Meeting minutes

June 18, 2019 meeting

Call to order –  The meeting was called to order by President Brian Slominski at exactly 7:30pm at The Growler Guys who in spite of their name were quite pleasant. After many dry days the rain threatened but was mostly just talk.  Twenty one members and one guest milled around 11 Minis crowded into five or six parking spots, then sat at the long, sheltered table for pizza and liquid refreshment prior to the meeting.  Dozens of rowdy customers made a challenge of actually holding a meeting (fond memories of a peaceful Pingrey’s).  Minutes from the previous months Seward Park Mini Meet and SAMOA Meeting were approved as written in the blog with no additions or corrections and many thumbs up were given for the event at Michael Palmer’s house.

Vice President Report – No report given as our illustrious VP, Toby May, had recently departed for Colorado and a meeting of east and west Minis.

Secretary – The usual non-report was given as our Secretary, Ed Sauer, was kept busy taking minutes of the moment.

Treasurer – Our Treasurer, Glenda Larson, gave her monthly report for month ending June 30, 2019.  She figures these figures to be correct:  (date submitted, 6/18)  Previous balance (5/21/2019) $5,973.02.  Income $16.00  Expenses $1,653.30 (web hosting, insurance and regalia reimbursement to Don Dixon).  Ending balance $4,336.72.  Report approved by vote.

Membership – Toby, aka Membership Guy, handed off the membership report to Brian who reported 91 members.  Glenda, George Barrett and Steve Gay were so moved that they renewed their memberships on the spot  ($$$ being held by Secretary for Toby’s return).

Website – Brian assured us that progress is being made along the “new website” front.  More details to follow under “new business.”

Events – Many members reported on recent car shows – Don Dixon on the Micro-car show in Forest Grove, Oregon, Chase Maben on the yearly show his church holds and Glenda reported on her favorite show of all, the upcoming Tahuya Days Car Show in Belfair on July 6. –  On this deadline day for entries to the Greenwood Car Show, George Thompson pleaded for more. –  Upcoming events reminders were given by Ed:  MMEMW at Snowmass, Colorado; Idaho British Car Tour; Greenwood Car Show; Vintage Races at Pacific Raceways; WWABFM.  –  A special reminder to arrange for lodging now if you are going to the Portland ABFM in Sept.  It’s a giant event, made even better this year since THE Paddy Hopkirk will be there celebrating the Mini’s 60th b’day and Minis-only races will be held on the PIR track.  An event not to miss.  –  As usual, details and links for all of the above are in this blog.

Social Media – Chase reports that we are at 189 followers on our Instagram account.  That’s up 25 from last month.

Regalia – Regalia Meister, Rowly Stow, resumed discussion on club grille badges which continues in new business – see below.  Also discussed was what to do with the stock of new-old-stock club shirts.  Rowly made a motion to offer them to the public at the Greenwood Car Show in exchange for minimal donations made to the club.  The motion was passed.

New Business – The club grille badge discussion continued. Members made an oral commitment to purchase badges (almost ALL of those in attendance)  which resulted in a suggestion that the club make a bulk (minimum) purchase with members then donating money to the club for each badge.  –  George Thompson gave a glowing review of a British TV series, “For the Love of Cars” in which the Mini is featured in show #4.  It is available on youtube  –  A motion was passed for the club to earmark $1,000 for development of a new website.  Brian is currently on the trail of a web developer for the new site.  He also remains in contact with Hurricane Electric to be sure the “forum” from our old site, though not visible on that site, still exists.

Tech Discussion – Pot joints were recently rebuilt, for the first time, by George Barrett.  He shared many details of the experience.  For one, he devised an easy and cheap way to clean small parts by using an unused gallon paint can and a kitchen wire basket for holding utensils.  Put parts in the basket, put solvent in the can and put the basket in the can.  Seal can with lid and shake.  Remember, it is imperative to keep all pieces marked so they can be reassembled in the order they were removed.

Next Meeting – Steve Gay invited one and all to the “Minis on The Green Picnic” and SAMOA membership meeting on July 27 at Steve and Kim’s house just east of Woodinville.  A truly beautiful venue, Chef (Chris) Miller on the barbie and maybe we can get Steve to show us his latest project in the garage.  And it’s bound to be quieter than the growler guys.

