Report – Toby reports 98 members to date with one new member in the past month.  Meeting attendance was 29, no, 30, or something right around there with a bit of comings and goings, and two guests:  Mark Pringle is the owner of the 1972 Honda 600.  Steve Leonard had the 1968 Alfa Giulia Super.

Website – Brian tried to shift our old website’s url over to the new blog but our host wouldn’t let him.  He’ll continue his efforts.

Tool Library – Tool librarian Don Dixon reports that “Smart Alec”, the club’s hydrolastic pump has been repaired and tested by Gunnar Gordon who brought it to the meeting.  Is your hydro Mini feeling down?

Events – Several recent “mini” Mini events:  Jerry Miller suggests for next year the fall car show at Maryhill that he and Dan Berglund just got back from.  Great trip over and back on great roads to a small car show in conjunction with a SOVREN hill climb. Brian brought up the Bite of Broadview, a neighborhood festival/carnival celebrating its 37th year.  It features a small car show (30 or so entries) over at 1pm, craft booths, carnival rides, food booths and a beer garden and live music.  Six SAMOA Minis were in attendance.   John Maloney had photos of “an unusual carnival” at Lagunitas Brewing, Autosport’s new neighbor.  Another  good reason to visit Autosport.  Toby and Don thought the spur-of-the-moment meetup at The Crown Hill Grill in….Crown Hill (across the street from The Dane) was great fun.

Regalia – The new Regalia outlet at Pingrey’s is now featuring several shirts and 50thcoffee mugs that are all in short supply.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.  Now is the time to get that someone special some SAMOA swag for Christmas.  Or get it for sure at the November meeting.

For Sale/Wanted – Show-winner, VTEC-powered, tastefully customed Mini Estate available from George Thompson, craigslist adv here:

It sounds like there’s a Mini in pieces in a truck in Snohomish.  Chris got word from Jim Peters who just wants it gone or he’s taking it to the dump.  Call Jim at 310-877-2168.  – Nice looking 90s Mini automatic available for $4,200 (not sure that price is right), Matt Bell at 206-967-7777. –  10” x (most likely) 5” Mamba wheels for sale, Hos Row at 206-819-3034.

Tech session — Rowly Stow asked about warped brake discs and Kelley Mascher explained it just may be brake pad material build-up on the discs.

Next Meeting – November 20 at Pingrey’s in beautiful downtown Maple Leaf.  Gobble, gobble.  Meeting adjourned and the masses headed for SAMOA’s Regalia R Us.  -ed

– Contact the club secretary with corrections to these minutes or bring them to the next SAMOA meeting.  Past meeting minutes are archived on the SAMOA website ( in the forum under SAMOA CLUB/SAMOANS –

September, 2018 meeting

Call to order – A lovely early-fall sunset, hot dogs on the grill and homemade pea salad greeted SAMOA members and the September, 2018 SAMOA meeting was called to order at 7:35pm on Tuesday, the 18th by our fearless leader, Brian Slominski.  July meeting minutes were approved as printed in the SAMOAn blog EXCEPT for the treasurer’s report which Lisa Love noted was actually from the June minutes (correction has since been made –ed).

Secretary report – WordPress has notified our secretary, Ed Sauer, that he will be charged a 12 month renewal fee of $48 on October 1, 2018  (for 10/18 through 10/19) for The SAMOAn blog.  A motion was made and passed that Ed be reimbursed when the charge appears on his account.

Treasurer report – Lisa Love, having returned from the family tour of Europe, presented us with July, August and September treasurer’s reports as follows:

June/July – added to July meeting minutes.

July/August – beginning balance of $3,356.77, expenses of 865.94 (web hosting 9.95, July BBQ 168.93,Greenwood Car Show 475.00, Bash on Vashon 194.99, Plaque updates 17.07), income of 575.00 (memberships 100.00, Greenwood Car Show 475.00), ending balance of $3,065.83.  Balanced through July 2018.

August/September – beginning balance of $3,065.83, expenses of 9.95 (web hosting), income of 60.00 (memberships), ending balance of $3,115.88.  Balanced through August 2018.

