Meeting minutes

May 13, 2023

Wherever the May meeting was going to be held it was going to be HOT.  After a winter that seemed to last until April, the forecast for the day of the May meeting, Saturday the 13th as it were, was for a high of somewhere in the 80s.  Club treasurer, Lara Williamson, had clairvoyantly reserved an air-conditioned conference room at the Mountlake Terrace Library for the meeting and so it was that 10 sparkling Minis lined up in the parking lot and Tobias May, club president, called the meeting to order at 10:45am (due to donuts) with 16 club members in attendance. 

Mountlake Terrace Library parking lot never looked better.

The Mountlake Terrace Library parking lot never looked better. -Ed Sauer photo

Secretary – The minutes for the April meeting were approved and secretary Ed Sauer reported on correspondence with Mini Meet West organizers regarding the SAMOA promo advert for the meet program.  A copy of the ad was distributed. Club business cards continue to be available.  Ask Ed for some at the next meeting/event.

Treasurer – Having moved into her new house just two nights prior, Lara was unable to give a detailed club financial report as all paperwork and her computer were somewhere between Ballard, Bellingham (where she had been living while her house deal closed) and her new home in Alderwood.  We were assured that all was in order with the club finances and an up to date report will appear soonest.

Membership – Our membership chair, Toby, reported that membership continues to lag since conversion of renewal date from “date when joined” to the “first of the year.”  Efforts continue to contact those with lapsed memberships.  If yours (membership that is) has lapsed contact Toby or better yet, come to the next club meeting that turns out to be AT the Greenwood Car Show, Saturday morning June 24.  Spectate or better still, participate.

Blog/website – The reins of the club website continues to be handed off from Ed Sauer to Kelley Mascher.  Ed reported that for the month of April the site had 614 views, 134 visitors, 0 comments and 3 likes.  Toby wonders if the blog should have a section for member-taken phtographs.

Tool Library – The contents of the library and the librarianship now rests in Kelley’s able hands.  Give Kelley a holler if you need to borrow.

Events – The elephant in the room was the tour that would immediately follow this meeting See RECENT EVENTS in menu on home page. Also, “header” photo on home page is from this tour.  Also discussed in detail was Mini Meet West, happening in just over a month and the Funkhana of which SAMOA is organizing and operating.  Dave Anderson provided up to date info.  Other upcoming events that seem to be happening all at once were noted: the Vancouver ABFM, a June 11 British car show at Ste. Michelle, the July 22 Picnic on the Grass/membership meeting at Steve and Kim Gay’s.  Dave had some up to date info on the September 22-25 Lighthouse Tour.  Details for these and other events in the calendar on this blog.

Regailia – No regalia meister to give report.

History – We have a huge collection of other Mini club newsletters in our archives and club historian, Kelley has been reaching out to other clubs to find anyone interested in them. 

Old and/or new business – All previously mentioned.

For sale/wanted – Chris Miller has a completely rebuilt 45D distributor for sale.…..Bert Lobberegt is selling his almost-new (10,000 miles), all original very late-model Rover Mini Cooper and also his MkIII Riley Elf, completely restored in excellent condition, sold new in New Zealand.  Also for sale from Bert, an MPI power unit.  Contact Ed Sauer or Chris Miller.

Tech discussion – Toby reported on the eye-opening experience he had when he took his Mini over to have Aaron Anderson give it a tune up.  A whole bunch of little problems were discovered and fixed and Toby’s Mini runs like never before. 

Next meeting – Where to have a June in-person meeting with all the other stuff happening in June?  A motion was made and passed to have the meeting at one of the events – the Greenwood Car Show!  In the morning after the Minis are parked and before the thousands of spectators arrive.  Stay tuned. 

Meeting adjourned – 11:35am.  –Ed Sauer, secretary


April 18, 2023

The route to the April meeting headed down Roosevelt Way, past the former sights of Pingrey’s Gas Station and Walt’s Auto Repair, both former Mini garages and sites of pre-pandemic SAMOA meetings.  Many warm memories came flooding back.

A bit further down the road was Don and Marian’s, the site for the April 18 meeting.  Our unseasonably-chilly spring weather continued and was the likely cause of the small turnout of Minis.  Fortunately, there was a good turnout of 19 members who were treated to a warm welcome, including some excellent pizza. 

Barbara Praefke’s splendid and original and unrestored MkI Riley Elf (center) with George Thompson’s MkIII Mini at the April meeting. -Ed Sauer photo

Club president Tobias May called the meeting to order at 7:40pm and the March meeting minutes were approved as printed in this blog.  Club Officer and Activity reports were presented and discussed as follows:

Secretary – It was reported by Ed Sauer that club treasurer Lara Williamson will miss the meeting due to her being in the process of moving.  Also, we’ve been in contact with Mini Meet West organizers regarding space in the event program for a SAMOA advertisement, Greenwood Car Show sent word that they could use some volunteer help at the upcoming event and as is usually the case, a number of Mini owners on the facebook page contacted us for details on club membership.

Treasurer – Due to her being in the middle of moving into a new house, club treasurer, Lara Williamson, missed the meeting. 

Tool Library – Club librarian, Don Dixon, announced that after several years he is stepping down from his librarianship.  Kelley Mascher volunteered to assume the position.

Events – Mini Meet West was discussed at length with Mark Hurston, who could not attend the meeting, providing a motion for the club to buy space in the event program.  Dave Anderson gave an up-to-date report on the event and club plans on the trip to the event.  –  George Thompson requested, on behalf of the Greenwood Car Show on June 24, that members register (online) as early as possible.  SAMOAns attending the show will meet as always at the Greenwood Fred Meyer store early (5:30am) on the day of the show and drive into the show from there.  –  Chris Miller noted that if you are planning to attend the Vancouver ABFM you need to register now or earlier.  The show had to turn away late entries last year and will most likely have to do so this year.  –  Don reported that he and Marian did a fun little tour up to Fairhaven via Chuckanut Drive and visited the Stones Throw Brewery and a nice little VRBO establishment.  Don also noted that the Micro-Car Show at the McMenamins in Forest Grove, Oregon, is scheduled for June 9.  It’s free and always a great gathering.  –  Dave says plans for The Lighthouse Tour, scheduled for Sept. 22-25, are coming right along.  Members will be able to make it a one-day or multi-day event, there will be very reasonably priced accommodations available. Club member, Greg Birch of Port Angeles, is interested in participating in the tour.  See calendar of events elsewhere on this blog for more information about these events.

Regalia – Our Regalia Meister, Rowly Stow, brought along a few totes of SAMOA “product” and has new product in the offing.  Regalia section of the blog will soon be updated.  NOS SAMOA jacket was donated by former member, Robert Hawes, and was purchased by Chris Wendt.  “Don’s Apparel” is reachable by club members if you want to purchase a jacket, etc.

For Sale/Wanted – Chris Miller brought along another box of irresistible Mini parts from the “Magic Shelves” in Chuck Heleker’s garage.  Mostly NOS.  Most were bought on the spot.

Next Meeting – The May meeting was going to be in Mountlake Terrace but Lara has since moved so Ed volunteered to have a Saturday morning meeting (May 13 since the 20th is the Vancouver ABFM) in Everett with a Snohomish River Valley tour to follow, possibly ending at a place for lunch.  Details to come.

The meeting was adjourned at 9pm after a meeting that, in the future, surely will also hold many warm memories.  – Ed Sauer, secretary


March 21, 2023

The March member’s meeting was called to order by club president Tobias May on Tuesday, March 21 at 7:32pm.  Though a lovely, almost Spring-like evening, it was a zoom meeting due to prior planning.  A dozen club members were in attendance as can be seen by the following screen grab.

February meeting minutes were approved as printed in this blog.  The meeting was held in conjunction with the 2023 White Elephant Auction held at the Haller Lake Community Club.

Officer and Activity reports were presented and discussed as follows.

Secretary – We just received another shipment of SAMOA business cards.  Club secretary Ed Sauer encourages all members to keep a few in their Mini and a few their “other car(s)” for handing out to unidentified Mini drivers and/or any interested bystander.

Treasurer – The White Elephant Auction treasury report was given and is included as part of the February 5 meeting minutes.  Treasurer Lara Williamson then gave an up to date report which will appear “elsewhere.”  This location has previously been here in this blog but it was decided that a better place would be in the club Forum, a more secure location for sensitive information like the club treasury.

Membership – Since the newly enacted membership policy just took place (all club members’ dues lapsed as of the first of the year) the total number of members now stands at 44.  Membership Maven Toby May will be reaching out to the three dozen or so lapsed members to gently remind them how much they will be missing if they don’t renew.

“What’s Going On” Blog – Old blog editor Ed Sauer will be slowly stepping aside as Kelley Mascher takes over as new blog editor. 

Online – “Cloud” service is working flawlessly, so states Brian Slominski.  The facebook page remains largely local, still growing and still a place for original Mini owners who aren’t necessarily club members.  George Thompson asked about  the $30/month it costs to keep the Forum going since it doesn’t seem to be much used these days.  A discussion followed and it was decided to keep the Forum.  Kelley will work on making the Forum available to those on Facebook.

Tool Library – The librarian was not in attendance but should be at the April meeting.

Events – A lengthy discussion took place about Mini Meet West.  Dave Anderson has yet to find an affordable way to trailer a small number of SAMOA Minis to the event.  He will continue the search.  SAMOA has been asked to plan and operate the funkhana.  The meet organizers (San Francisco MOA) have money set aside for expenses but need manpower to run the event.  Dave will be contacting club members who plan on going to MMW.  Let Dave know if you are interested.  Also, happening sooner than later is the Vancouver ABFM, May 20 and the Greenwood Car Show, June 24 (Register online for the Greenwood show and we’ll all drive into the event enmass).  Links to more info about these three events and many others can be found on the 2023 Calendar of Events on this blog.

Regalia – Rowly Stow, our regalia meister, reports some sales at the White Elephant.  Don’s Group Attire is a place for one-off shirt printing.  Kelley has an “almost new” SAMOA jacket donated to the club by former member Robert Hawes.  The “Robert” stitched onto the front of the jacket can be easily removed. 

History – Barbara Praefke showed fascinating family photos from the turn of the century when they were co-owners of a car manufacturer in Brooklyn, NY.  Kelley showed some vintage SAMOA photos of members and Minis including the MiniQ.

 Old/New Business – none

For Sale/Wanted – George says the the Maple Leaf Ace Hardware is remodeling and has nut and bold storage bins for sale.  Mark Hurston wanted a set of roller-rocker arms.  Kelley has a set and the two will get together.

Tech Discussion – none

Next Meeting –  IN PERSON at Don and Marian’s house.  April 18.  Social hour 6:30, meeting 7:30.  Details emailed to members a few days before meeting.  A meeting/tour is being planned for Saturday, May 13.  This won’t be a zoom meeting either.  – Ed Sauer, secretary


February 5, 2023

Abreviated minutes from the abreviated member’s meeting held in conjunction with the WHITE ELEPHANT AUCTION:

Idea man, promoter, organizer, chief cook and bottle washer, auctioneer, you name it he’s done it.  Just call George Thompson “Mr. White Elephant” as he once again was last Sunday, Feb 5 at the Haller Lake Community Club for SAMOA’s annual White Elephant Auction.

It was an oh-so-typical Northwest winter day, not freezing but chilly and a constant drizzle to keep all but the hardiest inside wishing it were spring.  Regardless, 24 hardy SAMOAns showed up for the auction and ten Minis (lower-case) were there for passers-by to ogle.

Said hardy SAMOAns were also hungry and contributed to a pot-luck lunch starting promptly at noon followed by the auction right around 1pm.  Mr. Thompson serving as auctioneer and club treasurer, Lara Williamson, recording transactions assisted by Andrew Bertschi.

FEBRUARY MEMBER’S MEETING – Club president, Toby May, pushed the pause button mid-auction for a short but sweet February member’s meeting which consisted of: Election of 2023 club officers – same as for 2022 except for vice president which was Chase Maben in 2022 and in 2023 will be Ryan Love (previous club VP 2012-2014). By unanimous vote of the previously mentioned 24 members in attendance, the 2023 club officers are TOBY MAY, president, RYAN LOVE, vice president, ED SAUER, secretary and LARA WILLIAMSON, treasurer. It also should be noted at this time that past club president Brian Slominski and past club treasurer Glenda Larson no longer are Seattle Area Mini Owners Association key officers, both having served as club officers for their final year of office in 2020. – Discussion on Mini Meet West 2023: Dave Anderson is researching the rental of a comm’l trailer to haul 4 or 5 Minis. – Payment of SAMOA membership dues was encouraged at this event which Toby will happily receive.

The auction of White Elephants resumed with the last one staggering across the block at around 3:30pm.  Special thanks should at this time go to Don Dixon, Lara Williamson and George Thompson who researched possible sites for the event and to Don in particular who discovered the Haller Lake Community Club.


$905 cheques

$1089 cash

$1994 Total Gross 

-$200 rental costs ($250 – 50 cleaning deposit, currently on its way)

-$290 food costs

$1504 Total Net

Big Spender Award for the 2023 WEA was presented to Ryan Love by the Big Spender for 2022, Chris Wendt.

Next up, the March member’s meeting on the usual third Tuesday of the month, 3/21 via zoom.  Members will be reminded by email a few days before the meeting. -Ed Sauer, secretary


January 17, 2023

And so begins the 59th year of The Seattle Area Mini Owners Association.  What you say, the club officially formed in 1967 with regular meetings, club officers and that sort of thing?  Maybe so but a handful of Mini owners had already been regularly getting together and even entering autocrosses as members of SAMOA in 1964.

So a slightly larger group got together on Jan 17 for the monthly SAMOA meeting.  Attendance down no doubt due to members prepping for the soon to happen White Elephant Auction on February 5.  The zoom meeting was called to order by 2022 club president Tobias May at 7:27pm.

Secretary – Minutes from the December meeting were approved including a clarification of Ed Sauer being nominated as 2023 club secretary.  This came after Ed had stated he wouldn’t be running again for secretary since the blog editor position is all he can handle at this time.  At that time Kelley Mascher stated he would assume editorship of the blog if Ed would continue as secretary.  Ed agreed.

Treasurer – Many months of treasurer’s reports were presented by Lara Williamson.  They will soon appear in the blog if not already.

Membership – It is time for all good members to renew their dues and checks are already being received (thank you USPS) by membership maven, Toby.  Two new members: Mark Schaff (a friend of Dave Anderson) and Timothy Arrowood (owner of a Wood and Pickett Mini).

Blog – Passing of the torch from Ed to Kelley is underway.

Online presence – Names and Minis on facebook, a vast majority of which are not SAMOA club members.

Tool library – A vast collection of Mini tools which may be borrowed by club members.  Contact our librarian, Don Dixon.

Events – Check out the 2023 events calendar now up on the blog.  White Elephant Auction discussion.  Don’t miss it!  Dave states the Lighthouse Tour is on and happening in September.

Regalia – Regalia guru, Rowly Stow, needs sweatshirt supplier from Dave Anderson.  Online printer info needed from Brian and checking into another source.  The SAMOA regalia store will be at the White Elephant.

Old business – 2023 club officer positions will be voted on at WEA.

New business – Craig Dewey, president of  Mini Owners of America, San Francisco, was present at the beginning of the meeting and filled us in with details on Mini Meet West 2023 scheduled for Santa Maria, California.  See events calendar.  Dave is a former MOA San Francisco club member and has volunteered as point person for SAMOA.  Oregon Mini Society may be organizing a tour to MMW.

For sale/wanted – New member, Mark Schaff, is looking for Mk1 sheet metal.

Tech discussion – Lara’s Mini has always been hard to start.  She’s been parking it of late at Kelley’s so Kelley decided to see what the problem is.  He traced electricity from the battery to the starter and cleaned and applied copper grease to every connection along the way.  During recent 26 degree weather the Mini started right up on the second crank.

Next meeting – During auction intermission at the White Elephant Auction on Jan 5.

Meeting adjourned – 6:45pm. – Ed Sauer, secretary


December 10, 2022

Notes from the SAMOA Holiday Party and Member’s Meeting – by Toby May

I arrived just before 11:00 am, thinking I was too early… and met George Thompson in the parking lot! The owner himself officially opened the doors minutes later and introduced us to our designated waiter Dillon (yes, like the Marshal). As I was setting up the SAMOA foam letters and a string of Christmas lights, more members began to arrive. Total member count was 20 + 3 guests. Dave Baughman’s daughter Pepper was there, Don Dixon and Marion came well-dressed for their anniversary, George Barrett brought his main squeeze… at a certain point I gave each of the guests a Starbucks gift card (the one with the green Mini carrying a Christmas cup). France was playing England for the World Cup on the big screen, but nobody was paying attention — we had more important things to discuss! Almost every item Chris brought from Chuck’s magic shelves was sold on the spot. It was impressive how many members made the trip from Tacoma, Graham, Gig Harbor and Vashon. Phil and Wendy Wright came all the way from Clinton. I gave them a 50th Anniversary SAMOA notepad as a gift. Even Larry May was able to make it from an early morning job in Poulsbo! A good time was had by all, and we all eventually staggered out sometime after 3:30 pm with full bellies from the well made (and well poured) selections of the Elliott Bay Brewing menu.

Highlights from the Member’s Meeting – by Kelley Mascher

President’s opening remarks

Officer nominations for 2023 – Toby May, President – Lara Williamson, Treasurer – Chase Maben, VP – Ed Sauer, Secretary – Kelley Mascher to handle website

2/12/2023 White Elephant Sale location TBD

1/17/2023 January Meeting, Zoom likely

George Thompson regarding White Elephant Sale $10 prizes, accepting auctioneer vouchers

Chris Miller with Chuck Heleker parts inventory for sale.


November 15, 2022

As it turned out the November SAMOA meeting was a bit of an oxymoron – it was a lively zoom meeting.  Our fearless president, Tobias May, called the meeting to order at 7:30pm and started things off with kudos to Don and Marian for having the October meeting in person at their house.

November meeting attendance was noted at an even dozen (as seen above) and October meeting minutes were approved as they appeared in this blog.  Club officer reports followed:

Secretary – Thanks were extended by secretary, Ed Sauer, to Mark Hurston (often an able pinch-hitter for the club) for the keeping of October meeting minutes.

Treasurer – Monthly treasury reports continue to be in arrears but treasurer, Lara Williamson, states that she now is mostly settled from her recent move so the reports will soon be up to date, hopefully by the end of this meeting.