Meeting Adjourned – At around 9pm.  –Ed Sauer, Secretary


May 21, 2019 meeting

Call to order – The meeting was called to order by President Brian Slominski at 7:33pm at Michael Palmer’s house in conjunction with burgers, dogs and awards for the Seward Park Mini Meet.  There were 23 Members and 0 Guests in attendance.  The minutes for the April meeting were approved as written in the blog with no additions or corrections.

Vice President Report – Toby May says remember to get a roster from him at meetings and/or events. It’s the only way to get a printed copy.  A printed roster just might come in handy!

Secretary – The secretary was AWL and Treasurer Glenda Larson substituted to take current minutes.

Treasurer – From Glenda Larson, the following:  Previous balance – $6,284.49 (4-30-19).  Income – none. Expenses – web hosting (Hurricane Electric) 9.95, SWEA (plaque for “big spender” trophy) $16.52. WA State 2019 Annual Report – $10.00.  IRS form 1023EZ: 501©(3) Application $275.00.  Total expenses -$311.47.  Ending balance – $5,973.02.  Note: Important outstanding finances:  Brian Slominski owes SAMOA 2019 for SWEA (income) total of $271.00.  Elise Slominski owes SAMOA for 2019 SWEA (income) total of $65.00.  Don Dixon to be reimbursed $1,293.35 for purchase of regalia inventory (originally $1,833.35 less $540.00 sales at club meetings).  Report approved.

Membership – 94 Current, no new

Website: Upgrades by Hurricane Electric (website host) by end of next month. Brian Slominski communicating with host to assure continued service, seamless upgrade. There may be an increase in monthly expense.

Events – Greenwood Car Show – so far only 2 signed up, last meeting to sign up is the 6/18 meeting (George in charge).  More details in this blog in UPCOMING EVENTS.

Cars & Coffee, Sunday 5/26 at Growler Guys on 85th & Lake City

OMS – Tour of Hood Canal on Memorial Day

WW ABFM (Kenmore)

East Meets West (Colorado)

LeMay Car Museum, car show on 6/30

Mini Races at Portland ABFM – weekend of Labor Day

Regalia –

Discussed need for 40 people to sign up to purchase grill badges at $25/ea. Confirmed art work wanted.

Will display inventory at ABFM with purchase by donation only as we do not have a business license to sell.

Old Business –  No old business to speak of.

New Business/Announcements –

Exempt status applied for by Treasurer.

Cannot sell anything as we do not have a business license.

Voted and approved reimbursement to Don for purchase of Regalia in the amount of $1,293.35.

Tech discussion – See Kelley Mascher regarding date coding of window glass.

New windshield installation – Chris Miller recommended Associated Glass or Gunnar Gordon.

Next Meeting: As (almost) always, 3rd Tuesday, June 18 at Pingrey’s.

Meeting adjourned: 8:31pm   -Glenda Larson, Treasurer (sitting in for Secretary, Ed Sauer)



April 16, 2019 meeting


Call to order – The April 16 SAMOA meeting was called to order at Pingrey’s Richfield on Roosevelt by club president Brian Slominski at 7:26pm on a cool, rainy and already getting dark night.  In spite of the dreary evening 19 members and one guest showed up to talk Mini around much heavy equipment left around the parking lot by workers who during the day have been testing the soil to determin just how toxic the said soil is under said parking lot.  A motion was made and approved for the March meeting minutes to be approved with no corrections to what was printed in the blog.  Brian then introduced Brian Colville, the previously mentioned guest who our Brian met on “Buy Nothing” when Colville was looking for the loan of a torque wrench for use on his motorcycle.  Our president then moved on to the recent facebook kerfuffle about no SAMOA activity in the south end of “The Seattle Area.”  This led into the old discussion of which comes first, attending a club event or organizing a club event, and who does the latter.

Vice President Report – Toby May says to remember to get a roster from him. He always has copies at meetings and events.