Membership report – Toby May reported a member count of 96 with no new members in the past month. Creation of “New member” packets still underway.  29 club members in attendance with two guests and 15 Minis in Pingrey’s parking lot. An up-to-date club roster is available if you ask Toby.

Media report – Talks continue with developer to meld current website with current blog which will create a new, improved website.  Brian says SAMOA now has 360 “facebook members.”  Now, how do we get them to actually join the club?  New member packets might help (see above).

Tool library report – Chad Locke returned the cone compressor and librarian, Don Dixon, gave a brief tutorial on its use.  Michael O’Leary still has “Smart Alec”, the club hydrolastic pump.  (Is this the same pump that Rodger Soucy had? –ed)  By the way, actual club members are encouraged to use this amazing collection of Mini-specific tools.

Events report – Looks like the SAMOA Christmas Party is going to be the next club event.  Perhaps at “The Shop” in SODO?  —  Chris Miller reported that SAMOA entries at the Portland ABFM were down this year as were overall entries and vintage race entries.  Probably a result of the move from the traditional Labor Day weekend date. Toby most likely set a “Seattle to Portland in a Mini record” of three hours.  Left at 2am, got there at 5am.  Slept in his Mini.  Kawasaki ZR-powered Mini set fast time for Minis in giant slalom.  Jerry Miller reported that Chris Miller’s MkII Cooper S and Dan Berglund’s Pickup took first-in-class honors in the concours and Dan won both classes entered in the art contest with his photo-illustrations  —  Ben Compton and family report on facebook that the Idaho ABFM in McCall was a great event and they enjoyed the roads there and back as well.  Much discussion followed about attending next year  —  The resurrected Dyno Day event was a huge success with much thanks going to Mark Hurston —  The club is in need of a new Events Coordinator, a fun position involving a bit of research, promotion and, as the title suggests, coordination. Contact club prez, Brian if you’re interested.

Regalia – The old retail space at Pingrey’s has been fixed up and is now the retail space for SAMOA regalia!  A pretty amazing selection of shirts, hats, stickers, mugs and glasses etc.  The only catch is the limited hours, just before and just after SAMOA meetings on the third Tuesday of  the month.  Buy a pint glass and toast SAMOA at the meeting!  —  Another SAMOA volunteer position is open and needs to be filled, Regalia Raconteur. Buy, sell, display and inventory SAMOA swag.  Contact club prez if interested.

New Business – Lisa has opened a Seattle Mini Owners Instagram page for those who go there  — Mike Prezbindowski is on the mend from a serious motorcycle accident and will be undergoing another surgery —  Andrew Bertschi has started a new job, second shift at Boeing, and will no longer be able to attend Tuesday meetings so the club Vice President position will need to be filled for 2019  — Chris reported that Amy Douglas, ex-Riley Elf longtime owner and good friend of many in SAMOA, is in dire financial need.  Amy is an established artist and has received an unpaid internship at one of the top print-graphics businesses in the nation.  A $5,000 kick-starter campaign is underway with two weeks to go.  $3,000 has been raised so far.  A hat was passed at the meeting and around $300 was gathered and will be donated to the campaign.

If you would like to help Amy see her dream come true give Chris Miller a call 206-367-3932 or email him at

Amy’s instagram page –

Her kickstarter campaign –

For Sale/Wanted – Brian is looking for a 1987-89 Washington license plate for Elise’s Mini that is being restored.  — Jerry Miller has a good pair of non-adjustable tie-rod ends  — Kelley Mascher has tons of MkI and MkII Mini parts that are available  —  Michael Palmer has an 850cc Mini engine available for free!  Also, AC parts for late-model Minis  —  Available soon, a ’71 MZ Mini 1000 in very good condition.  Contact Brian or check facebook for adv.

Tech discussion – Jeff Van Hurston recently suffered a verto-clutch failure on his Cabrio.  The thrust sleeve “compressed” ceasing function of the clutch.  An unusual failure, this may simply be due to the giant number of miles he puts on his Mini but should be kept in mind if your verto clutch quits working.

Next Meeting – Pingrey’s, aka Don and Brian’s garage, SAMOA Clubhouse.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm. Whew!  -ed.





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