Volunteer reports:

Membership – Total paid members 74 plus 6 lifetime members.  Toby reports that all dues for 2023, $24, are due as of the first of the year.  Members are encouraged to get cash or a check to Toby at the Holiday Party in December or the White Elephant Auction in February.

Online – Online guru, Brian Slominski reported the yearly charge for the club forum (which appears as part of the blog) has been automatically renewed to the tune of $359.95.  Updates and upgrades have been sent.

Events –  The next club event is the Holiday Party/meeting and George Thompson has been in touch with the management of the Elliott Bay Brewery in Lake City, past location of a couple of our holiday parties.  Details were given and a motion was made by Kelley Mascher that SAMOA rent the upstairs conference room for the party for $50.  Club members will be able to pay for their own meals if they wish to eat.  The motion was passed.  Further details will soon be published in the blog.

The White Elephant Auction will most likely take place on February 4 so as not to conflict with the Super Bowl.  George is working with The Shanty Tavern as a site with Elliott Bay’s lower-level conf. room as an alternative.  Details to come.

Mini Meet West 2023 is in the works.  Dave Anderson was contacted by Jim Predmore of Mini Owners of America-San Francisco who will be organizing the event which will take place in Santa Maria, California.  Headquarters for the event will be at the historic Santa Maria Inn.

Regalia – Rowly Stow is researching a source,, where club members could order SAMOA shirts directly from them.  SAMOA hoodies are a possibility at around $40.  Dave Anderson might have a shirt source.

History – Kelley Mascher has been going through a large collection of newsletters from other clubs and has asked other Mini clubs if they’re interested in seeing our old newsletters.  The Arizona club was the only one interested.

New Business – Toby received word from Chase Maben about a phishing scheme he received.  Be aware, you may get an email from someone claiming to be a club member who really isn’t.

Brian wondered about club meeting times and why has it been changing(?).  It was agreed that the “normal” meeting time is 7:30pm, preceded by a social hour at 7pm, on the third Tuesday of the month.  It changes sometimes if the meeting is taking place at an unusual location or date.

2023 Officer Nominations – Toby May wants to continue as club president.  Lara Williamson wants to continue as club treasurer.  The positions of vice president and secretary are open.  Contact Toby if you are interested.  New officers will be elected at the White Elephant Auction.

Treasurer – The November report was given by Lara.  Check the blog for a printed version and other recent monthly reports.

Next Meeting – Holiday Party on Saturday, December 10 at The Elliott Bay Brewery in Lake City.  Check homepage of blog for latest details.

Meeting adjourned – 8:27pm  – Ed Sauer, secretary


October 25, 2022

Pres. Toby called to order @ 7:15 p.m. at Don & Marian’s (back in person again; Yay!).

Secretary report — approval for motion to approve the Minutes. No correspond in or out.

Treasurer Report — last months, this months, when Lara W gets them put together – perhaps the next meeting? (It was also mentioned that Lara would eventually coordinate with Kelley to move our club financials onto the members-only SAMOA forum).


Mem. chair — No changes 73 current 6 Lifetime. Two members joining soon.  Rosters of members handed out.

Newsletter — Ed not present, WE MISS HIM.

Events  —  Kitsap/Mason County SAATour.

Next Mtg (and alt.) 3rd Tuesday is 15th if ZOOM.

Christmas Meeting? at the Elliott Bay Brewing in Lk City Way? poss Alt @ “The Shanty” on Lk City Way (get John to open for us?) Maybe use it for the White Elephant? Moved + Seconded to pursue each (Alan’s Scale Racing or Shanty) for a site, so that we can have a W.E.S. in the (late Jan/early Feb timeline).

Regalia — a lot of cool stuff even possibility of zippered hoody. (a discussion of) an unknown company, send artwork, they make & ship for you.

History — Kelley M — WWABFM (Bellevue) plaque(s) for Mini Q winning Best Booth. (We talked about the difficulty with event organizers that dictated going from Mini Q to Mini Cooler to swag shelf and “donations” for water bottles) discussion about how James Thompson of “A Series Northwest” now owns MiniQ. perhaps one of the plaques should be w/ James Thompson? James T may follow up sometime (with status of Mini Q).

No Old Business.

New Business — Comment: about how great the communication has been recently using multiple last-minute social media methods to “get the word out for events.” SAMOA Nametags: we don’t have them, but they sound great! SAMOA memb. cards: Redo them? Dave Baughman has artwork. (This is regarding the mid-90’s laminated member cards).

For Sale/Wanteds–

Free 10″ Wheel — gone!

Chris Miller had more Chuck’s Magic Shelves parts for sale (see blog for list) some very cool stuff — L 661 Back up light (Lucas), Rokee Dash for Mk3 w/ speedo only, Innocenti 1300 Grill – nearly perfect, Benelite Grill — sweet

Tech discussion — Original drive shafts being very reliable but eventually failing on James Thompson’s Mini, and how hard it is to source CV boots that fit properly into the pot joint groove.

Next Mtg is 3rd Tuesday, Nov. 15th — Any Takers for in-person? ZOOM if not.

Meeting officially ended at 8:30 PM. -Mark Hurston, substitute secretary


September 20, 2022

It was the first zoom meeting since spring and, big surprise, attendance was down. Nine members were on hand, three of which are club officers, as Tobias May called the zoom meeting to order at 7:30pm. Two members arrived a wee bit late. As fall arrives let’s hope the covid pandemic remains under control and a new in-person meeting place can be found for SAMOA. Put your thinking cap on.

Secretary – August meeting minutes were approved as printed in this blog. Email was received from Proteus Market Research, a market research company in the UK looking for neo-MINI owners to complete a survey.  Turns out they were looking to do research on neo-MINI owners. Our secretary steered them in the right direction.

Treasurer – Our treasurer was under the weather and hadn’t completed a report but will present the August report at next months meeting.

Membership – President Toby put his other cap on and reported current membership at 73 plus 6 lifetime members. A reminder was given that everyones dues will be due in January, 2023. Club rosters available to members from Toby.

Blog – Many thanks to contributors of text and photos from events this spring and summer.  In particular – Jerry Miller, Mark Hurston, Toby May, Peter Larsen, Don Dixon and other members who have been reporting on club events. “Many hands make light work.” They also make the blog a more interesting read.

Online – Brian Slominski reports the number of Mini enthusiasts who have signed up on the SAMOA facebook page is staggering. 540! Toby says we get many club members who say they first heard about SAMOA through the facebook page.

Tool Library – No report

Events – Much discussion about the Portland ABFM. Nine SAMOA Minis made the 400 or so mile trip along with a dozen club members. See RECENT EVENTS. ….Dave Anderson apologized for having to postpone the LIGHTHOUSE TOUR. It turned out to be a victim of scheduling conflicts, both for lighthouse availability and too many other things going on in club member’s lives. Look for this event to happen for sure in 2023.

Regalia – Much discussion about a SAMOA shirt design being pirated on the internet, so beware. SAMOA regalia is available ONLY from this Mini club via our Regalia Meister, Rowly Stow.

History – Rare copies of AMERICAN MINI magazine were discussed and displayed by Club Historian, Kelley Mascher.

Old Business – The Food Lifeline award was taken to the engravers by Ed Sauer and updated to show SAMOA was the big donor at WWABFM 2022.  The award is back on display at AUTOSPORT in Ballard.

New Business – 2023 White Elephant Auction at The Shanty Tavern?  The classic, old tavern is on 90th and Lake City Way.  It is an historical site and is mentioned in a newly published book LOST ROADHOUSES OF SEATTLE.  It’s open just one day a week.  Don Dixon has asked the owner if he would be interested in SAMOA renting the facility for the White Elephant.  He isn’t real interested but we went and had a look anyway.  The size of the facility is good, there is lots of parking and it is loaded with old-timey charm.  Perhaps we should bring a gaggle of Minis to The Shanty on a Friday to show the owner our interest, how cool the cars are and how nice we are? Stay tuned.

Long ago, SAMOA would have a CHRISTMAS PARTY instead of a December meeting. Kelley suggested we revive this tradition. Used to be at The Old Peculiar in Ballard. Any ideas of where to have the 2022 version?

For Sale/Wanted – Kelley has “Lots and lots of MkI and II parts.”…..Dave Anderson wants a two-speed wiper for his earlier one-speed Mini and needs a club roster…..Mark Hurston has wheels, suspension parts and used tires plus other Mini parts.

Tech Discussion – Comparing A and A+ engine “front plates.” Will an A+ fit on an older A engine? Also, timing-cover crankshaft oil seal pops out of cover – Dave …..Wiring resistance between late-model rear fog lamp and switch. What’s normal? – Rowly.

Next Meeting – Zoom on October 18. Any In-person meeting place ideas?

Meeting adjourned – 8:52pm – Ed Sauer, secretary


August 16, 2022

The August SAMOA meeting was called to order by president Tobias May at 7:08pm on the sidewalk in front of treasurer Lara Williamson’s house in Ballard.  The street had been previously closed for this Summer Blockparty and 10 Minis were parked for all the neighborhood to see.

SAMOA members and several of Lara’s neighbors gathered on NW 67th St in Ballard. -Lara Williamson photo

Minutes for the July meeting were approved as printed in this blog and secretary Ed Sauer had only upcoming-event-related correspondence to report on.  

Treasurer reports were brought up to date by Lara and were approved by members in attendance.

Club membership now totals 70 plus 6 lifetime members, so says our membership guy, Toby.

Newsletter/Blog: Lots of recent-event coverage provided by club members can now be found in the blog  .  Mount St. Helens Mini Trip photos and story will soon be posted.  A big thank you from editor, Ed.

Upcoming Events: Engel’s Car Show on Vashon/Maury Island is on Aug 21 and the Portland ABFM on Labor Day weekend (see new business)….. Dave Anderson encouraged all to jump on another ferry (maybe Bainbridge would be better than Edmonds) and come over for the Kitsap Mini Lighthouse Tour happening before you know it in September.  It should be a great event.  Check this-here blog for details!…..  George Thompson mentioned the Wedgwood Car Show, also on Aug 21, in Northeast Seattle (no ferry necessary).

Rowly’s Regalia Report: Big bucks from regalia sales at Mini Meet West.  Hats, shirts and glasses were the big sellers.  More club shirts were discussed.

History: Research of club history will continue with the coming of “indoor weather,” so says historian, Kelley Mascher.

New Business:  The Oregon Mini Society would love to have a little help with their running of the auto slalom at the Portland ABFM.  If you’re going to attend please consider giving them a hand.  Burt Reif –

For Sale/Wanted:  Longtime friend of SAMOA and now a member, Craig McGuire, is back in the Mini Parts business.  Chris Miller had a few very rare and NOS Mini items available from Chuck Heleker’s “Magic Shelves”  and reported that there’s a lot more to come.

The Ballard Street Car used to travel down 67th. Though the track is long gone an extra-wide street remains leaving room for lots of Minis. -Toby May photo

Next Meeting:  A ZOOM meeting unless someone comes forward as host of an in-person meeting.  Lara volunteered to host this August meeting little more than a week ahead of time and, though small in attendance, was a HUGE success.  Just ask her neighbors!  Meeting adjourned at 7:48pm. -Ed Sauer, secretary


July 16, 2022

(Was there something said or something that happened at this meeting that your humble secretary missed in these minutes?  If so, please email me and it will be dealt with.  –ed)

Meeting held in conjuction with Picnic on the Grass event at Steve and Kim Gay’s house in Woodinville.

11:25am Meeting came to order by Tobias May, President

Attendance sheet signed: 21 members 3 guests (NB New member in particular is Maura Wattam, friend of George Barrett and Aaron Anderson, with a Midnight Blue 1989 Anniversary Edition 998cc.)

Membership count: 61 full time members, 6 lifetime members

Approved minutes, secretary not present

Treasurer not present (NB mentioned that current report can/will be found online)

No tools out

Events — Various announced by Toby

  • Western Washington All British Field Meet, Saint Edwards Park, Kenmore
  • Portland ABFM
  • MMW (NB mention was made of single-day option for SAMOA members of $30 (cash or check at the gate) for Show n’ Shine on Tuesday, but no concourse judging or awards given)
  • Mount St Helen’s Overnighter

Regalia — donation of all SAMOA red “nalgene” bottles to be donated to local food bank

Old Business — none

New Business — Dean Cook pulled out four pages of notes regarding an AC Dodd Clinic proposal. More on this at a later date.

For Sales and Wanted — Chris Miller sold nearly everything he’d brought from Chuck’s magic shelves (NB Car covers, tie rods, starter, hydrolastic bump stops, etc.)

12:12 pm Meeting adjourned! Whew!  – Glenda Larson, guest secretary


June 21, 2022

(Was there something said or something that happened at this meeting that your humble secretary missed in these minutes?  If so, please email me and it will be dealt with.  –ed)

The multitude of grey days were all forgiven on this delightful, mid-70s summer evening as a modest number of SAMOAns and their Minis gathered at George Thompson’s house for the June 2022 SAMOA member’s meeting.  (For all the negative talk about zoom meetings, there were about the same number of members attending this in-person meeting on this glorious night as show up to a zoom mtg.)

Club prez, Tobias May, called 15 members and two guests to order at 7:45pm.  A special guest was John Harwood, president of The Greenwood Knights, creators and organizers of the Greenwood Car Show.  John recognized SAMOA for our yearly attendance of the event and personally invited all SAMOA members to this years event after a two-year covid cancellation.  

Secretary report – May meeting minutes were approved as written in the newsletter.  Important correspondence from Mini Meet West organizers, Ben Compton and James Thompson (in attendance) regarding the MMW Car Show now being open on a single-event basis for SAMOA members only, meaning members can enter just the car show thereby making it cheaper and easier to get the one day off instead of a whole week.  A thank you from the organizers to SAMOA for the work our members have been contributing on the event.

Treasurer report – With our treasurer, Lara Williamson, unable to be in attendance, Toby encouraged those in attendance to read the treasurer’s report in the blog.

Membership report –  Our total membership now stands at 65 (including six lifetime).  Toby reported that the total continues to climb since we changed the way we collect dues from member’s anniversary date to everyone coming due the first-of-the-year.

Tool library – Club tool librarian, Don Dixon, displayed the library’s worn-out rear radius arm bushing remover.  Don will attempt to get it fixed or find a used replacement. The hydrolastic pump, which had been on loan to SAMOA for considerable time, was returned to the owner.  Our librarian is on the look out for a replacement.  Chris Miller volunteered to pump up member’s hydro cars if needed.

Events – So many events, so little time.  If you have an event you would like to attend and get other members interested as well, the blog editor/events guy suggests that the forum be used.  Facebook is another good way to “test the waters.”  Several upcoming events were discussed and James Thompson gave an up to the minute report on MMW 2022 – 70 entries so far (!), host hotel almost if not totally full, shirts and flyers printed, goodie bags being assembled.  George Thompson has an extra room reserved if you are in need…..Mark Hurston mentioned “Reid’s List” online site as a source for local car shows and gatherings.

New business – Mr. Dixon reported on a trip he and Marian made in “Old Paint” to Skamokawa and then to Oregon for a meet-up and tour with the Oregon Mini club…..Craig McGuire, long-time Vancouver BC Mini parts guy is getting back in the business……North Bend Mini tour mentioned by Don and also George Barrett.

For sale/wanted – Chris Miller had several boxes of irresistible Mini parts straight from Chuck Heleker’s “Magic Shelves” and available at bargain prices.

Next Meeting – As part of Steve and Kim Gay’s “Picnic on The Green,” on Saturday, July 16. The traditional summer Burger and Hot Dog BBQ get-together in their beautiful back yard.  Lots of room for lots of Minis and Miniacs, a brief meeting and a long picnic.  Don’t miss it!  Details via email.

Meeting adjourned – 9pm. -Ed Sauer, secretary


May 17, 2022

So, the treasurer and the secretary hitched a ride in the president’s Mainstream Cooper to the second “in-person” member’s meeting in the past two years, here  in the parking lot of the Issaquah Triple XXX Drive-In.  Sort of like flying in on “Airforce One.” It was a few minutes after 6pm, when social hour was scheduled to start, and the place was already full of Minis.  Granted, it was just the small front lot of but still, 15 Minis was a pretty impressive number made up of some pretty impressive examples of Sir Alec’s finest.

What a pleasant surprise! – photo by Mark “The MiniNut

There were even more smiles.  Great big ones belonging to everyone in the parking lot.  An hour and a half later we were still smiling and circulating, bumping fists and elbows and complimenting each others fabulous Mini sparkling in the setting sun. 

Damned good meeting!  And then president Tobias May called the meeting to order!  It was about 7:45 and 23 Miniacs gathered around several picnic tables.  Minutes from the April zoom meeting were approved as printed in the blog.

Secretary report:  Entry forms for upcoming Mini events are now populating the pages of the SAMOA blog.  Idaho and Western Washington ABFM forms most recently.  More to come – keep any eye out, says Ed.

Treasurer report:  Our treasurer, Lara Williamson, ran through our monthly financial situation which will also be printed in this blog.  Members gave their hearty approval.

Membership report:  A few renewals bring the total to 58 plus six lifetime members brings the total to 64.  Toby pointed out that there still are a lot of formers members who fell off the pier when the club converted the membership renewal process.

Lloyd and Paula Hawley’s very rare 1989 Mini 30 – photo by Mark “The MiniNut

Social media:  VP, Chase Maben needs to get rehooked to instagram since his move to Sumner.  Also mentioned was the new Castrol oil which contains a goodly amount of zinc to keep our valves happy.

Tool library:  Atypical librarian (but a heck of a tool guy), Don Dixon, reported on dial-back timing light as the latest library entry for use by members.  The hydrolastic pump was borrowed by the owner of an MGF (rare, late-model MGB successor).  

Tim Moser’s Italian Job Mini, another rare Mini varient – photo by Mark “The MiniNut

Events:  Jeff Van Hurston, SAMOA FUNKHANA KAHUNA, is looking for a few good SAMOAns to help with the event at MMW.   Mini Meet West near Kingston is up to 52 early entries, so says James Thompson, one of the PMS organizers, A-Series NW owner and SAMOA member of course.  Sounds promising for a successful event….. Bash on Vashon is in just a few weeks.  Hopefully the ferry(s) will be running…..  George Barrett and Toby raised their hands when the question came up about going to Vancouver, BC, for their ABFM in just a few days.  Good to hear that SAMOA will be represented….. George says CRUISIN’ TO COLBY car show in Everett is on Monday, Memorial Day….. Greenwood Car Show entry form is available through this blog.  Enter individually, meet-up EARLY to enter show en masse at Greenwood Fred Meyer as usually…..  Dave Anderson presented some details about the LIGHTHOUSE TOUR in September.  Several possibilities and there was a very positive member response and Dave will get more details for next meeting.