Secretary Report – Was able to get notice of Chris Kimball’s Burgers and Slot-Car Event up on the blog as soon as Chris notified the editor. Unfortunately that didn’t happen until two days before the event.  Editor has yet to hear about results.

Treasurer Report – From treasurer and birthday girl, Glenda Larson, the following:  Previous balance – $6,039.49 (3-31-19).  Income – membership dues $280.00, White Elephant Auction 125.00, total income $405.00.  Expenses – web hosting (Hurricane Electric) 9.95, SWEA (tables and chairs rental) $160.00, total expenses$169.95.  Ending balance – $6,274.54.  Note: SAMOA owed Don Dixon for the SWEA tables and chairs rental for which he requested eight years of SAMOA membership (@$20 ea.) in exchange which was processed.  Motion was made and passed to approve report.

Membership Report – Toby reported current membership at 98.

Newsletter Report – Reported in Secretary report.

Social Media Report – Chase Maben reports 280 followers on instagram.

Tool Library Report – Librarian, Mr. Dixon, conducted prize drawings (for misc. tools and etc.) throughout the meeting.

Events Report – Events Coordinator, David Koch, seems to still be in Japan so members stepped up with upcoming events.  George Thompson is once again coordinating the SAMOA part of the Greenwood Car Show on June 29.  Get an entry form from him, fill it out and give it back with a check made out to SAMOA. He will deliver all entries to the car show folks.  Details and link to event in Events Calendar. –  Merv Hanna encourages Minis to show up at SOVREN’s Spring Sprint vintage races coming up April 27, 28.  –  Don Dixon says the Mini and Micro Car Extravaganza is a great weekend event coming up June 14-16.  Details and link to event in Events Calendar.

Regalia Meister –  Rowly Stowe handed around a sample grille badge and asked members about interest in buying a SAMOA example for their Mini.  The informal vote was nearly unanimous.  Discussion ensued about which design to use, how much they’ll cost, etc.  – Brian asked about who still might have old original artwork for old, original SAMOA regalia.  We will be archiving any we can get our hands on. Also discussed were club jackets.

Old Business  –  Question about who attended the slot-car event with no first-hand info available.

New Business  –  The old SAMOA website and the relatively new SAMOA blog will soon become one  (perhaps this should be in “Old Business?” ) – The prez had on hand a number of SAMOA business cards, post cards and flyers, all for promotion and meant to be handed out at events, etc., and asked if any  original artwork exists.  Up-to-date examples need to be printed.

For Sale/Wanted –  Jerry Miller has tune-up kits for 45D distributored Minis.  –  Kelly Mascher has MkI and II parts of all sorts.  If you need it, he probably has it.  – Chris Miller has a complete set of twin-leading-shoe front brakes in good condition.

Tech Queries  –  Toby reflected on his recent leaky head gasket problems which were centered on the quality of the head gaskets or lack thereof.

Next Meeting  –  Pingrey’s maybe but given recent construction/destruction in the parking lot perhaps a fall-back site should be found.  Maybe Chucks’s?  Seward Park? Any ideas?  If a commercial establishment, please confirm with propriator.

Meeting Adjourned  at 9:17pm.  -Ed Sauer, secretary

–  Contact the club secretary with corrections to these minutes or bring them to the next SAMOA meeting.  Past meeting minutes are archived on the SAMOA website ( in the forum under SAMOA CLUB/SAMOANS   –



March 19, 2019 meeting

Call to order – Meeting called to order at Pingrey’s Richfield on Roosevelt by President Brian Slominski at 7:33pm after a longer than usual herding of the cats on this last day of winter where the temperature soared to a record 78 degrees.  In attendance, 26 members and four guests including Moose, the neighborhood cat, and a couple who live down the street and asked if they could join in the fun. A motion was made and approved for the January 2019 meeting minutes to be approved as printed in this blog.

Brian then introduced SAMOA’s 2019 club officers, elected at the previous (January) meeting who explained where they’re coming from and what they’d like to do for the club in the coming year.  President, Brian – Vice President, Toby May – Secretary, Ed Sauer – and Treasurer, Glenda Larson.  Each officer followed with a report of what they’d done in the past couple of months (since the February meeting had been cancelled).