Regailia:  Sales are brisk of the new Fersten DRIVERS HATS.  Regalia meister, Rowly Stowe has these adjustable and very stylish hats available in two sizes.  Details on home page.

Hos Row’s splendid late-model custom – photo by Mark “The MiniNut

New business:  A question was raised by Don that perhaps SAMOA should consider having meetings on the weekend instead of weekday nights?  After-work traffic is such a drag these days.

For sale/Wanted:  NOS powder blue, long wheelbase interior for sale by Dave Anderson….  Lots of die-cast Mini models, vintage license plates and other Mini stuff for sale by Mark Hurston.

Dan Berglund’s (formerly Chuck Heleker’s) Moke and Tim and Patti Boyd’s MkIII Mini 1000

Next Meeting:  June 21, zoom.  Stay tuned for another possible in-person meeting instead. -Ed Sauer, secretary


April 19, 2022

Meeting called to order by President, Tobias May at 7:33pm after the (unusual half-hour of happy (Mini) hour.  A 70s-era club business card was displayed by historian Kelley Mascher, this being the latest “find” in his adventure through the dozen or so cardboard boxes of printed material that makes up part of SAMOA’s archives.

Just over 20 Mini enthusiasts on board including three organizers from Mini Meet West 2022.  March meeting minutes were approved as presented on this blog with no additions or corrections noted.

Secretary report:  Rick Mills sent word of the 2022 SW IDAHO ABFM on Sept 17/18.  Ben Compton spoke highly of the event that’s been running now for a few years and features lots of friendly folks and beautiful scenery.  Unfortunately the date conflicts with our Kitsap Lighthouse Tour.  Also have recently gotten word of an overnight tour to Mount St. Helens planned for SAMOA on Aug 12/13.  It will be added to calendar once details are firmed up.

Treasurer report:  Report displayed on zoom by Treasurer Lara Williamson was approved by those in attendance and is available on this blog.

Membership report:  Once a club member, Matt Thompson, recent purchaser of the Steve Clarke Mini, has renewed his membership after many years being Mini-less.  Long-time member Lloyd Hawley has also renewed.  Number of members is now 50.

Social media:  Chase Maben needs to get rehooked to instagram since his move to Sumner.  He also mentioned the new line of Castrol oil which now contains a goodly amount of zinc to keep our valve seats happy.

Events:  Ed Sauer reported that two good ones are coming up – the Vancouver ABFM and the BASH ON VASHON.  Plenty of info on Vancouver elsewhere on this blog and lots about the BASH will be available in days to come.  George Thompson reported on the GREENWOOD CAR SHOW, back on the calendar and better than ever.  Those who wish to enter (and doesn’t everyone?) need to do so online instead of giving your entry to George like we used to do.  The devil of a detail is if you plan to attend in your Mini you will have to meet other Minis at the Greenwood Fred Meyer at 5:30am (!) Link to event site (including entry) elsewhere on this blog.  

MINI MEET WEST:  Ben Compton (MMW director), and James Thompson, each holding dual memberships (PMS and SAMOA), were on hand with Bill Johnson (MMW competition events director) to bring SAMOA up to date on the meet.  All Mini Meet events will take place around MMW Headquarters at The Point Hotel/Casino. 35 entries so far. Only 20 rooms left for MMW goers to reserve so get to it if you have yet to do so.  Greg Birch is working on the tour.  Jeff Van Hurston is heading up the Funkhana (80s theme rumored).  Info brochure is in the works.  Mark Hurston has been a huge help so far.

Jeff Van Hurston needs five or six volunteers on days before and during the meet to be on the Funkhana Crew, 425-503-7952.

Ben Compton also needs volunteers to help on other parts of the meet.  You can reach him through the MMW info on the home page of this blog.

Regalia:  Rowly Stowe is still taking orders for new style SAMOA hats.  The whole SAMOA Regalia booth will be at MMW.

History:  Kelley is also sorting through SAMOA and other Mini-club newsletters, photos and is thinking about a project matching member faces with license plate numbers.

New business:  Kelley has several unbuilt, scale plastic Mini models donated by Mike Howze.  Could be worth some dollars.  What to do with?  Regalia booth?

For sale/Wanted:  No for sale items but James had a “Wanted” item – “I want to have in-person meetings instead of these zoom meeting!” says James.  And so began an intense discussion.  Once the dust had settled a time and place for the May SAMOA meeting had been arrived at Robert’s Rules be damned (see below).

Tech discussion:  George has an extremely intermittent “shudder” in first and reverse gears.  Doesn’t do it all the time but when it does…. James suggested a leaking main seal or perhaps a cracked or broken clutch disc “finger” or two.

Next meeting:  May 17, Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in parking lot, 98 NE Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA 98027, 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned:  9:06pm – Ed Sauer, secretary, April 19, 2022


March 15, 2022

Member’s Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President, Tobias May at 7:30 sharp via zoom after a half-hour of happy (Mini) hour in which the subjects of typing and daylight savings time, among other things, were discussed.  Also discussed was the SAMOA Mini Owner’s Guidebook by Lois Ludwig, which was on display by historian, Kelley Mascher.  Created in the early 70s, it was a roster of all club members as well as Mini-friendly establishments of all sorts.

February meeting minutes were approved as presented on this blog.  No additions or corrections were noted.

Secretary report:  Correspondence with Mini Meet West Chairman, Ben Compton, has been taking place.  Dan Berglund has been in touch from their snow-bird home in Palm Desert.

Treasurer report:  Domain renewal remains a hot topic with Lara Williamson, our treasurer.  Report shown on zoom was approved by those in attendance and is available on this blog.

Membership report:  Membership Mavin, Toby, reports that more members have re-upped but others have lapsed so the total is down to a total of 64 members, as low a number as we’ve seen in years.

Website/Social media:  Vice President and social media guru, Chase Mabin, was again not in attendance but Brian Slominski filled in and spoke of problems dealing with iPower and domain charges.   There now are 531 participants on the SAMOA facebook page.

Events:  Ben Compton, Peninsula Mini Society and MMW2022 chairman led discussion about the meet.  PMS needs SAMOAs help and, after discussion it was decided that SAMOA will take over the FUNKHANA part of MMW.  Ben wants MMW to be thought of as a “Washington Mini Event.”  Jeff Van Hurston has volunteered as chairman of the FUNKHANA and several club members expressed an interest in helping.  Lou Cass Auto Electric will be sponsoring the car wash. 

Lots of other upcoming SAMOA events were mentioned by the events coordinator, Ed Sauer.  First and foremost, the SAMOA 55th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION at Cars and Coffee at Central Market in Shoreline on March 19. Look elsewhere for details and other events.  

Regalia:  New driver’s caps, or “flat caps,” were mentioned.  Regalia meister, Rowly Stow, will bring an example to Cars and Coffee SAMOA Anniversary on Saturday.

History:  It seems like Club Archivist, Kelley Mascher, is having a great time sorting through the boxes and boxes of historical stuff recently obtained from the retired archivist, Chuck Heleker.  The Mini Owner’s Guidebook mentioned earlier is just one such example.  Should we toss any non-historical stuff?  First it must be decided what is or isn’t non-historical.

New Business:  Brian will be working on switching from iPower to GoDaddy as SAMOA’s domain provider.  A contingency and disaster recovery plan is needed.  Add administrator perhaps.  Brian will work on for next meeting.

Mark Hurston brought forth a motion for SAMOA to sponsor MMW2022.  After discussion an amount of $1,000 was arrived at for said sponsorship.  The motion was passed.  Ben would be happy to meet at MMW site to inspect location for funkhana, etc.

For sale/Wanted:  Steve Clarke is selling his 76 Morris Mini 1000…..  Mark has flat glass (MkI and II door and rear estate)….. Brian mentioned that Bring a Trailer Mini prices are going crazy though Chuck Heleker’s fire truck was auctioned for a reasonable amount.

Tech discussions were skipped as it was getting late so the meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.  

Next meeting via zoom. – Ed Sauer, secretary, March 15, 2022


February 15, 2022

Member’s Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President, Tobias May, at 7:32pm via ZOOM.

Fourteen members in attendance, one guest.

January meeting minutes approved as written and presented on this blog.  No additions or corrections.

Secretary report:       Ed Sauer reports no new correspondence. 

Tresurer report:        Lara Williamson reports a delay in Feb. report due to question about domain renewal charge.  The rest of report is approved by those in attendance.

Membership report: Toby reports 55 members plus 6 lifetime members.  Total continues to be down because of change in due collection routine.  Membership form on blog needs to be updated.  Toby and editor Ed will get together and fix.

Website:                     Brian Slominski and Lara cleared up questions over domain charges.

Tool Library:              Don Dixon not in attendance but tool library still functioning.

Regalia:                       Rowly Stow showed modern style hat with SAMOA emblem and a new design for a 55thjacket patch.  Both look good and will be further discussed.  New shirt design still in question.

Events:                       Ed announced a spring Snohomish County tour will happen the end of April. Details to come.

Dave Anderson announced a fall Lighthouse Tour (Point No Point and Point Wilson lighthouses) will happen the middle of Sept. Details to come.

An update from George Thomson on the Greenwood Car Show. It IS happening June 25.  How to register has changed, face masks and vacc cards will most likely be needed.  Stay tuned.

Had hoped for Mini Meet West update from Ben Compton but Ben had signed out of meeting.  Blog will be updated asap.

History:                       Kelley Mascher, our new historian has been diving deep into the boxes of SAMOA stuff he’s received, and continues to receive, from ex-historian Chuck Heleker.  That’s Chuck looking over Kelley’s shoulder in the “members” screen grab above.

Old business:             Mini Meet West was discussed.  Events, accommodations, schedule, etc.  Lots of interest and some reservations have already been made.

New business:           Ed talked about the Cars and Coffee event at Central Market the previous Saturday and suggested that SAMOA attend the event when it falls the day before our club’s 55th anniversary which falls on March 20.  A motion was passed to meet on Saturday, March 19 at the market for the celebration.  The Central Market is on N 155th St a block west of Aurora Ave N.  SAMOA will provide coffee and donuts for club members in attendance.  The early hour of 8am to 10am because shoppers start arriving at 10am.

For sale/wanted:                   Exhaust system talk.

Tech discussion:                    Brian asked for guidance/sympathy in his removal of the short shifter that is on a recently purchased Mini.  It makes the windows in the Mini fog up……George Barrett mentioned his front wheel bearing experiences with supplies from Swiftune and guidance from Kelley (Do not use the unsplit tapered washers).

Next Meeting:                                    Face to face, on ZOOM however, on March 15.

Meeting adjourned:              8:45pm –Ed Sauer, secretary, Feb 15, 2022.


January 18, 2022

Member’s Meeting Minutes               

Mini Hour: Kelley Mascher is the new historian! Volvo talk.

Date    1/18/22                    Meeting called to order by   Tobias May    at     7:30pm  Location –   ZOOM

In attendance, 19 members

Past meeting minutes approved?      MINUTES APPROVED,  new method.  No additions, corrections.

Secretary report:        Ed Sauer reports – Biz cards recovered partly opened from neighbors garden after waiting for shipment to arrive for over a week.  Porch pirates thanked for leaving shipment in tact.

Treasurer report:       Lara Williamson reports –  Treasurer’s report now posted in blog.

Membership:                          Toby May reports – $24/year due Jan. each year.  Cash or check dues payment because we are a small club.  52 mbrs.

Newsletter:                 Editor, Ed Sauer reports – Nothing new that isn’t on the blog.

Website/online:         Brian Slominski reports –  Domain secure, cloud hosting secure.

Tool Library:                           Librarian, Don Dixon not in attendance.  Hydro pump mentioned.

Events:                        George Thompson – Greenwood Car Show maybe, they’re trying.  Toby – Tulip rallye happening. look on facebook. Dan Burgland – wants to get involved with MMW and asks other members to get involved – look on facebook. Brian  – Lake Wash Cars and Coffee, on Sundays 10am-noon at  Madrona Park.

Regalia:   Roly Stow – more designs for SAMOA 55th anniversary perhaps, look on blog, more interest as spring arrives.

History:  Kelley Mascher is looking forward to working with Chuck Heleker in transferring historian duties.  Digitizing, organizing.  Wants to work on history of SAMOA iconic Minis.  Brian – Has a high-speed scanner available.

Old Business:              Club Officers – unchanged from 2021.  As there were no other candidates running for office a motion made by Kelley and passed by members in attendance.

New Business/Announcements:      Toby was contacted by– Andrew Krieger about Nick Upton and Woody sold locally on Craigslist.

For sale/wanted:        Kelley still has lots of Mini stuff for sale.  Brian – early Countryman and a Van for sale.  Mark Hurston – License plates for sale from collection (around 300).

Tech discussion:         Brian – NGK BP6ES no longer available stateside.  Other comments that they are still in stock at many outlets. George Barrett – proper grease for Timkin wheel bearings.   Other comments – Timkin makes it or any High Temp Disc Brake Grease.

Next Meeting:             Zoom, of course.  Dreaming of in-person meeting sometime in 2022.

Time meeting adjourned:     8:34pm (I think).  –Ed Sauer, secretary, Jan 18, 2022.


December 21, 2021


Date: 12/21/21.  Meeting called to order by President TOBY MAY at 7:31pm. Location:  ZOOM.

Attendance: 14 -Gordon Smith had temporarily fallen off zoom when screen grabbed -ed

December, 2021 meeting members in attendance

Past meeting minutes approved?      yes               additions, corrections  – none

Secretary Report – Ed Sauer reported:  BUSINESS CARDS AVAILABLE, more to come, we need a few membs to help with distrib.  Kelley Mascher, Mike Henry, Dave Anderson, George Barrett, Rowly Stow. -Female caller wanted to rent a “South-Seas dance troupe.”  Sounded a little like Glenda L. but did not identify.  I explained we’re a car club.  -Male caller from Idaho wanted to sell 17” wheels from his MINI COOPER.  I explained we’re an ORIGINAL Mini car club and told him to contact OMS.

Treasurer Report – Lara Williamson reported: approved, submitted to blog.


Membership    -TM reported, 52 mbrs. 

Newsletter/ BLOG  –  New History photos, Breakfast trip to Fall City in BLOG

Website/Facebook/Online   -no report, no Chase

Tool Library   – flywheel puller?  Didn’t we decide to buy one? No librarian

Events                        – spring tour  ES        MMW -nothing new from Ben Compton

Regalia            – RS  got SAMOA jacket – excellent   shirt DESIGN for 55th          

History            no report        

Old Business              – money raising for NW Harverst – Brian Slominski -Ceramic Minis from ABFM -TM -officer nominations, none.

New Business/Announcements      xmas card, hand made by daughter – George Thompson

For sale/wanted        1960 Countryman (998cc) and a 1967 panel van  (rough), BS -maniflow exhaust on blog, KM  -license plate collection (hundreds), Mark Hurston

Tech discussion         none   –happened during happy hour –ed

Next Meeting             zoom   jan18, 2022               officers elections!

Time meeting adjourned     8:40pm -Ed Sauer, secretary


November 16, 2021


Though zoom meetings are not everyones favorite, the November 16 member’s meeting was the perfect time for zoom usage.  In spite of serious flooding and earlier winds quite capable of blowing our Minis away, 18 members turned out.  Club prez, Tobias May, called the crowd to order at 7:30pm.  Minutes for the October meeting were approved without correction as printed on the blog.  

Secretary report –  Nominations for SAMOA’s 2022 club officers have opened.  That’s for president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.  Our 2021 officers – Tobias May, president, Chase Maben, vice president and Lara Williamson, treasurer – are seeking re-election to compete with these other possible nominations.  After serving for four years, Ed Sauer, our 2021 secretary, is not seeking re-election.

2022 club officers will be decided by election if more than one person is nominated for any of the four positions.  This will happen at the January meeting.  Nominations remain open between now and then.  

Marking SAMOA’s 55th anniversary, 2022 will be an important year with the club hopefully recovering from the Covid pandemic.  Members are encouraged to consider running for one of these positions.

Correspondence received from club members with details to be discussed in Events report:  -Jerry Miller emailed about the possibility of a Christmas party.  –Ben Compton emailed with Mini Meet West event headquarters and lodging info.

Treasurer report – A treasurer report for October, 2021, was given by treasurer Lara Williamson, shortly followed by a revised version which includes the earlier omitted annual renewal for vB Cloud.   The report is found in the TREASURY section of the blog.

Membership – Toby reports current membership of 52 plus 6 lifetime members.  Membership is still down due to our conversion of dues renewal dates from individual member’s anniversary to all memberships being paid at the first of  year.

Online – Facebook facilitator, Brian Slominski, reports that the SAMOA group now numbers greater than 500!  No, those aren’t club members but they ARE interested in Classic Minis and SAMOA.

Events – The possibility of a SAMOA Holiday Party was brought up via email by Jerry Miller.  With a resurgence of the pandemic, King County venues being required to allow entry to only vaccinated individuals and other limiting factors it was decided an in-person meeting/party in December isn’t doable.  George Barrett suggested only half in jest that a change of date to July be made.

Plans for Mini Meet West 2022 continue.  Ben Compton sent word (and a link that now is found in the 2022 Events Calendar on this blog) that anyone wishing to book a room for the event at the host resort can do so now.  It’s definitely worth a look-see.

George Thompson reports that there’s nothing new on plans for the 2022 Greenwood Car Show. Fingers crossed.

No NW Harvest Food Drive tour this year since the food drive itself is on hold but it was discussed that SAMOA voted last summer (when we donated to Food Lifeline at the WWABFM) that a club donation also would be made around the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season.  Since it now is that time….Brian volunteered to organize the gathering of a monetary donation from the club and individual members of the club and get it to whichever organization we decide.

Regalia – A few jackets have now been ordered and Rowly Stow reports that if you want one, order early, it can take a while.  Other regalia is available of course.

Old business/new business/announcements – Nada.

For sale/wanted/tech discussion – Lots of chatter, you had to be there.

Next meeting – Zoom of course.

Time adjourned – 8:26pm

Toby and mom, Karen May

Immediately following the meetings adjournment, club president, Toby May, announced the passing of his mother, Karen May. Karen had been an active SAMOA member, along with husband Larry, who was in attendance at this meeting, since the very beginning of the club.  We are heart broken that Karen has left us and our deepest sympathies go out to the May family at this time.  We will update the blog with Celebration of Life information as soon as available.  – Ed Sauer, secretary


October 19, 2021


The SAMOA member’s zoom meeting for October, 2021 was called to order promptly at 7:30pm by president Tobias May.  A larger than usual crowd had arrived early for Mini (Happy) Hour and eventually got down to business.  Vashon Islander Gordon Smith left shortly after arriving when after-effects of a recent covid-booster shot got the better of him.  Hope you’re feeling better Gordon.  Club Treasurer, Lara Williamson, continues to be the gracious host of our zoom meetings.

Secretary report – September meeting minutes were approved as written and recorded on this website by secretary, Ed Sauer.  Noted by Ed was an invitation from the Visit Walla Walla organization.   They want SAMOA to know our club is more than welcome to visit and use their town as a location for future events and their organization will be happy to help.

Treasurer – The treasurer’s report for date ending Sept 30 was displayed on everyone’s monitors, a motion was passed to approve and will be included elsewhere on this website.

Membership report – Nothing new to report.  Toby guesses that the rather large number of former members are waiting until the first of the year rather than mess with the prorated amount for the remainder of 2021.  As such, membership is down to under 50. A membership drive may be needed.

Website/Newsletter/Blog – Whatever you call it.  It looks like event planners for 2022 are more optimistic than they were for 2021 as most dates have already been set for the yearly events that SAMOA attends.  An early edition of the 2022 events calendar should soon appear on the Webletterog.

Tool library – Librarian, Don Dixon, not in attendance but members are reminded that there is an impressive collection of special tools available to be used on members Minis.  Don is always happy to oblige.

Events – Mike Henry, a new SAMOA member, was very impressed with the Bash on Vashon.  As was Dave Anderson except for being deserted when his Mini broke down.  Rowly Stow notes that getting a tow on Vashon can be a timely process.  Three hours for him when his Mini’s head gasket blew.  Fortunately, it was right at the end of the tour…..  South-Counties tours are getting quite popular with  participating Minis on the upswing…..  It’s official, Mini Meet West 2022 is being organized by the Peninsula Mini Society, July 25-29.  Headquarters will be at The Point Casino, a bit northwest of Kingston, WA.

Regalia – Rowly reports that the final two, previously reserved grille badges, have been sold.  We’ll have to order more if there is enough interest?  Another club jacket has been ordered from Don’s Apparel.

Old business – Kelley Mascher reports that James Thompson is restoring the infamous “Mini Q” which was won by James at a White Elephant Auction.  James plans to use it as a promotional tool for his A-Series NW business.

New Business – Nomination for 2022 club officers should have been opened at this time.  Look elsewhere in the Webletterog (on the home page) for details.

For sale/wanted – Kelley has “tons of Mini stuff” if you need something.  George Thompson is selling a set of 12” alloy wheels.  Mark Hurston has a complete AC system for a late-model 1275 manual Mini.

Tech discussion – CYLINDER HEAD FASTENERS – Kelley purchased James Thompson’s Woody.   Upon teardown of the engine that was in the car when James bought it, the use of non-hardened washers on cyl head studs was discovered.  Kelly showed us a close up of a non-hardened washer so badly crushed it was maybe half as thick as original and could not be removed from the stud.  FUSE RATINGS – Used to be if your Mini was built before the mid-eighties be aware that the UK and the USA used to have different ways of rating their electrical fuses.  UK fuses were numbered roughly twice as high as the same US fuse.  For instance:  a Lucas fuse marked 35 is equal to a US fuse marked 17.  Again, this is for Minis built prior to the mid-eighties.

Next meeting – Zoom. November 16.

Meeting adjourned – 8:21pm.  –Ed Sauer, SAMOA secretary


OCTOBER 14, 2021


The Officer’s meeting for October, 2021 was called order at 7pm by president Tobias May.  Also in attendance were Chase Maben, vice president, Lara Williamson, treasurer and Ed Sauer, secretary.

Items discussed:  It just happened to be Chase’s birthday! Happy birthday Chase! It was also noted that Chase has moved from the big city to the country. Sumner to be exact. ……Ed mentioned that in the upcoming year, 2022, SAMOA will celebrate its 55th anniversary.  Do we want to celebrate it? …….Work has begun on the 2022 club event calendar. ……Mini Meet West will take place on July 25 through 29 at The Point Casino in Kingston, Washington, and is being organized by The Peninsula Mini Society. ……Chase would rather not take an entire week of vacation for Mini Meet but guesses he will. …….Ed presented a prototype of a new SAMOA business card which he will show to members at the upcoming meeting. ……responses from officers were generally favorable. ……Toby pointed out that Kelley Mascher has a listing on the club forum (on the website) showing past club business cards. ……Distribution and uses of cards were discussed. Lara mentioned succession planning. All members should get a number of cards to give out to individuals at events or to leave with Minis that they happen upon. It was agreed that an initial order of 500 should be made. …….Recent ferry schedule problems were discussed in regards to Mini events in the upcoming year.  Particularly MMW since it will take place near Kingston.  Turns out that Lara is an aficionado of Wash. State Ferries.  – Ed Sauer, secretary, 10/14/21


SEPTEMBER 21, 2021


The September 2021 SAMOA member’s zoom meeting was called to order by club president Tobias May at 7:35pm on Tuesday, the 21st.  The sparse crowd was hosted by club treasurer Lara Williamson with just seven attendees.  A reflection of the fairly large turnout at the Bash on Vashon held just three days prior.

Secretary report – August meeting minutes were approved as written and recorded on this website.  Secretary, Ed Sauer, reported no correspondence in or out.

Treasurer report – There are two new monthly reports on this site as Lara was late getting one in.  Both were displayed on all attendee’s monitors and a motion was passed to approve them as printed.  Brian Slominski asked about club insurance.  

Membership report – Club members have been slow to react to the new membership renewal procedure resulting in there now being just 47.  Contact Toby, membership mavan, if you have yet to renew.  A reminder: this renewal is just for the remainder of 2021.   With the new procedure all member dues for 2022 will be due the first of the year.  Toby suggested this would be a good time for the previously discussed at several times new-member “welcome pak.”  Mark Hurston further suggested that membership cards should be reinstated while Brian mentioned the usefulness of SAMOA business cards.

Website – Tim Pearce wants to gain access to the forum on the website.  It was suggested he contact Kelley Mascher.

Tool library – Mark asked if the club has a hydrolastic pump.  We do (Don Dixon has), as does Aaron Anderson.

Events – Several comments about the Bash on Vashon, all positive.  Too bad so many missed it.  Dave Anderson reported on the ignition switch melt down on his Mini on the way off the island………Dave has access to a lighthouse we can tour and picnic at in 2022……….Mini Meet West will be held at the casino near Hansville.  PMS and OMS are organizing……….The 2022 events calendar is being created.  If you would like to host a SAMOA event contact Ed to work out a non-conflicting date.

History – A photo-timeline is coming together and will be published on the website.

For sale/Wanted – The Cosmic alloy wheels that Mark is selling (see photo/adv in Classifieds) now are tireless.  Mark also has a complete Mini, factory AC system.

Tech discussion – None except for the excellent description that Dave gave of how he fixed the smoking ignition switch and wires while on the road.

Next Meeting – Zoom meeting on Oct 19.  As usual, members will be reminded via email and given a link to the meeting a few days before.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm. – Ed Sauer, secretary


SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 


The Sept 2021 SAMOA officer’s meeting was held at 5pm on 9/16.  In attendance was president Tobias May, treasurer Lara Williamson and secretary Ed Sauer.  Vice president Chase Maben did not attend.

Toby started things off with a discussion about club membership and the new renewal procedure where all memberships come due at the first of the year.  Because of this we now have a total of 40+ members at this point with another 40+ who have yet to pay for the remainder of their 2021 membership. Toby will send another email reminder to members.

Lara asked about getting Peter Larsen reimbursed for Bash on Vashon expenses asap.  Toby agreed to pay Peter for Bash food (pastries, coffee and pizza) and Lara will reimburse Toby.

There was quite a bit of discussion about proof-of-vaccination and its effect on the club.  Not our idea (the proof of vaccination) but necessary to fight the pandemic.

Always eager to tour in his Mini, Peter has recently suggested a Leavenworth Octoberfest tour.  Unfortunately, the club cannot support such a large, uncontrolled event as long as covid remains uncontrolled.  Should do it when all clear.

Total # of Minis at Portland ABFM – around 30, at the Western Wash ABFM – 16.  SAMOA Minis that went to Portland – 8.  Oregon Minis that went to WWABFM – at least 1, maybe 2. SAMOA Minis at Picnic on The Green – 26.

Peter recently sent Toby a few unidentified Mini photos.  Toby will bring them to the Bash so Peter can provide caption info.

The monthly treasurer’s report was discussed.  More to the point, should the club’s finances be broadcast to the entire free world as it now is on the club website?  It was agreed that club members should be involved in the discussion.  

The meeting was adjourned at about 6pm.  – Ed Sauer, secretary


August 17, 2021


The August 2021 SAMOA member’s meeting was called to order by club president Tobias May at 7:34pm on Aug 17, the zoom meeting being hosted by club treasurer Lara Williamson with 12 members in attendance.

Secretary report – The July meeting minutes were approved as written and recorded on the website.  Secretary, Ed Sauer, reported on the lengthy discussion with Tim Boyd that resulted in the cancellation of the August 7 picnic and the discussion with Peter Larsen who is organizing the Bash on Vashon in September.  Covid-Delta concerns are leaving the September and October member’s meetings in a state of flux.  It may be necessary for them to be held as zoom meetings instead of in-person, September’s as part of the Bash and October’s as a stand-alone event at Chris and Charlene Miller’s.  The final decision about each will be made as more is learned about the Covid-Delta situation.

Treasurer Report – Due to much financial activity at the July picnic and the last-minute reschedule of this August meeting Lara, our treasurer, was unable to have the treasury report  ready.  Once ready, in the next day or so, the report will magically appear in this site under TREASURY.

Membership report – The new, improved and simplified club membership procedure is underway and Toby announced that while the member count in August remains at 81, it will drop to 40 on Jan 1, 2022 if a large number of members don’t renew.  Many thanks to those who already have.  Toby will notify all members who still need to reup (by cash or a personal check).  A reminder:  SAMOA does not participate in venmo or paypal.  Treasurer Lara states that neither are feasible for a small, non-profit such as SAMOA.  

Events – A reminder from Ed that there are many events happening  in the next month or so.  Don’t end up kicking yourself for missing out.  Check out NEXT EVENTS, CALENDAR and event links therein.

Regalia – Being a non-profit organization SAMOA needs to show that money is going to charitable organizations so Rowly Stow, club regalia meister, reminded us that at the last ABFM we donated half of all money earned from regalia sales to Food Lifeline.  Rowly warned that if you are going to Don’s Apparel to order a SAMOA jacket you might want to mention Toby’s name as well as SAMOA’s.  Seems that the paperwork for jacket sales was filed under Toby’s name.

New Business – A motion was made by Mark Hurston to donate $500 at the ABFM to Food Lifeline.  Much discussion ensued with details that our treasury is slim at the moment due to membership being suspended because of Covid but membership dues are now coming in again.  Also, we still will be donating half of regalia sales at this ABFM and it was suggested that Christmas would be a better time to donate to Food Lifeline and we should revisit a donation at that time.   The motion was suspended until that later date.

A VERY NICE 850 Mini recently sold on Bring a Trailer.  Kelley Mascher noted the local angle to this amazing example.  It was sold new at Greys Harbor Motors.  Kelley took us down memory lane remembering the couple who owned the small Leyland Dealership and how, even after it had closed, the couple still was involved selling parts each year at ABFMs and how the Leyland sign still hung from the building long after they’d closed the business. 

Grays Harbor Motors former dealership. Time passes slowly in Aberdeen/Hoqium.

For sale/wanted –  For sale – 1 set of 10” x 6” Cosmic wheels from Mark Hurston…..Kelley has even more Mk1 Mini parts…..Toby is trying to sell has dad’s rusty Canadian Mini.  It was suggested that the father looking for a father/son project Mini should be contacted…..Mark has Mini sheet metal pieces for cheap.

Tech discussion – Not tech per say but Lara asked about finding an appraiser for her Mini to satisfy her insurance company.  This started a discussion about agreed/declared value policies, occasional use policies and insurance co. intentions.  Mark Hurston knows an guy who can help with an appraisal……Simon Thompson has sliding windows that don’t want to.  Silicone spray suggested.

Next Meeting – Up in the air so to speak.  Either at the Bash or more likely a zoom meeting on the 3rd Tuesday, per usual.  Stay tuned.

Meeting adjourned – 8:34pm. -Ed Sauer, SAMOA secretary


JULY 17, 2021


The July 2021 SAMOA member’s meeting was called to order by club president Tobias May at 11:24am on July 17 as part of the annual Picnic on the Grass at Steve and Kim Gay’s house east of Woodinville just off the Woodinville-Duvall Road.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the first in-person SAMOA meeting since February, 2020.  There were 31 members and one guest in attendance along with 26 Minis and one MG1100.   A hearty round of applause was given by all to Steve and Kim thanking them for the great venue and BBQ. 

Secretary report – The June meeting minutes were approved as written on the website.  Secretary, Ed Sauer, announced that the August meeting also will be presented in picnic format and held at Tim and Patti Boyd’s house east of Redmond off Union Hill Road.  The September meeting will take place at The Roasterie on Vashon Island immediately preceding the Bash on Vashon.  The October meeting will be at Chris and Charlene Miller’s Shoreline house, a bit north of Lake City (details elsewhere in this website).

Treasurer report – Toby gave an abbreviated report for July in treasurer Lara Williamson’s absence.  The complete report appears in this website (go to TREASURY).

Membership report – The new and simplified club membership system is in effect.  Toby noted that all dues will come due on Jan. 1, 2022.  SAMOA currently has 81 members and 6 lifetime members.

Website/Newsletter – As of now, all dates details for upcoming events should be up to date as they appear in the website.  Please let the editor know if you spot an error or are otherwise confused.

Events – In spite of temperatures approaching 100 degrees, the Poker Run benefit for the Greenwood Car Show had 60 entries.  George Thompson assured us that the car show will return in 2022…….. Peninsula Mini Society and Oregon Mini Society meet next weekend (7/24,25) for the annual PMS Puget Sound Tour.  Ben Compton, PMS president, encouraged all SAMOA members to join in the fun(see details in NEXT EVENTS)……… Ben also announced that PMS will be hosting Mini Meet West in 2022 and can really use the assistance of any and all SAMOA members for this large undertaking……

Regalia – SAMOA jackets are now available and can be purchased by any member directly from the supplier, Don’s Group Attire (see details in REGALIA)….. The old SAMOA pop-up tent is on it’s last legs and needs replacement, so says Regailia Meister, Rowly Stowe.  A decrepit old batch of SAMOA key fobs also needs to be done away with.

Old business – Seven SAMOA street Minis and three race Minis (including SAMOAn Greg Birch and Mini Mania’s Don Racine) showed up at the big SOVREN 4th of July Historics races.  Parade laps were pretty fast (as usual) and lots of fun.

New business – The cat was let out of the bag by Chris Miller – The famous MkI Cooper S “Downton Mini,” originally purchased new in the UK in 1967 by SAMOA co-founder Del Gould and modified at the Downton Engineering shop, then stored for over 50 years by Jim Dawson has been sold to member Ted Atkins.  Totally disassembled but still in remarkable condition, Ted plans on a “sympathetic” restoration.

Tech discussion – Questions were raised by Don Dixon about the quality of “silver seal” engines and gearboxes.  These factory rebuilds were sold in quantity many years ago and still are found in Minis.  It looks like more care could have been taken in their assembly.

Next meeting – Saturday, August 7, 10am at Tim and Patti Boyd’s.  Possibly a tour to get there, Mini (happy) hour, the meeting and then a BBQ!  Members will receive details via email closer to the date. – Ed Sauer 7/18/2021



A Mini Meet West Continuation Zoom Meeting was called to order by Eric Newland of the Oregon Mini Society at 7pm on June 29, 2021. The following screen grab shows the club representatives who were on hand from several Western US Mini clubs. The purpose of this meeting was to establish a regular such MMW meeting, coordination of future Mini Meets West along with the next Mini Meet East Meets West.

Victoria Mini Club representative, Mike Smith and Ken Friend of the Vancouver Mini Club provided details about the cancellation of the 2021 Mini Meet West on Vancouver Island. The two clubs put an amazing amount of effort into holding MMW and because of the covid pandemic, in effect, had to plan it twice and then cancel the whole thing.

This years Mini Meet in Idaho, being put on by the Peninsula Mini Society, was discussed and of greatest interest was that it NOT be referred to as a “Mini Meet West.” It was agreed by all that there will not be a Mini Meet West in 2021, just the Mini Meet in the Park.

PMS leader Ben Compton provided details about Mini Meet in the Park coming in September and volunteered PMS as organizers of a Washington State Mini Meet West 2022. MOA San Francisco will host MMW 2023, perhaps with MOA Los Angeles as co-host and perhaps a location in the middle of California. Minis of the Rockies will host East Meets West Mini Meet 2024 and the Mini Meet West for 2025 will be decided at the Continuation Meeting at MMW 2022 in Washington. -Ed Sauer, SAMOA secretary

Left to right, top to bottom
Jim Predmore – MOASF
Ed Sauer – SAMOA
Andy Biddle – MOASF
Bob Amaral –  MOTR  (Minis of the Rockies)
Ben Compton, Glenny Compton, Carl Barfield – Peninsula Mini Society
Mike Smith – Victoria Mini Club
Robert Montoya – MOTR
Bruce Hurlburt – MOASF
Joe Munsch – OMS (Oregon Mini Society)
Ken Friend – Vancouver Mini Club
Toby May – SAMOA
Jeremy Thorpe – OMS
Norman Nelson – Shasta Mini Club
Eric Newland – OMS
Peter Kyte – MOTR



The Seattle Area Mini Owners Association was blessed for a dozen or so years with Dan Berglund’s monthly publication of “THE SAMOAn.”  The club has always had a monthly newsletter of sorts since its founding in the sixties but Dan’s publication stood above the rest.

When Dan retired from the Newsletter Editor job I started this blog and the title “THE SAMOAn” was carried over to honor Dan’s past efforts.  Added to the title at that time was “–What’s going on?” in honor of the counter-culture anthem (and hit record during SAMOA’s formative years) by Marvin Gaye.

The blog recently morphed into the SAMOA website and continued to carry the name “THE SAMOAn – What’s going on?”.