Vice President – Toby stands ready in the VP position and continues with his Membership Chair duties.

Secretary Report –  Ed shared recent club correspondence.  Mini enthusiast Roger Carpenter who lives in the UK and works for Microsoft reached out to SAMOA and wanted to attend this meeting but work got in the way.  We’re hoping he can make it some other time.  Another notable contact came from a distressed Skagit County resident who texted that she and her family had just been accosted by “40 Minis travelling at a very high rate of speed down their quiet country road threatening to do harm to their children and animals and her husband was outside waving his arms and yelling explatives at them.”  Your Secretary assured her that those were MINIs, not Minis and that I would make an attempt to find out who those MINI (not Mini) owners were and let them know their behavior was not appreciated.  I also assured the texter that SAMOA members are NOT “assholes.”  It was later determined that the Mini club in question was PS MINIS.

Treasurer Report – Glenda Larson gave the monthly report with a beginning balance of $6,009.44, income of $40.00 (membership dues), expenses of $9.95 (for web hosting),  with an ending balance of $6,039.49. A motion was made and seconded and the report was approved.

Membership –  Toby donned his other cap and reported that club membership dipped to 92 then renewals brought the total back up to 97.

Newsletter/Blog – Otherwise known as “The SAMOAn – What’s going on?”  Efforts are ongoing, with David Koch’s help, to meld the old SAMOA website, and in particular the forum, with the blog.

Social Media – Chase Maben is on board and stirring up outside interest in SAMOA.

Tool Library – Don Dixon held A raffle with winners receiving ….tools!  He also found a home (Jeff Van Hurston) for a wayward tool, a vintage tire bead breaker from the tool library.

Events – David Koch explained his position as one of coordinator, not creator and a reminder of upcoming events.  Club members, who are all encouraged to host an event be it small or large, need to let David know what’s on their minds so he can see that there’s room on the calendar.

He then reminded us of the upcoming Tulip Rallye and the spring highlight, The Vancouver All British Field Meet.  Andrew Hou spoke on behalf of the MG Car Club who have been hosting the fun and scenic Tulip Rallye for many years.  The Skagit Valley is coming alive with…tulips(!) and it’s a great time for a tour around it. You will need a navigator to follow the instructions and assist in answering the questions.  Chris Miller stressed that the Vancouver ABFM is simply amazing and that there are no “day of show” entries so enter early! Consider overnight accommodations for a more laid-back event.  Ed Sauer mentioned the 60thAnniversary all-Mini race at Goodwood on April 6&7 (over 100 Minis entered, two 30-car heats on Saturday to determine a 30-car grid for Sunday’s race).  Live streaming of the event is available.  Refer to 2019 Calendar on this blog for links to these events.

Regalia – Rowly Stow mentioned how much help SAMOA members have been with his Mini since he joined the club and wanted to “pay it back” by getting involved as the Regalia Meister. Discussions are ongoing about “rally plaques,” new shirts, jackets, hats and etcetera.

Old Business – A spur-of-the-moment Mini tour happened on March 10.  Don posted a note just the day before on facebook, the blog and email and eight Minis made the run from Pingrey’s to Golden Gardens and then on to MOD Pizza in Ballard for lunch. A SAMOA event doesn’t HAVE to be planned upon for weeks or months in advance.  Want to go for a ride in your Mini?  Call some friends and invite them along.  Another good use for a club roster?  (Get yours at the next meeting – Toby).

New Business – Mark Hurston announced that NAPA stores will have their “gold” oil filters (Wix brand) at big discount from April 13th to the 27th.  Alan Smith is looking forward to SAMOA having the next White Elephant Auction at his Scale Racing Center across the street from Griot’s Garage in Tacoma. Glenda will Chair the event.

For Sale/Wanted – Jeff VanHurston needs a 13” Mini tire for use as a spare and a 13” wood steering wheel. Chris Wendt is looking for subframes. The infamous “CAR – SCREEN – OFF” lettering on the MkI Mini heater box is available in water-transfer decal form. Chris Miller mentions that former member Jim Dawson has for sale in the blog a list of some very nice early Mini parts.