At the Tuesday evening, June15, SAMOA member’s meeting a motion was made, seconded and passed that the name of the SAMOA website be changed to “NEWSLETTER.”  I was caught speechless but as newsletter editor I am hereby putting this motion on hold for as long as I am the editor.  The SAMOA newsletter will continue to be titled “THE SAMOAn –What’s going on.”  –Ed Sauer, 6/16/2021


JUNE 15, 2021 


The June meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by club president Tobias May.  Lara Williamson, club treasurer hosted the meeting attended by 21 (one left early, one came late), surpassing last months record number of attendees of 19.  The following is a screen grab of those in attendance at the meeting.

Secretary report – The May meeting minutes were approved as printed on the website.  Information was received throughout the month from the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce regarding the towns July 4th Parade and September Classic Car Show, Penninsula Mini Society (PMS) regarding the Mini Meet in The Park they are organizing and the Spokane Britbull Field Meet from the NW British Classics car club.

Treasurer report – The May report appears in the TREASURY section elsewhere in this website.

Events report – Summer events.  More info elsewhere on this website.  Maybe too many but try not to miss any….. June 26 –  CRUISE GREENWOOD POKER RUN. ……July 3 –  SOVREN NORTHWEST HISTORICS.  SAMOA entered in Collector Car Corral.  Drive your Mini on the race track. ……July 17 – SAMOA PICNIC ON THE GREEN and MEMBERS MEETING.  First in-person event for SAMOA in a year and a half.  Steve and Kim Gay invite all of SAMOA to a picnic in their beautiful backyard.  SAMOA provides the food and refreshments.  Can we fill the backyard with Minis? ……August 7 –  EASTSIDE TOUR/PICNIC and MEMBERS MEETING.  Revisit the site of  the SAMOA 50th Celebration at Tim and Patti Boyd’s house on Union Hill Road east of Redmond.  Great Mini tour to start the day.  SAMOA provides the food and refreshments at the picnic…….August 21 –  WESTERN WASHINGTON ABFM at St. Edward Park in Kenmore.  Newly landscaped?  The Lodge at St. Edward Park.  Those and other improvements.…….September 3-5  –  PORTLAND ALL BRITISH FIELD MEET.…….September 8-11 –  MINI MEET IN THE PARK.  Organized by PMS and held in Roseberry, Idaho.  New event by our Mini friends on the west side of Puget Sound.……September 18 – SAMOA BASH ON VASHON and MEMBERS MEETING.  Annual SAMOA event organized by Peter and Joan Larsen.  Morning meeting at THE ROASTERIE, a scenic island tour and lunch courtesy of SAMOA.

Regalia report – Jacket discussion handed off to Toby who showed off his new club jacket.  Regalia Meister Rowly Stow will coordinate with Don’s Club Apparel and ordering details will be upcoming.

New Business – A motion was made, seconded and passed for SAMOA to purchase one advertising space ($100 for print and online) from PMS for Mini Meet in The Park event in September……A motion was made, seconded and passed to change the name of the website to “NEWSLETTER.”

For sale/Wanted – George Thompson has a set of 12” Rover alloy wheels for sale.  He’s also looking to buy a “Tinny”…….. Simon Thompson is also looking for a “Tinny” or a Traveller or a Countryman……. Rowly needs a tappet cover.  Kelley has all four styles……Kelley also has RC40 and other exhaust systems.

Tech – Rowly asked about proper wiring and a fuse for an aftermarket fuel pump.

Next Meeting – NOT A ZOOM MTG!  Picnic on The Grass at Steve and Kim Gay’s a bit east of Woodinville.  Long-time popular event!  Details to come.

Adjourned – 8:45pm   -Ed Sauer, secretary


JUNE 10, 2021 


Officers in attendance: President, Toby May; Vice President, Chase Maben; Treasurer, Lara Williamson, Secretary, Ed Sauer.  Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Items discussed: 

Club president Toby May, recently returned from camping trip and was adjusting to the return to civilization……  June meeting will be last zoom mtg for awhile at least.  July through September and maybe October will be in-person……  A suggestion has been made that SAMOA sponsor the Peninsula Mini Society’s Mini Meet in the Park in Idaho in September.  Much discussion followed and likely more will take place at the June member meeting……  Toby modeled his new SAMOA jacket purchased from Don’s Group Attire……  Toby also showed off one of his SAMOA business cards.  A good idea for tagging other Minis…… New members and a new membership process is coming together……  Vice president Chase Maben had lots of interesting news that’s unprintable here.  Hope he can say more at the members meeting……  Treasurer Lara Williamson has report from last month and will send to secretary…….  Steve Gay tells secretary Ed Sauer that he and Kim are getting ready for an even bigger than normal, post-pandemic Mini turnout at the ANNUAL PICNIC ON THE GREEN and JULY MEMBERS MEETING.  Always a great picnic/bbq and a big turnout……  June 26 Poker Run to benefit the Greenwood Car Show sounds like a fun event if you can figure out the directions.  SAMOA officers had a difficult time.  It is hoped that George Thompson can explain at the member meeting……  Since she asked, we had our own little tech session when Lara asked about proper battery hold downs for her Mini.  O’Reilly’s are just a wee bit too long.  Maybe Brad at Autosport can help……    – Ed Sauer, secretary, 6/10/21


MAY 18, 2021


Vice President, Chase Maben, called the meeting to order at 7:30pm in President Tobias May’s absence.  Club Treasurer, Lara Williamson, hosted the zoom meeting as usual with an unusualy large (for a zoom meeting) number of SAMOA members in attendance.

Secretary report – April meeting minutes were approved as printed on the website……Secretary, Ed Sauer reported on information received from the SVRA vintage racing organizers inviting SAMOA to their upcoming race at The Ridge near Shelton……Peter Larsen forwarded info about the other upcoming vintage race, the July 4 NW Historics at Pacific Raceways and downsizing of the Vashon Strawberry Festival Car Parade and Show…….George Thompson forwarded info about the monthly Cruise Greenwood event taking place of their usual Car Show…….Chris Miller volunteered his garage as a future post-pandemic member-meeting location.

Events – And so it begins, hopefully. Lots of events beginning with the previously mentioned vintage sports car races……Set aside July 17 for the Annual PICNIC ON THE GREEN and membership meeting at Steve and Kim Gay’s Woodinville estate……Should SAMOA get together for a tour of the Cruise Greenwood monthly event?……If details can be worked out, Ed will have a Snohomish Valley tour for the club sometime in June……Remember to check the website Events Calendar for event information. Every effort is made to keep this calendar up to date.

History – Lara showed a mid-1980s SAMOA brochure she recently uncovered in her files.  A classic that prompted discussion of who must have created it and what was going on around SAMOA’s 20th anniversary.

Regalia – A return trip was made to Don’s Attire by Regalia Meister, Rowly Stowe, with better results this time.  Business contacts were re-established.  Toby made a separate trip to Don’s to order a SAMOA jacket for himself.  Brian Slominski came along for moral support.  Looks like members will be able to make individual jacket orders.  Details will be available at next months meeting.

New business – Seattle resident but mostly residing on Orcas Island, new member Carol Dapogny wants to buy a Mini.  She came to a SAMOA meeting years ago with that in mind and returned still looking…….Exotics at Redmond Town Center was attended by Chase in his PUP and there were a couple other Minis there as well……Brian took Don Dixon’s Tartan Mini to the PMS MINI meeting and sold it!  There’s another (recent) SAMOA member who also owns a Tartan Mini.  Unusual that there are two in the club since they are so rare (only 600 made).

For sale/wanted – Kelley Mascher relayed word from Chuck Heleker to Jerry Cloft that Chuck has those interior parts Jerry wanted awhile ago……If you need one, Kelley now is the keeper of all the exhaust system inventory from Chuck’s magic shelves…….Brian has a MkI heater and also a MkII heater (rare) for sale.

Tech queries/discussions – Brian has a great new parts washer if you have any greasy parts that need ungreasing…….Gunnar Gordon has cut back on body work and paint jobs but will still do smaller jobs on your Mini.  Simply the best.

Next meeting – If details can be worked out, the June meeting will be part of the June tour that Ed is working on.  If not, Chris Miller’s garage just north of Lake City will be the site.  Either way, it will be a real, live, in-person SAMOA meeting for the first time since February, 2020!

Meeting adjourned –  By Chase at 8:30pm or so. – Ed Sauer, secretary, 4/20/21


MAY 13, 2021


Officers in attendance: President, Toby May; Vice President, Chase Maben; Treasurer, Lara Williamson, Secretary, Ed Sauer.  Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Items discussed:

This officer’s meeting happened on the same day that President Biden announced anyone who has been vaccinated can now go mask-less.  Much discussion about how will this effect SAMOA activities?  It was noted that all four club officers have been vaccinated……Toby provided details from his trip to Don’s Group Attire who will do club jackets in particular and can also do patches and shirt screen printing.  He will have a sample jacket for the club to inspect at the June meeting……Chase noted that there have been several requests for the “Less talking, More driving” shirt.  Not a SAMOA shirt to begin with but Ed will dig up original design and go from there……Now that club membership is back in effect, Lara has put together a chart to show how the new membership payment plan works.  This new renewal procedure is now in effect. Glen Wolf is a new SAMOA member.  He lives in Federal Way and has a JDM Rover Mini 1000.  Glen is the first new member in several months……Toby has to work through SAMOA meeting time next month so Chase will be filling in.  Efforts will be made to provide Chase with a file of the Meeting Format……Two vintage races are on the horizon, the long-running July 4 event at Pacific Raceways and a new event at The Ridge and organizers of each would like car clubs, including SAMOA to bring cars and members.  Ed pointed out that details are on the website. – Ed Sauer, secretary, 5/13/21


APRIL 20, 2021


The April meeting was called to order at 7:34pm by club president Tobias May.  Lara Williamson, club treasurer hosted the meeting attended by 13 Mini faithfull.  The following is a screen grab of those in attendance at the meeting.

Secretary report – The March meeting minutes were approved as printed on the website.  Information was received from club member Peter Larsen regarding the annual Vashon Strawberry Festival with disappointing news that the classic car parade will not be held this year due to the pandemic…….. Brian Slominski forwarded a link to information about CRUISE GREENWOOD, the classic car tour that will take the place of the Greenwood Car Show this year.  Again, due to the pandemic.  George Thompson provided details……. A couple of reprinted Moke articles were received from Mike Howze…… Club member George Barrett emailed info about this years Kirkland Car Show which impressed George as a good show for Minis to attend.  Updated information awaits.  – Ed Sauer, secretary

Treasurer report – The April report appears in the TREASURY section elsewhere on this website……….  A proposal was made for renewing collection of membership this coming July.  It is recommended that collection of dues take place for all members at one time during the year.  A slight increase in dues will be necessary.  “Goodie bags” for new members was suggested….. Member discussion continued in “New Business.”  – Lara Williamson, treasurer

Website report – The rejuvenated website is working fine as is The Forum.  –Brian Slominski, web master

Events report – Mostly reported on in the Secretary Report above……… George Thompson pointed out that the Greenwood Food Bank is in dire straits due to the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 Greenwood Car Shows.  Because of that, CRUISE GREENWOOD will include a food drive to help out.  A link to the CRUISE GREENWOOD site is in the events calendar.  – Ed Sauer, events coordinator

Regailia report – No club regailia has recently been sold.  Club jackets were discussed.  Kelley Mascher and George B. recalled that Don’s Attire provided the past couple of orders.  Don’s will be contacted to see about another ordering of jackets.  – Rowly Stow, regalia meister

New business – A lively discussion continued from last month about resumption of membership dues in 2021. As membership activities seem to be ramping up it was decided collection of dues should resume.  It was suggested by our membership guy, Toby, that all member’s dues be due on Jan. 1 each year instead of each individual’s membership anniversary.  This would greatly simplify the administration of the job.

Lara presented a collection process that will start in July 2021 and a motion was passed to put this new system in place.  Here’s a chart that shows how it works.

This chart will also appear in the MEMBERSHIP section of this website.  There may be bugs to be worked out and they will appear in future meeting minutes and along with the chart.

For Sale/Wanted – The subject of Mini windows was brought up by Dave Anderson and sources were discussed.  

Tech discussion – What’s the best way to go when it comes to gasketing a late-model Mini two-piece thermostat housing?  Gaskets? What kind, cork or paper or rubber-impregnated cork?  Sealer?  What kind?  Just gaskets?  Just sealer?  Gaskets and sealer? Several recommendations were given by several meeting attendees (you had to be there).

Next meeting – Zoom.  

Meeting adjourned –  By Tobias at 8:30pm.        – Ed Sauer, secretary, 5/18/21


April 15, 2021


Officers in attendance: President, Toby May; Vice President, Chase Maben; Treasurer, Lara Williamson; Secretary, Ed Sauer.  Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Items discussed:

Club historian and irreplaceable stuff.  An active and longtime club member is needed to administer and keep safe the club’s historical files…..Lara has slightly modified and added info to the monthly treasurers report.  She’s now recording the report in excel…..Toby started a lively discussion about how and when membership dues will resume.  A slight increase in dues will be necessary and all memberships will renew with the beginning of the calendar year.  Info will be presented at the member’s meeting on the 20th and hopefully a vote will put a new procedure into effect…..Toby renewed the topic of creating a “goodie bag” for all new members…..Tech talk about computers and phones…..The Greenwood Car Show has morphed into CRUISE GREENWOOD where entrants are encouraged to drive their entries through the parade route and surrounding neighborhoods.  These events will take place the last Saturday of the month from April through September…..Discussion continued about post-pandemic club meetings.  Continue with zoom, physically meet at a location or a combination of both?  Attendance has consistantly been less at zoom mtgs, considerably more at meetings before the pandemic but finding a location is a problem as is driving to meetings through rush hour.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.  –  Ed Sauer, secretary, 4/15/21


March 16, 2021


The zoom meeting, hosted by treasurer Lara Williamson was called to order by president Tobias May.  Fourteen Mini faithful were in attendance including two new members, Kim Swanson and Dave Anderson.  The minutes for February were approved as printed on the website.

Secretary report – Governor Inslee phoned to tell us the state is moving into Phase 3 of the Covid Recovery Program so we should expect to see many renewed freedoms when it comes to getting together with our Mini obsessions.  Don’t hold breath. ……..Greg Temkin spotted a British Open Classic Mini at a lot next to the Nissan Dealer in Everett.  West Coast Auto Works to be exact.  A bit forlorn but it looks like all the good bits are still there.

Treasurer report – Lara met with our banker and needs just a few details from past treasurer, Glenda, to be up to full speed on her new job.  The March report was displayed and approved and can be found elsewhere on this website.

Membership report – Toby reported membership holding steady at 77 plus 6 lifetimers.  Kim Swanson, a prospective member, introduced herself.  Her dad was long-time SAMOA member, Don Hentze, and she still has his Moke and his orange Traveller and drives them regularly.  Dave Anderson, a new SAMOA member, noted that he also has a Traveller as well as a late-model that he autocrosses.

Website report – Brian Slominski says the forum is up and running well.  It can be accessed from the website.  Contact Brian with problems and Kelley Mascher if you are having logon difficulties.

Tool library – No report from our zoom-shy librarian, Don Dixon.  That does not mean the tool library is unavailable.  Check out the tool library section in this website.

Events report – ABFM schedules have been firmed up.  Aug 21 for Western Wash., Labor Day wknd for Portland and a tentative (too early perhaps) May 22 for Vanc. BC……….Possible hotel accommodations may be available for the Kenmore event but it seems too early for the remodel to be done.  Question about McMenamins being involved went unanswered………..Larry May wondered if anyone has heard if the Portland British auto parts jumble is happening.  Doesn’t look like it.

Regalia report – No sales or other developments according to regalia meister, Rowly Stow.

Club history – Waiting to hear from Chris Miller in regards to the amount of stuff a new historian will need to find room for.

New Business – For those whose Mini is ethanol-free, the Spirit Gas Station in Ballard may be going away.  Lara reports the owner is having a hard time making ends meet.  Chase reminds that there’s a station in Magnolia but with only one pump you may end up with a bit of unwanted product that was left in the hose from the previous fill.  The Wedgwood Spirit on 95th Street is still in operation……  Washington State Spring Fair ads and posters feature a large purple Mini being driven by a rubber duck……..  Classic Minis have cameo appearances in two current TV ads.

For sale/wanted –  Do you need a specific part for your Mini and can’t seem to find it?  Chuck Heleker would like to help.  If you can tell him what it is that you need, he will do his best to find a NOS or good-condition used example on “The Magic Shelves.”   “The Magic Shelves” have been gathering parts for right around 50 years and the parts are mostly for Mk1 through Mk3 Minis (sorry, no center-exit exhausts or headlight eyebrows).  

Give Chuck a call.  You will find his phone number at the bottom of the home page.

Tech discussion – Brian mentioned an all metal fuel filter with 1/4 inch ends. It is manufactured by Wix, part number is 33031. There was further discussion about fuel filters and fuel pumps in general. Andrew knows of a 90 degree filter designed for Mercedes that will also work well on a Mini. It is available from our friends at Autosport.

Next meeting – Zoom zoom.  April 20.  

Meeting adjourned – by Toby at 8:45pm.      –Ed Sauer, secretary, 3/17/21


MARCH 11, 2021


On hand:  Toby, Chase, Lara, Ed

Called or order:  7:30pm

Discussed:……..Ethanol-free gas.  Lara reports that the Spirit station in Ballard may be closing shop.  Wedgwood the next closest?……….Toby has cash to go to Lara.  Accumulated over the past several months from new members joining and current members adding credit to their membership account……….Club Jackets – Toby wants a new style-design………..Vaccines – Shots should be getting easier to get.  Feels real good once you’ve gotten………. Phase 3 for the pandemic as of now.  What’s the effect on club activities?……….Credit for March website homepage photo – Lara

Ed Sauer, secretary, 3/11/21


FEBRUARY 16, 2021


On the tail end of the 2021 Great Snowpocalypse, and hosted by Lara Williamson, the Zoom meeting was called to order at roughly 7:30pm by our new club president, Tobias May.  Attendance was low (14) most likely caused by the almost-foot of snow that fell …….no, wait, never mind.  Minutes for the January meeting were approved as printed on the website.   

Secretary report – Email received from Lee Orphan, director of the Western Washington All British Field Meet with news that the event has been reskeded to August 21 providing a more lengthy coronavirus delay.  That however is only two weeks before Labor Day and the traditional Portland ABFM

Treasurer report – From outgoing treasurer, Glenda Larson and provided by our 2021 treasurer, Lara Williamson, the detailed report is available on this website.

Membership –  As well as club prez, Toby continues his membership maven duties and reported we have 77 current and 6 lifetime members.

Website – 2021 club officers are listed at the bottom of the home page, according to editor, Ed Sauer.

Tool library   Though not at meetings as of late, we are assured that our librarian, Don Dixon, has been keeping tools in order.  Kelley Mascher reports that the hydrolastic pump recently was in for renewal of a few fittings at Autosport (big thanks to Mr. Maloney) and is now in use by James Thompson at A Series NW.

Events – “If it’s an event, assume that it’s tentative.”  Such is life in these times.  The calendar on this website is as up to date as possible and will be updated whenever possible.  Please let the editor know if you hear about date changes.  Speaking of which……..George Thompson, our Greenwood Car Show insider, has heard such a show will likely take place later in the summer than the normal Seafair date………Steve and Kim Gay are hoping that July 17 isn’t too early to picnic in their back yard like we do every summer……..Tim and Patti Boyd hope to see everyone in their backyard for a picnic and a tour of the countryside on Aug 7……….Peter and Joan Larsen hope to get everyone lost on the Bash on Vashon tour and Pizza feed Sept 18.  

Regalia –  The meeting invitation to our regalia meister, Rowly Stow, somehow went astray but that didn’t stop us from wondering about club jackets.  Toby will ask Rowly (and now that our treasury is back down to a few pennies perhaps we need to think about a White Elephant Auction? -ed)

History – Brian Slominski and Toby mention that Chris Miller has been assisting Chuck Heleker with the house-full of Mini stuff that Chuck has accumulated over the years.  This includes a “large” amount of SAMOA historical stuff.  The question is, how large is “large?”

For sale/wanted – Kelley reports that he has sold his MkII Mini to new-member Simon Thompson.  Simon gave a run down of how the purchase went.  It is assumed that the Mini was trailered to Simon’s home in Spokane.

Tech discussion – Simon asked about installation of the lower body seam moulding on his new MkII.  Heat (not too much) and rivets or tiny self-tapping screws in the proper places were suggested for installation.  The “fluted” or deluxe type moulding is the proper type of trim…… Late-model Mini heater-valve leakage was a recent concern on Toby’s.  Be aware that it was misdiagnosed at first as a leaky cylinder-head gasket………Where to get brake drums turned?  It sounds like new drums are a better idea since they are almost the same price as getting the old ones turned.

Next meeting – March 16.  Zoom.

Meeting adjourned – by Toby.  -Buy regalia!   –Ed Sauer, secretary, 2/17/21


FEBRUARY 11, 2021


The first officers meeting since the 2021 SAMOA officers election.  Toby May, our new club president, was at the helm. 2020 club president, Brian Slominski, and former treasurer, Glenda Larson, were in attendance to provide support, ideas and answer questions from the new club officers.

Glenda transferred and explained some treasury stuff to Lara Williamson, our 2021 treasurer.

Brian had a question about identifying a couple of Mini owners – SAMOA members, Facebook members or just Mini owners?  

Lara asked if there is an officers meeting format?  Not really.  Mostly just a discussion of what’s been going on so we know for the upcoming members meeting.

Chase Maben, SAMOA 2021 Vice President, asked that his phone number be removed from the officer’s list on the website homepage. Lara also asked that her phone number be removed.

Executive committee decisions –  What is the “executive committee?”  Brian brought it up as an fyi.  It is not something new.  What do they do?  Basically, the committee consists of current club officers plus the club president of the past administration.  The committee can decide on club business where time or other conditions are a factor and can’t wait for a vote by the club.  Decisions are seldom made by executive committee.

2021 Events –  Fingers crossed that it will be possible to start having club events and member meetings by mid-summer.   No word yet about the Greenwood Car Show or the Portland ABFM.  Organizers of the Western Washington ABFM are giving it a go. If you hear any word about yearly events that SAMOA participates in it will be much appreciated if you can pass it along to the events guy, Ed Sauer.  He will try to keep the calendar of events up to date.  –Ed Sauer, secretary, 2/11/21


JANUARY 19, 2021


SAMOA started off the new year of 2021 with the election of club officers at the January zoom meeting, hosted by treasurer, Glenda Larson, and called to order at 7:30pm by 2020 club president, Brian Slominski.  Eighteen members, including new member, Simon Thompson, were in attendance plus one guest.

Secretary report – A giant thank you was given by secretary, Ed Sauer, to 2020 club officers, Brian, vice president, Toby May, and Glenda, for the sterling job they did.  Absentee ballots were collected for the 2021 officer election and will be included the election coverage which follows in New Business.

Treasurer report – The January report was given by Glenda.  The full report appears elsewhere in this website.

New business – The Dick and Carman Penna Inspirational Award for 2020 was awarded by Brian to Toby May. Toby devoted himself to attending every SAMOA meeting and event possible for the year by having his work hours changed so they wouldn’t get in the way.  He then spent many dollars to get his Mini in tip-top shape both mechanically and cosmetically so he and his Mini would be at their best.  The pandemic didn’t cooperate but Toby’s efforts were real and appreciated none the less.

The vote for 2021 club officers was held.  There was one candidate running for each of the four following offices.  President – Toby May. Vice president – Chase Maben. Treasurer – Lara Williamson. Secretary – Ed Sauer.  A motion was passed to vote one time for all four of these candidates and all 18 members in attendance voted a “thumbs up” for each.  17 absentee ballots were received (4 of which were duplicated at the meeting and therefore not counted). The grand total was 31 votes.  – Ed Sauer, secretary

Membership – After months of few or no new members, Toby was pleased to introduce Simon Thompson, new member from Spokane who was in attendance.  Carrera Halwachs has also joined the club.  We now have 83 members, six of which are “lifetime.”

Events – A 2021 event calendar is now on the website.  It now consists mostly of meeting dates with very few events listings due to the continuing pandemic.  Events coordinator, Ed, will update when possible.

Social media – Chase will introduce wording to the facebook page that it’s a page for classic Minis, not neo-MINIs.

Regalia – Nothing new from Rowly Stow, our regailia meister.  Face masks still available and maybe a grille badge or two.

For sale/wanted – Brushed aluminum Mini console, Mk1 seats and lots of bits and bobs – Contact Brian.  Kelley Mascher still has available a Mk2 Mini – Solid and well-running.  George Barrett has a KAD short shifter, a set of steel Mini springs and 12” Yokohamas in almost new condition.  Mark H has a collection of old license plates (garage art), brochures and Mini die-cast models.

Tech discussion – Hos – His Mini smells like exhaust fumes.  Fuel mixture issues or exhaust leaks discussed.   Chassis alignment – several recommended Prova Motorsports.  Not cheap but the best job.  Car stereo – Good alternator to begin with.  Bill Busacca – has a 5-speed gearbox on the way.  Who to install?  Brian says he’ll contact Aaron Anderson.  Interesting do-it-yourself Mini repair website:  

Next Meeting – Lara will host. Check homepage of this website for details.  Members will be invited by email.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47pm  -Ed Sauer, secretary


JANUARY 14, 2021


Goodbye to 2020.  The final officer’s meeting for  Brian, Toby, Glenda and Ed.

Jonathan Creek tv show.  Not sure how this got started but it sounds like a fun show to watch.

Treas. Job transfer from Glenda to Lara.  Glenda has already started and will continue. Lara to do zoom hosting?  Looks like this will happen.

New officer’s meeting day and time?  

Events – nothing yet.  2021 calendar on website has at least been started.

Brian mentioned – $1,000 donation to the usual two places – NW Harvest and Food Lifeline.  Glenda will make out checks and take care of.

Facebook membership – regular membership.  Would be nice if those who request facebook group membership could receive club membership info at same time.

“Election”  –  What part of meeting and by whom?

Forgot to discuss finding someone to fill the “historian” position.

Ed Sauer, secretary, 1:08pm, 12/15/202


DECEMBER 15, 2020


The December, 2020 SAMOA meeting was called to order on the 17th of December at 7:29pm by soon to be dethroned president, Brian Slominski.  The meeting was hosted by Lara Williamson on short notice as our usual host, Glenda Larson, could not attend.   The vast majority of members, which eventually totaled 16, showed up early, as they usually do, for Happy Hour at 7pm.

Secretary report – Election of club officers will take place just before the January meeting, a departure from the norm.  It usually takes place AT the Jan meeting.  This year all paid members will receive a ballot via email.  They will be asked to cast their ballot by simply replying to the email.  This will be the monthly-meeting-reminder email that goes out to members a few days before the meeting. Your secretary will count the ballots and record the results which will be announced at the January meeting.

Treasurer report – The secretary read the December report which is now posted on this website.

Membership – One new member, Simon Thompson of Spokane.  Simon says his first car growing up in the UK, was a Mini.  He joined SAMOA to help in his quest for a classic Mini to purchase now.

Regalia – Lots of shirts and hats and still some grille badges that need to be picked up by those who ordered them.  Regalia Meister, Rowly Stow, stressed the importance of wearing a facemask and, more precisely, wearing a SAMOA face mask.  They are custom-made – by Rowly! – and in stock.  Call Rowly whose number appears elsewhere on this site.

History – Of historical significance is the announced retirement of Chuck Heleker our long-time historian.   Chuck’s attention to detail and inquisitive nature were perfect makin’s for a historian and he will be hard to replace.  Let a club officer know if you are interested in assuming this important position.

Old business – A question was asked by Mark Hurston about the status of our on-again, off-again website forum.  Brian could hardly contain himself with the news that not only is the forum up and running, it is now part of the website which is now what used to be the blog.  Huh?  Yes, if you go to  you will find “The SAMOAn – What’s going on”  and the forum is running as it is supposed to and accessible through the menu at the top of the homepage of the site.  There are a few details that Brian is wrapping up but basically the long-awaited improvement has finally been accomplished. 

 New business – For several years now, SAMOA has been donating to a couple of charities.  It started with a food drive for NW Harvest that was sponsored by King5 TV and more recently local British car clubs have competed at the Western Washington All British Field in a food drive for Food Lifeline.  SAMOA has donated to both and it was discussed that, given the current state of the world, we should do as much as we can this year.  Mark and George Thompson started with the suggestion that SAMOA donate $500 for each organization and the amount soon reached $1000 for each.  Brian made a motion, which was seconded by Mark and it was passed unanimously.   Brian thought that Glenda would want to handle the paperwork.

Metal signs of a Mini design made by a local artist are being researched by Mark who will get back to the club with details.

For sale/wanted – Mini engines, Brian wants some.  Kelley Mascher says he has a 1275 AA block, 2 Cooper S blocks and a complete Cooper S engine.  Brian has a set of  original Mamba wheels.  Other wheels too.  Mitch Hansen is looking for a set.  He and Brian are getting together.  James Thompson is now doing Mini tire mounting and balancing.

Tech discussion – Toby May purchased a new design of steering column adjustment bracket.  Bolts to package tray and basically shaped like but longer than a stock bracket.

Next Meeting – January 19, 2021 via Zoom.

Meeting adjourned – 8:21pm. – Ed Sauer, secretary, 12/15/202


DECEMBER 10, 2020


The officer’s meeting was called to order at noon on December 10, 2020. In attendance on Zoom:  Brian Slominski, prez; Toby May, vice prez; Ed Sauer, sec and Glenda Larson, treas.  Topics discussed:

SAMOA food donations. Now more than ever, there are people starving.  SAMOA needs to help by donating money from the treasury to NW Harvest and Food Lifeline.  How much needs to be decided at the upcoming meeting.

The FORUM lives! It is official, our on-again off-again website forum is up and operating.  Get there through the blog.  Details at the meeting.

Club historian position opens. Our club historian, Chuck Heleker, has announced that he will be retiring from this important position.  We will be needing someone who will develop, maintain and preserve our irreplaceable SAMOA files that go back over 50 years.   Club historian is a volunteer position, one of many in the club that make SAMOA such an amazing organization.

2021 club officers will be elected in January.  Because of the covid-19 quarantine there has been a slight change in the club officer election process.  Included in the January monthly meeting email reminder each club member will receive an election ballot for the four officer positions.  At this time, there is just one person running for each office however nominations remain open.  There also will be a blank for a write-in vote.  Each member will be asked to show their support for one person for each position.  Once completed each member will be asked to click “reply” to send their vote back to the club secretary who will tabulate votes and report the results at the January meeting.

Efforts to reach Facebook members for SAMOA membership. We continue to receive several requests a week from people who want to belong to the SAMOA Facebook group.  We need to be sure that they know how to actually join SAMOA, the club.  We’ll work on getting an email address from each of these people so they can receive a link to the club blog  “The SAMOAn – What’s going on” which contains membership information and a membership form.

Meeting adjourned at 1:27pm   -Ed Sauer, secretary, 12/10/2020


NOVEMBER 17, 2020


The November, 2020 SAMOA meeting was called to order on Nov 17 at 7:32pm with president Brian Slominski redundantly presiding.  The Zoom meeting was hosted by Mitch Hansen.  Mini (Happy) Hour started at a bit before 7pm.  It was noticed that Happy Hour always seems to start a bit ahead of time and the meeting always a bit late.  

A baker’s dozen SAMOA members attended.

Secretary report – October minutes were reluctantly approved as printed in the blog.  Secretary, Ed Sauer thanked Mitch for hosting the meeting in Treasurer Glenda Larson’s absence. 

Treasurer report – Glenda had already sent the November report which is posted on the blog.  Report was approved as printed.

Membership – No changes from October, 74 members including 6 lifetime.

Website – Brian led a discussion about access to the new website and access to the forum. Further discussion along with website development.

Events – It was beginning to look like we’d be able to plan events in 2021 but the recent resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic has put that on pause.  The club holiday party wasn’t even mentioned but the White Elephant Auction was and it won’t be happening either.  Fingers crossed for a successful cure for the virus.

Regalia – Rowly Stow didn’t get the email meeting reminder so wasn’t at the meeting.  Look in REGALIA for the nifty facemasks that are now available to club members.  Huge thanks to Rowly who ended up fabricating them himself.  Check the blog for details.

History – Look in this section of the blog for a complete list of former club officers.  SAMOA hasn’t lasted for over 50 years because of luck but, rather, these members who volunteered their time for the greater good.  Which brings us to:

Old business – No new nominations for 2021 club officers though it would be very nice to see more interest in the operation of the club.  Your name would look nice in amongst this list – President, Toby May.  Vice President, Chase Maben. Secretary, Ed Sauer.  Treasurer, Lara Williamson.  Any club member can nominate themselves or another unsuspecting member to any of these four positions.  Not to be overdramatic but the future of the club is at stake.  

– A question arose about Glenda’s effort to have the Guinness folks recognize SAMOA as the oldest continually operating Mini club in North America.  No word yet.

New business – Brian spoke about used Minis for sale by non-members on the SAMOA Facebook page. Questionable wording being used (see below and in the classified section of this blog for classic Minis for sale).

– George Barrett suggested we still do Zoom meetings in the winter when the pandemic is over.  Kelley Mascher suggested hybrid (Zoom and in-person) meetings.

– There’s a good Mini model collectors group on Facebook, mentioned by Chase and Brian.

For sale/wanted – Kelley’s MkII Mini is still for sale with some routine maintenance having been performed in the past month.  A solid 1275cc Mini at a reasonable price.

– Mark Hurston is looking for a late-model gearbox in good condition.  

– Mark also has “Candy edition” Mini Hot Wheels for sale.

Tech discussion – Gregg Temkin asked about the grey color (of the dozen or so grey colors that Minis were painted) that Brian’s Mini is painted.

– Speaking of paint, Eastwood and VHT each offer a good semi-gloss black spray paint that’s very close to what comes from the factory on Mini engine/chassis parts.

– Regarding troubleshooting, Kelley volunteered a personal observance: If it’s an electrical problem, look first for a bad ground and if it’s a rough-running engine, look first for a vacuum leak.

Next meeting – Zoom format Holiday meeting on December 15, 2020.  Dress accordingly.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm   -Ed Sauer, secretary, 11/18/2020


NOVEMBER 12, 2020


The officer’s meeting was called to order at noon on November 12, 2020.

In attendance on Zoom:  Brian Slominski, prez; Toby May, vice prez; Ed Sauer, sec and Glenda Larson, treas.  Topics of discussion: Lengthy discussion on idea of 2021 White Elephant Auction being held as a Zoom function.  Problems abound regarding logistics – physical, technical and monetary.  Decision was made to delay event until pandemic is over so regular event can be held. 

Regular zoom meeting will be held for January, 2021 including election of 2021 club officers.

WordPress has upgraded the operating system for creation of the blog so Ed is struggling to learn.

No website progress to report.

Mitch will host the member’s meeting Nov 17.  Brian will contact Mitch. Meeting adjourned at 12:45pm. -Ed Sauer, secretary, 11/12/2020


OCTOBER 20, 2020


The October, 2020 SAMOA meeting was called to order on Oct 20 promptly at 7:30pm by vice president Toby May.  The zoom meeting was being hosted by club treasurer, Glenda Larson.  The traditional Mini (Happy) Hour had started at 7pm so the crowd was all warmed up and ready to go.  Fourteen SAMOA members were on hand with a couple more joining in a bit later for a total of 16.  In amongst the crowd was Lifetime Member Mike Howze.  Addressed as a Founding member, Mike humbly corrected that he didn’t actually help found the club but was there a month or two later in 1967.  Mike proudly stated and displayed a print of his Mini in 1967 which was previously owned by Jerry Everett.  (We are eagerly awaiting to hear what Mike thought of this 2020 version of a SAMOA meeting.  –ed) 


The September meeting minutes were approved as printed in the club blog.

Secretary report – Many contacts regarding the CLUB FORUM and when will it again be functioning.  More about this later in these minutes and also in the Oct. Officer’s Meeting minutes.  Nominations for 2021 club officers were opened and will continue to be open until the election in January, 2021.  They are as follows:  President – Toby May, Vice President – Chase Maben, Secretary – Ed Sauer, Treasurer – Lara Williamson.  All four positions are open for other nominations that can be made by any club member.

Treasurer report – The report was given by treasurer Glenda Larson and appears in the Treasury section of this blog.  A motion was passed to approve the October report as written.  All club transactions continue on a no-cash/check-only basis and will do so for the remainder of the pandemic.

Membership – 74 members including 6 lifetime says membership maven Toby May.

Website – There has been progress on the never-more-popular Forum.  Web guru Brian Slominski states that website developer Roger Los has an up to date copy of the forum file that will work.  Just need to do it.  Greg Temkin, an active ‘80s-90s member volunteered his web ability and also that of his brother Ken who owns a web development firm (and a Mini!).