Surprise auction – From the White Elephant Auction, 1.5 hours of alignment time at Prova Motorsports went to Andrew Hou.  Many thanks to Andrew and Prova Motorsports.

Next Meeting – The old same place, Pingrey’s on Roosevelt on April 16.  -Ed Sauer, secretary

–  Contact the club secretary with corrections to these minutes or bring them to the next SAMOA meeting.  Past meeting minutes are archived on the SAMOA website ( in the forum under SAMOA CLUB/SAMOANS   –


February 19, 2019 meeting

Meeting cancelled due to Snopocalypse but here’s the Treasurer’s report for February:

Beginning balance of $6,012.13, income $265.00 (White Elephant Auction $225.00, membership dues $40.00), expenses $267.69 (WEA $257.74, web hosting $9.95), ending balance of $6,009.44. At the March meeting, a motion was made and seconded and the report was approved.


This just in

The final tally for the 41st SAMOA White Elephant Auction is $2,339 (with 24 bidders. Thanks to all for this wonderful event.
– Glenda Larson, event chair

January 26, 2019 meeting

Call to Order  –  Meeting called to order by president Brian Slominski at 1:25pm after a couple of hours of heavy bidding at the 41st White Elephant Auction at Pingrey’s Richfield.  The minutes for the December, 2018 meeting were approved without correction as they appeared in this blog.

SAMOA INSPIRATION AWARD –  For everything he does for the club from social media updates, regalia, cooking hot dogs at meeting happy hours to always being cheerful and positive, Brian Slominski received the Dick and Carman Penna Memorial Trophy for 2018.

Secretary Report –  Improvements to the blog are taking place, or they’re about to, thanks to David Koch.  More to come.

Treasurer Report – Interim Treasurer, Glenda Larson, gave the monthly report with a beginning balance of $3,248.08, income (White Elephant Auction $2,114.00, membership dues $660.00, expenses of $9.95 (for web hosting) and an ending balance of $6,012.13 through January, 2019. A motion was made and seconded and the report was approved.

Membership  –  Toby May reports the club has 97 members and 15 renewals at this meeting alone! Attendance at 39 including five late arrivals, one of which was nearby neighbor Mike who immigrated from GB after working at the Longbridge factory on the Mini assembly line during the early days of the Mini.  22 Minis in Pingrey’s lot.

Tool Library  –  Tool guy, Don Dixon, says “Smart Alec”, the hydrolastic pump, is out being repaired and will be back in service shortly.

Events – David Koch has volunteered as Events chairman.

Regalia  –  Rowly Stow has volunteered as Regalia chairman.

History  –  Check elsewhere on this blog for a historical perspective of the White Elephant Auction.

Old Business  –  No report.

ELECTION OF CLUB OFFICERS FOR 2019 – Nominations were as follows:  For president, Brian Slominski – vice president, Toby May – secretary, Ed Sauer – treasurer, Glenda Larson.  Candidates for all four positions were uncontested and decided by an affirmative vote.

New business  –  Our landlord, Mr. Dixon, says the lease at Pingrey’s will likely last until next winter thanks to the slow-turning wheels of the SDCI bureaucracy.

Considering the 60thbirthday of The Mini is this year, it will be the featured marque at both the Vancouver and Portland ABFMs.  No word yet on the Western Washington version of said event.  Time to start planning now!

For Sale/Wanted –

  • Mark Hurston has nifty little ceramic Minis for sale.  Grow your own plants in a Mini.  These are NOT Chia Pets, much cooler.
  • Michael Palmer is looking for a Rowland Motors license plate frame.
  • Gordon Smith has an early 1955 (split windshield) Morris Minor Woody for $400.  Interior is nice.  The entire drivetrain, engine and gearbox is Toyota T2C.  Intriguing project.

Next Meeting  –  a motion was passed to skip the February meeting so the next meeting will be at Pingrey’s on the third Tuesday (per usual) of March at 7:30pm.  Happy hour at 6pm.

Meeting adjourned at 2pm, a great potluck lunch was served and the White Elephant Auction continued…………. –Ed Sauer, secretary

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