Events – The question was asked if anyone had recently had their Mini out for a drive and almost everyone raised their hands.  Events (un)coordinator, Ed Sauer, suggested pleaded that those who have been driving their Minis should get a short story and a photo to him for inclusion as an event on the blog……  Given the state of the pandemic it is looking like the 2021 White Elephant Auction will not take place.  A number of members don’t want to give up on it that easily with George Thompson sounding rather auctioneerish.  Stay tuned.

Regalia – A SAMOA facemask that’s a winner had yet to show its face but regalia meister Rowly Stow found a supplier and had a sample that looked great.  We should soon be able to get a supply for members.  Not exactly Christmas gift material but….

New Business – Not strictly “new” since it has been a topic of many past conversations but Glenda volunteered to research and go about having SAMOA listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest continually operating Classic Mini Club in the USA or North America or the Western Hemisphere!  Or maybe the world!!

For sale/wanted – Glenda states that her Honda motor scooter is for sale.  Brian states that he is interested………Gregg is looking for a damaged Cooper S block.  Gregg has some new ideas and wants to build another BMW twin-cam cylinder headed A-series engine (he built the first one, you know).

Tech discussion – License plates.  Vintage, vanity, clever, etc…………..Bill Busacca wonders about the new 5-speed gearboxes available for the Mini.   He’s getting tired of the noise from the straight-cuts he’s been running for track days.  Street driving is more to his liking these days.

Next meeting – Zoom of course.  Glenda will be gone so Brian will be asking Mitch Hansen to host.

Meeting adjourned –  Forgot to write it down.  Must have been about 8:45pm.


OCTOBER 15, 2020


Officer’s meeting called to order on Thursday, October 15, 2020, 12pm.

In attendance on Zoom:  Brian Slominski, Prez; Toby May, Vice Prez; Ed Sauer, Sec and Glenda Larson, Treas.  Topics of discussion:

Mini Guy missing and upon searching for him, it is discovered that MOA-LA is also missing, their website at least.  Just a small facebook page is all that’s found.  Are these symptoms of these troubled, pandemic times?  Is SAMOA likewise vulnerable?

Any club is only as strong as it’s organization so let’s start by:

Beginning the nomination process for 2021 club officers.  Brian has devoted six years of service to SAMOA and he announced that 2020 will be his last as president.  He has nominated Toby May for the top spot in 2021.  Also nominated by Brian was Chase Maben for what becomes the open slot for vice president.  Toby was quick to second.  Glenda nominated long-time member Lara Williamson to fill the treasurer position.  Lara has assisted for years in club money matters such as our White Elephant Auctions, the 40th and 50th Anniversaries, etc.  Ed will continue as secretary.

SAMOA members are encouraged to nominate themselves or another member (subject to that members approval) for any of the four officer positions.  In its 53rd year, SAMOA continues to be a vital organization because of the large number of members who have volunteered and we hope more will come forward for nomination in this election.

FORUM – A topic of great discussion in recent months, Brian was excited to announce that he’s been in contact with Roger Los.  They have an older, unhacked copy of the FORUM and they will use that in an attempt to resuscitate and meld it together into the blog to form one excellent communication device for SAMOA.  Much more to come on this, hopefully in the near future.

Toby will fill-in as president at the next meeting on Oct 20.  Brian will be an observer.  As usual, 7pm for Mini (happy) Hour and 7:30pm for the meeting.  Email zoom invite to come in a few days.

Meeting adjourned at 1:02pm.  –Ed Sauer, secretary, 10/16/202


September 15, 2020


The September, 2020 SAMOA meeting was called to order on Sept 15 at 7:30pm by  vice president, Toby May.  Club president, Brian Slominski was once again absent.  The zoom meeting was hosted, starting at 7am, by club treasurer, Glenda Larson.  Twelve SAMOA members were in attendance including founding member and first club secretary Jeorge McGladrey (Patience) reporting from her home in Nanaimo, British Columbia that air quality on Vancouver, Island is just as bad as it is across the straight, horrible.  We’re guessing that life there, otherwise, is just a tad better.


The August meeting minutes were approved as printed in the club blog.

Secretary report – George Thompson sent word to the secretary that The Greenwood Car Show organizers are holding another food drive/tour.  Their initial event was held in place of the traditional car show that was cancelled because of pandemic concerns.  That tour benefited the Greenwood Food Bank as will the upcoming event.  It was discussed at length that this event is not supported by SAMOA since it does not conform with State requirements for non-profit organizations such as SAMOA.  As with any other event, club members are free to attend as long as they realize they are not going as a representative of SAMOA.

Treasurer report – The August treasurer’s report was approved as it appeared in the blog.  September treasurer’s report was read by Glenda Larson, club treasurer and appears in full in the blog.

Membership – Club members evidently are not getting the word that the club voted to waive membership dues until the pandemic is over and club events and other tom foolery can resume.  They continue to send in dues. These funds will go toward dues for the following year which looking like it will start in May of 2021.

Newsletter/website/blog – Yearly dues of $48.00 has been paid to WordPress for blog access.  It has been announced that new design features will be available to the blog editor once he works up the courage to see what’s involved.  There was a lengthy discussion regarding the death of the old website (hackered to death) and whether or not the old forum will be saved, fully functional and part of the blog.  We are still waiting to hear from Brian about this.

Events – No new developments regarding an east-side tour that meets phase two requirements for covid-19 physical distancing.  We’re hoping to hear from Tim Boyd who was going to do some research and planning.

Regalia – No word about embroidered face masks but Rowly Stowe had a nice looking mask with the “less talking – more driving” design on it.  It meets our requirements (form-fitting,  100% cotton and adj. nose piece).   A bit pricey, bulk (30) price of $18 each but sounded like a go until it was mentioned that they’re made in China and a number of discouraging words were heard.  More discussion on this at the next meeting.

History – A small number of club photos and slides have been unearthed by Ed Sauer.  All taken in the first few years of SAMOA (1968-1970).  Digital copies of the slides have been made and we’re attempting to create caption information for each image.  Look for them in the blog.

Old Business – Club officers talked at their meeting about concerns with the SAMOA  Facebook page.  It’s getting to the point that a lot of what appears there isn’t of SAMOA origin and that fact is not always clear.  Chase Maben suggested some sort of  disclaimer for the page and Glenda asked Chase if he could develop something like that.  Facebook is a great way for Mini owners to discuss and trade ideas and there’s a real need for an open forum like this.  More discussion next month.

For Sale/Wanted  –  Ben Ben Compton has a couple of Minis for sale.  –  Toby is really fixated by the idea of building a Scamp.  –  Kelley Mascher is selling a ’68 MkII, RHD Mini with a 1275 and Cooper S brakes.

Tech Discussion – Straight-cut gears are too noisy for the street though the ratios are much better for track days.  Bill Busacca makes a good point and he wants to convert his trans back to helical-cut gears or maybe even go to a 5-speed.  Dan Berglund loves his 5-speed and highly recommends one.  James Thompson’s name popped up as a place to go.

Next Meeting – Same old time (7:30pm, third Tuesday of the month), same old place (Zoom on your computer).

Meeting Adjourned at 8:41pm.  – Ed Sauer, secretary, 9/16/2020

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020


Thursday, Sept 10, 2020,  12pm

In attendance at zoom mtg:  Brian Slominski, Prez; Toby May, Vice Prez; Ed Sauer, Sec and Glenda Larson, Treas.  Topics of discussion:

Form and function of SAMOA Facebook page/group. –  Which is it, a page or a group?  What to do with items that are not SAMOA events, ie British Invasion, PMS tours?  –  Disclaimer(?) and admins remove non-SAMOA items.  –  Rename the page.  Drop SAMOA id and leave it open to all classic Mini owners (kinda like it is now).

Directors and officers liability insurance.

Nominations for club Officers for 2021 open at October meeting

Most likely no White Elephant Auction for 2021

Brian gone for Oct mtg, Toby filling in.  Zoom open at 7am for happy hour, mtg at 7:30 Sept 15

Meeting adjourned at 1:05pm.  –Ed Sauer, secretary, 9/11/2020


August 18, 2020


After a half-hour happy hour the SAMOA August member’s meeting was called to order at 7:39pm by club vice president Toby May, once more in Zoom format, hosted by Glenda Larson, club treasurer.  No president, Brian Slominski, as he and Elise were off in the wilderness with their teardrop.  Fourteen members were in attendance with no guests.  Al Beebe was not logged on at the time this screen grab was made:


The July meeting minutes were approved as printed in the club blog after it was pointed out that secretary left out the part about a passed motion that the start time in August should be moved to 7pm from the usual 7:30.  It worked so well that it was decided 7pm should be the new start time for all Zoom meetings.

SECRETARY REPORT –  Portland ABFM organizers sent a nice flyer about the tour they have planned on Sept 5 to replace the cancelled PABFM.  Tour to start at the usual site and end at a park just northeast of Vancouver. Unfortunately, that being in Clark County, it goes against WA state phase two guidelines so SAMOA won’t be able to support any members if they choose to attend.

Secretary asked for help with a polite way to differentiate between SAMOA members and Mini owners who only participate on the SAMOA Facebook page.  The adjectives, “paid” and “real” seem crass.  Maybe “regular” would be better?  A lively discussion followed resulting in a suggestion that a disclaimer appear on the Facebook page.  More to come on this.

TREASURY REPORT – July treasury report approved as it appears in the blog.  As the pandemic continues and club functions do not, there still is little change with club finances.  The resultant report appears in the TREASURY section in the club blog.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – 74 members and six lifetime.

TOOL LIBRARY – Librarian not in attendance, no report given but it was mentioned by those there that its presence on the blog is appreciated and use by members continues.

WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA – No chairman at meeting but the lack of the forum continues to be an issue and needs to be addressed.  Damned hackers.

EVENTS – The Bash on Vashon is cancelled unless by some miracle King County is granted phase three status.  It would have been the 23rd time the event has taken place!  Thanks went out to the Vashon SAMOA members, Peter and Joan Larsen, Gordon Smith and Oly Jensen, who have kept this ever-popular event going.

Improper social distancing will not be tolerated.

Chase Maben asked about the possibility of doing a tour where there is no socializing at the beginning or end so distancing isn’t a problem.  A discussion took place resulting in the thought that it would be ok to do that.  Tim Boyd volunteered to organize an eastside tour along these lines and will get details to officers for their  ok.

REGALIA – Face masks were the unlikely topic of the next discussion led by Rowly Stow, club Regalia Meister.   After much research he is narrowing choices of  mask type and manufacturer.  We have two designs to choose from, the favorite seems to be the one based on the Mini in the 50th shirt design.

HISTORY – Not very many vintage SAMOA photos were brought to the meeting so we will try again in Sept.

NEW BUSINESS – It was asked if anyone had lately gone for a ride, just to go for a ride in their Mini.  Many had and told about their experiences.  Good thing to do on  these pandemic-summer days.

FOR SALE/WANTED – Oly Jensen has a 1968 MkII Morris 1000 for sale.  Lots of Cooper S mods, hydrolastic, RHD, could use paint.  Discount for SAMOA members.  We think Kelley Mascher still has a Mini for sale but he didn’t mention it.

TECH DISCUSSION – Speaking of Mini drives, Toby tried to take his Mini for a drive and barely got out of the driveway when it decided it wasn’t going to run.  Fortunately it was the Slominski’s driveway and Aaron Anderson lives across the street.  Aaron diagnosed a late-model distributor problem on Toby’s ’93.  Rowly experienced a poor running Mini which, it turns out, was caused by bad gas or crud in the fuel lines or maybe just not being driven enough so…..

Get out there and drive your Mini!

NEXT MEETING –  Third Tuesday of September, the 15th, 7pm on Zoom!

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.  –Ed Sauer, secretary, 8/19/2020

AUGUST 14, 2020


Friday, Aug 14, 2020,  10am

All four club officers were present for this zoom meeting.  Brian Slominski, president; Toby May, vice president; Ed Sauer, secretary;  Glenda Larson, treasurer.

Glenda – bylaws, do they exist?  Old, unanswered question.  If not we need to develop something.

Brian – Miss the real meetings.

Toby – New member in the works.

Glenda – face masks.  100% cotton,

Ed – Elastic straps and metal nose brace.  Will contact Rowly to present at mtg.  It was decided to use Mini design from 50th shirt.

Toby – Gave a no vote on Oregon alternate ABFM tour to Alderbrook Park near Battle Ground.  Others concur.  Agreed unanimously that SAMOA will not publicize.

Ed – Bash on Vashon cancelled.  Thought covid-19 was supposed to just vanish (at least that’s what “someone” said) but it didn’t.

Toby – Greg Temkin has renewed his membership.

Toby to preside August mtg.  Brian on vacation.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15am.  – Ed Sauer, secretary 8/15/2020


JULY 21, 2020


The SAMOA July member’s meeting was called to order at 7:37pm by club vice president Toby May.  The meeting was happening online in the ZOOM format, hosted by Glenda Larson, club treasurer.  Fourteen members were on hand with no guests.  The June meeting minutes were approved as printed on the club blog, “The SAMOAn –What’s going on.”

“Wear your mask, avoid crowds and maintain proper social distancing” led off the secretary/events report by Ed Sauer, club secretary.   We have heard no word of any club members having the covid-19 virus and would love to keep it that way.

The July treasurer’s report, given by Glenda, was short but sweet. All the numbers  of the report had been turned in and the report is on the blog.  The club hasn’t been doing anything and therefore the club hasn’t been spending money so our balance is up.

MEMBERSHIP – No money coming in from membership renewals since dues have been waved until at least May 2021.  We do have two new members, Jeff Horton and Kevan McCallum, Jr.

WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA – Brian was on vacation so no website report was given though it was reported that the poor old website has been hacked which explains the fubar forum.  Attempts to locate Rodger Los for some assistance will continue on Brian’s return.  Chase Maben, our social media person reports that SAMOA now has over 400 instagram subscribers.

EVENTS – The Idaho ABFM has officially been cancelled and though Ed, acting events guy,  hadn’t been able to find official  cancellation of MINI MEET WEST/Portland ABFM it was guessed that it was only a matter of time.  Several members stated that they already had heard of the cancellation.  The other event, the ever-popular BASH ON VASHON, scheduled for Sept 13, will be addressed as the date grows nearer with hopes that restrictions will have eased by then. Peter Larsen says the tour will be ready to go with just a few days notice.

REGALIA – The extra grille badges that were included in the original order have all been sold.  We will need to decide at some point when/if we want to order more.   Quite a bit of talk about SAMOA face masks.  Should we have some made?

PHOTOS – Mural photos as seen on facebook were mentioned by Toby.  SAMOA photos  from “the old days” were discussed and it was decided that members coming to the next meeting should bring their favorite vintage photo(s) of Minis and SAMOA.

 NEXT MEETING – Glenda is happy to continue hosting Zoom meetings and the next one will be the usual 3rd Tuesday of the month, in this case August 18.  Chase suggested that a chat session start at 6:30pm and be immediately followed at 7:30 by the meeting.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:29pm.  – Ed Sauer, secretary, 7/21/2020


JULY 15, 2020


Club treasurer and zoom meeting host, Glenda Larson, got the meeting started right at 12 noon.  All four SAMOA officers on hand….er, zoom.

President, Brian Slominski first addressed the long-running website forum problem which turns out to be more complicated than thought at first.  The site has been hacked.  Brian is renewing efforts to contact Rodger Los who has assisted us with recent website issues.  Brian remembers that Rodger copied files of our website onto his computer.  It is hoped that we can use the saved forum files to merge with our blog and be done with the old website once and for all.  Brian will try to find Rodger and get things going.

Brian announced that he is staying home, staying healthy and will not be involved with club matters for the remainder of year because of covid-19.

Secretary, events coordinator and blog editor, Ed Sauer, commented that the Portland and Idaho ABFMs are still listed as going on according to their websites.  Rumors are that neither event will happen.

Vice president and membership coordinator, Toby May, gave a first-hand impression of post-CHOP unrest leftovers and how they are affecting his neighborhood.

In spite of the pandemic and SAMOA shutdown, the club has two new members – Jeff Horton, Kevan McCallum, Jr.

Those in attendance told of recent covid-19 experiences from driving through Idaho where no one seems to care about face masks or crowds, to having to shut down a health-care business run through a residence.

Glenda mentioned her trip to Montana to see her daughter, her daughter’s family and her brand new grand daughter for the first time.

Reflections about the June zoom meeting.  Should we have another?  Yes!  Brian will be on vacation.  VP Toby will fill in of course.  Glenda will be the zoom host.

Meeting on Tuesday, the 21st, to start at 7:30pm.

More events stuff.  With covid-19 coming on strong the Bash on Vashon, previously postponed from May to Sept. 13 will have to be cancelled.   The Goldendale Hillclimb scheduled for Oct. 1-4 is still a possibility.

Brian needs to get a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order to Toby so Toby can run the upcoming meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1pm.   – Ed Sauer, secretary  7/15/2020


June 16, 2020


A meeting was never really called to order.  It was more like Mini (happy) Hour.

6:32pm  – 7 members so far

6:42         – 19   “    ”         “   ”

22 SAMOA members in attendance for the first-ever SAMOA zoom meeting.  Barth Sherwood and Kelley Mascher were shy and it was getting late for Michael Slominski who was in Florida.

-in attendance – Mitch Hansen (Covington), Brian Slominski (Northgate), Mike Henry (Bremerton), Ed Sauer (Everett), Mark Hurston (Bothell), Toby May(Seattle), George Thompson (Seattle), Chase Maben (Queen Anne), Tim Boyd (Redmond), Carrera Halwachs (Renton), Larry May (Tacoma), Karen May (Tacoma), Gyda May (Tacoma), George Barrett (Everett), Barth Sherwood (West Seattle), Gordon Smith (Vashon Island) and Peter Larsen (at Gordon’s on Vashon), Michael Slominski (in Florida), Kelly Mascher (Crown Hill).

George talking about Greenwood Car Show Tour, June 27.  Traditional car show replaced by tour from Aurora ??????? to XXX Drive-In in Issaquah AND a food drive AND a cruise of Greenwood Ave N, the car show site.

Chase, Ed, George are going.  Pretty quiet otherwise.

-Jerry Cloft (Lake Forest Park) signs on

Carrera is volunteering to have a meeting at their place in Renton.

Next Event July 18,19 at Greg Birch’s place in Port Angeles.  Mini Summer Camp and Member’s Meeting.  Details currently being worked out.

– Rowly Stow (Renton) signs on

– Dan Berglund (Enumclaw) signs on

Kelley wonders, how many here own a Mini once owned by Chuck?

Jerry had wonderful things to say about how his Mini is running, all because of the distributor rebuild by Advance Dist.

Rowly has sold regalia.  Two badges.

Toby reports one new member since March.  It’s Jeff Horton from Fircrest.

Mark Hurston wants to do a mini Mini Meet (meat) at the Bothell (almost Mill Creek) Burger Master.  Worked great last year for the Mini’s birthday.

-Total attendance:  22

7:46  Meeting adjourned.

-Ed Sauer, secretary 6/17/2020


June 11, 2020


Right at 12 noon or there abouts, zooming along were club officers – presidente Brian Slominski, VP and membership maven Toby May, secretary, blog ed Ed Sauer, and treasurer Glenda Larson.

Glenda is excited that her daughter and family are moving to Montana from Florida.  All the better to see her.

Brian had been wavering back and forth and now wants to do the June meeting as a zoom meeting.  We’ll get the word out in the blog, email to members and on facebook.

Ed wondered – Maybe we could do a July meeting at Greg Birch’s in Port Angeles as part of the picnic/tour already scheduled?  King County will most likely still be phase 1 or 2 but Clallam County is going to phase 3 in the next week or so.

Ed supposes – Maybe King County will go phase 3 by August and the summer picnic/meeting at the Gay estate, usually in July, can be held there then?  That would bump the previously skedded August meeting at the Boyd’s to September?  Wonder how the Boyds and Gays feel about that?  Ed will check.

Brian discussed – Details of the upcoming June 16 zoom meeting.  Brian is working on details and will host with the help of Mitch Hansen.

Brian announced – Greenwood car show will be virtual (send in your videos) and an actual tour.  On same date as planned.  Details elsewhere.

Ed says he will update blog with mtg info and email members.

-Ed Sauer, secretary 12:48pm, 6/11/2020


May 14, 2020


Still not possible for a May SAMOA members meeting so here are minutes from the May officer’s meeting instead.  There IS stuff going on in the club so do not despair, SAMOA members will meet in June and it’s going to be a Zoom meeting!  Stay tuned.

Your club officers, President Brian, Vice Prez Toby, Secretary Ed and Treasurer Glenda, met at noon via Zoom.  All in attendance were wearing pants and recently self-cut hairdos.  Toby took awhile to warm up having just put in another 10-hour shift of his new, improved 70-hour work week.  Argh.  It was approved unanimously that his notice be posted on the blog (see elsewhere) of eliminating club membership dues for the year 2020.  It made perfect sense that members not be charged for not being able to do anything the club isn’t planning to do this year anyway. Damn the pandemic!

Brian has been asked if it would be possible to attend one of these exciting officer’s meetings.  It was discussed and decided, let’s have a Zoom members meeting instead.  If it doesn’t turn into total chaos, or maybe because it does, we’ll make it the new way to meet.  At least until the pandemic fizzles.

Brian also posed a question:  If 70% of the Greenwood Car Show entry fees go to Food Lifeline and the car show has been canceled, why don’t we see that Food Lifeline gets roughly that amount of money from SAMOA anyway?  That morphed into talk about setting up a Go-Fund-Me type arrangement for club members (and anyone else for that matter) to donate to.  It would also be good to challenge other car clubs to see if they can keep up with SAMOA donations (fat chance).  Caution was expressed by Glenda about Go-Fund-Me operations not always being on the up and up.

On the upcoming events schedule, it looks like the Microcar/Minicar Extravaganza in Oregon has been cancelled though it hasn’t been confirmed.  The SOVREN NW Historics, the biggest vintage sports car race of the year over 4th of July weekend will be a non-spectator event.  No Mini parade laps I guess.

A more positive note, Greg Birch is still planning on June 28 having all Mini owners over to his place in Port Angeles for a picnic and tour and other fun Mini activities (engine tuning, hi/lo adjustments, etc).  10-foot Mini social distancing will of course be in effect.  Mini face masks encouraged.  Steve and Kim Gay are still expecting the usual big turnout of the little cars at their place near Cottage Lake for the July 25 Summer Picnic and Membership meeting.  The same social distancing and face mask rules as previously mentioned.  Details on both these events will be coming in the calendar and elsewhere.

– Ed Sauer, secretary, 5/15/2020


April 16, 2020

No minutes for April due to no membership meeting because of you know what.  Your hard-working club officers did meet for their monthly officer’s meeting and actually spoke to each other.  Here’s what they talked about.

This Zoom meeting was necessary due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The April members meeting was cancelled but officers met to discuss where the club is going in response to the circumstances. The following are items discussed by Pres Brian, VP Toby, Sec Ed, Treas Glenda.

UPCOMING MEETING – We need to have another members meeting asap. How to hold meeting with social distancing still in place? Do it outdoors and everyone brings a chair. Seward Park was decided upon as a place. Brian will make arrangements. Hoping for 3rd Tuesday in May. Still very much up in the air so check back.

NEW BUSINESS –  Suggested by Jerry Miller on the forum that the club donate money to Oregon Mini Society to help finance MINI MEET WEST 2020. Expenditures like this need to be brought before the club membership for discussion, a motion and a vote. That will be done at the soonest convenience. Hopefully at the May meeting.

MEMBERSHIP STIMULUS – Not fair that club members pay dues for 2020 and then, because of the coronavirus pandemic, have no meetings or events to attend. One year membership credit will be given all current members.

MINI MEET WEST 2020 – Victoria event cancelled, Oregon Mini Society has scheduled a MMW2020 as part of the already scheduled Portland All British Field Meet. 

MINI MEET WEST 2021 The Victoria/Vancouver Mini Clubs have already launched a new website for MMW2021 in Victoria.

-Ed Sauer, secretary, 4/16/2020



March 18, 2020

Just sat down at the computer to record the minutes from notes never taken at a meeting never held.  It was to be the March SAMOA membership meeting but a virus was lurking so the meeting was cancelled.  Social distancing is here to stay…..  For awhile anyway.

Call to order – Had the meeting happened, our president, Brian Slominski, first would have fired up the grill for at least hotdogs and, given how beautiful the evening was, possibly hamburgers for those fortunate enough to get to Pingrey’s on 89th and Roosevelt for Mini happy hour.

Secretary – Word from Mike Smith in Victoria regarding Mini Meet West the end of June.  “pretty quiet here on that front.. but I suspect that things will get more cases, and then go back to normal. The end of June is a long time away.  I understand your caution. Hope we will see you then.”

Tresurer – Back from her trip back east, Glenda Larson sent a March treasurer’s report which can be found in TREASURY in the menu.

Membership – Not much new but Toby May reports 86 current members.  Contact Toby if you want a printed membership roster.  No, it’s not available online (we don’t want the meanies gettin’ ahold of our privates).

Events – Speaking of events….who knows?  Perhaps things will return to “normal” and maybe they won’t (experts say it won’t for a long while).  It’s that social distancing thing again.  We will deal with that as it comes and the events calendar will be kept up to date as much as possible.  Event suggestion:  Pack a lunch, hop in your Mini and drive up your favorite road(s) to a favorite place and have picnic.  Maybe tell a couple of your friends to do the same thing and come along.  Park your Minis at least six feet apart and be sure to maintain that spacing.

Tech discussion – Research found that the threaded holes in the SAMOA grille badge are standard 8-32.  The threaded rods included for mounting the badge are small in diameter and therefore loose in application and probably shouldn’t be used.  A couple of long 8-32 screws thread quite nicely into these holes.  The heads of these screws can be cut off if you want threaded rods. Use nylon lock nuts, good washers and/or loctite so you don’t run over the grille badge when it falls off the grille.

Next meeting – Will we meet again April 21 at Pingrey’s?  Who knows?  Is we do, it will be for the last time as the giant wrecking ball has a date at our humble meeting hall shortly thereafter.

DIY picnic report, questions, comments – email me or call me if you don’t know my email address.

-Ed Sauer, secretary 3/18/20



February 18, 2020

 Call to order – The SAMOA members meeting was called to order at Pingrey’s on 89th and Roosevelt at 7:30pm with club president, Brian Slominski officiating.  An impressive number of members (27) were in attendance, no guests.  Minutes were approved from the January meeting, such as it was, at the White Elephant Auction at ScaleRacing Center in Tacoma.

A note or two about club meetings.  After an exceptionally wet 2019/2020 winter, the February meeting was the fourth in a row held on a dry day!  Someone likes us.  Pingrey’s proprietor, Don Dixon, officially announced that this historic structure soon will surrender to the wrecking ball.  Its doors will close for the last time the end of April, 2020.  The April SAMOA meeting will be the last at what has become the best SAMOA meeting place ever, Pingrey’s.

Secretary – Anything new, received in the past month and of any import, has been placed on the blog so take a look in all the various nooks and crannies.

Treasurer – Our esteemed treasurer, Glenda Larson, is on a month-long vacation to visit relatives back east so our secretary, Ed Sauer, tried to read the treasurer’s report.  Glenda’s job is safe.  A motion was passed to approve this report.  See the TREASURY section in this blog for the complete report.

Membership – Vice president and membership maven, Toby May, reported a current membership of 86, up slightly after the usual flurry of renewals at the SWEA in January.  Get your copy of the current membership roster from Toby.  It is available only in printed form.  For member’s privacy, it is not available online.

Website – Still “down” but as Brian explains the forum is in fine working order and  accessible only by going to it through the blog.  Just click on FORUM on the blog’s  homepage menu.

 Tool Library –  The factory upper-suspension arm bearing removal tool is in use by Garret Ulmer according to librarian, Don and Garret.

Regalia – The new grille badges are selling like hotcakes so if you want one contact Rowly Stow and send money.  New hats only $20 and shirts are a bargain at $10.  Discussion continued about standard vs metric fastener conflict for the grille badges.  Once you get the threads to match remember to use Loctite!

Social Media – SAMOA has 400 followers on instagram (and 27 members at the meeting?) so says Chase Maben, social media guy.  We’re guessing it was more fun attending the meeting than it was just following.

Old Business –  Mark “MiniNut” Hurston passed around a sign-up sheet for the upcoming Dyno Day on April 11. If you want to participate in this exciting event (and you know you do) you need to pre-register by contacting Mark.  White Elephant Auction wrap-up.  Money made by the club at the WEA was mentioned (see treasurers report).

New Business – It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking of upcoming events.  Andrew Hou is organizing a tour to Burlington for the April 25 Tulip Rallye.  Starting at his house with fresh, home-made pastries.   Mark mentioned the TWO Canadian events this year, Vancouver ABFM May 16 and Mini Meet West in Victoria June29-July2.

For sale/Wanted – Kelley Mascher still has a MkII hydrolastic Mini for sale.  1275 powered.

Tech Discussion – Hos Row asked for member feedback on the use of waterless coolant in a Mini.  Other coolant options also were discussed.  James Thompson has available a new, superior, high-performance racing oil.  Better and longer-lasting than Kendall.

Next Meeting – Pingrey’s, 3rd Tuesday per usual for March and April.

– Ed Sauer, secretary  2/18/20



January 25, 2020

The January membership meeting was held in conjunction with the 2020 White Elephant Auction. Here is the agenda from that event.

January 25 at Scale Racing Center in Tacoma.  A full day of Mini fun!  9am, Donuts and coffee – thank you to Peter Larsen and Gordon Smith (The Peter and Gordon).  Set up – thank you to Alan Smith and SAMOA members.  10am,  SAMOA members competed in team racing on one of the big tracks.  It was great fun and excitement for racers and spectators alike!  11am,  White Elephant Auction part 1 – Thank you to our audacious auctioneer George Thompson.  12 noon,  Potluck lunch break – thank you to SAMOA members for the mouth-watering smorgasbord.  And a huge thank you to Glenda Larson for organizing the whole dang day.

1pm,  SAMOA Membership Meeting.

Brian Slominski presents Glenda Larson with the 2019 Penna Inspirational Award.

Nominations open for club officer positions for 2020.  No nominations were named so the election consisted of the same officers as 2019, pres Brian Slominski, vp Toby May, sec Ed Sauer, treas Glenda Larson).  Presentation of 2019 SAMOA Inspirational Award went to Glenda Larson the spark she provided throughout the year. SAMOA membership maven, Toby May, reported that membership as of Jan 25, 2020 (including renewals at this event) was 80 plus six lifetime members. 

2pm,  White Elephant Auction part 2 – The silent auction ended (by far the largest number of silent auction items) and remaining white elephant items were auctioned by George.  Auction funds were collected and recorded by Lara Williamson and Glenda Larson.  Final tally of funds can be found in the January, 2020 treasurer’s report.

-Ed Sauer, secretary  1/25/2020



and☃️all🌞🎶the🎁Best❄️🎄for🦌🎅🥂 the 🤶🥂New🥂🎄🔔Year🎶🥂❄️🎉

from Jeorge McGladrey  (as Jeorge Patience, she was SAMOA’s first club secretary from 1967 to 1972.  Soon after, she married and moved to Canada where she has lived ever since.  Thankfully, she has kept in touch.)


December 17, 2019

It was the SAMOA HOLIDAY PARTY!  No, it was the December members meeting!  STOP, you’re both right so you will find this listed both in RECENT EVENTS and MEETING MINUTES.

Looks like The Italian Job on the big screen as Brian tries to hold the monthly meeting. – Chase Maben photos

Call to order – The meeting was called to order at approx. 7:44pm, right in the middle of the annual holiday party at the Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub in Lake City, by club prez, Brian Slominski.  34 members and 4 guests were in attendance.   This was a very appreviated meeting, very abbreviated, so the November meeting minutes will need to be approved at the January meeting.

Santa now carries a whip for all those not-so good little girls and boys.

Santa in his cabriolet pulled by Rudolf were featured guests. With 38 Miniacs in attendance the food prepared for us by Elliott Bay worked out to about $15 per person for food and there was A LOT.  Not great but pretty good.  Everything from seizure salad to pulled pork shanks (yummy though not enough), pulled pork sandwiches (many) to mystery meatballs (too many), corndogs and many more choices.  Best of all, we didn’t have to prepare or bring the food or cleanup.  The traditional Rendezvous and Italian Job were shown on the big screen while on a second big screen non-stop Mini photos from all over the world were displayed.

Nominations for 2020 club officers were opened and the very vocal crowd became very silent.

Next meeting – As is tradition, it will be held in conjunction with the annual White Elephant Auction on January 25 which is on the weekend before the Super Bowl. The election of club officers for 2020 will take place at this meeting.

Speaking of the White Elephant Auction, it’s kinda like what the Daytona 500 is to NASCAR where the first event of the year is the biggest event of the year.  So don’t miss it, there should soon be details in the blog in not by now, just remember to keep Jan 25 open for all the fun

Old business – There was no old business so the new business of unfinished partying took over and  the meeting segment of the evening was adjourned at 7:46.

– secretary, Ed Sauer 12-17-19

Treasurer’s Report for Month Ending December 31, 2019

Previous Balance (11/30/2019):                                                               $2,554.06

Income:                                                                                                                     -0-


Web Hosting                                                            $       9.95

Club Christmas Party                                                  603.15

Total Expenses                                                                                 –   613.10

Ending Balance                                                                                           $1,940.96

Important Outstanding Finances: NONE

 – treasurer, Glenda Larson  12-20-19 


November 19, 2019

Call to order – The meeting was called to order at Pingrey’s on Nov. 19, 2019 by club prez Brian.  The heater was even working.  20 members were on hand along with one guest.  The October meeting minutes were approved as printed in the blog.

Secretary – This first day of dry weather after quite a rainy stretch was ironic in that, for as long as records have been kept, November 19, averages out to be the wettest day of the year.

Treasurer – For the month ending Nov. 30, 2019, Glenda gave the following report:  previous balance (10/31/19) $4,351.89; income (membership 80.00, regalia 200.00) total 280.00; expenses (web hosting/month 9.95, meeting food 43.99, regalia 2,023.89) total 2,077.83; outstanding finances NONE; ending balance $2,554.06.  A motion was passed to approve this report.

Membership – Toby reported current membership of 79 which is down considerably from the norm of around 100.  Discussed was how to gently remind members to renew their dues.

Website – Brian’s efforts paid off and the Forum (in the old website) is back up and chugging right along.  Check it out!

Tool Library – Our tool librarian, Don, is at your service should you need to borrow.

Events – Big ones coming up!  Holiday Party returns to Elliott Bay Brewing in Lake City on Dec 17 with Brian organizing and the 2020 White Elephant Auction returns to Alan Smith’s 132 Scale Racing Center in South Tacoma on Jan 25 with Glenda at the helm.  The 2020 SAMOA events calendar is coming together and will be out shortly.

Regalia – Hats available, misc shirts available in misc sizes (and on sale for only $10ea) and the club grille badges that everyone is waiting for should be here in the next few days.  Contact Rowly.

Social Media – 370 (!)  SAMOA Facebook followers and 60 new followers on Instagram.  Chase isn’t sure where all the Instagrammers came from.  It is wondered, how can we get some of these followers to become actual members?

Old Business –  An old topic that used to be off in the distance and now is right around the corner.  In this case, “the elephant in the room”…… the “room” or rather, Pingrey’s, the building where SAMOA has been meeting for oh these many months.  Word from the owner of said building is that it no longer will exist at some point this spring as construction begins on another apartment building.   We need to find a new monthly meeting place.  It needs to be somewhere in the “Seattle Area,” fairly quiet, big enough to seat up to 30 people and ideally have on-site parking for those who drive their Minis to our monthly meetings.  In the past, we’ve met in a “back room” of a pizza parlor, a bank conference room, church and library meeting rooms, community centers, garages, a warehouse and of course, club-members houses.  We may have met at a “retirement home” at one time but I can’t remember now for sure.   So please put on your thinking cap and speak up if you have or know of a place.

New Business – Negotiations with Elliott Bay for the upcoming holiday party on Dec 17 are being handled by Brian including expenses for the bigger banquet room since we over-filled the smaller one last year.  Food will be paid for by the club but beer and wine will have to be paid for by members.  Event will be for members only.  Guests will need to become members.

The White Elephant Auction is being planned and will be held on Jan 25 at the 132 Slot Car Raceway, across the street from Griot’s in Tacoma.  Glenda is in contact with Alan Smith, owner of the raceway.  The last time this event was held at this location it was a huge success with lots of slot-car fun and white elephant auction action.

Big News!  Chris Miller reports that Blockley Tyres in the UK are now producing both 145/80-10 and 165/70-10 tires.  Check out their website –

For sale/wanted – Kelley announced he still has a nice 1275cc late-model Mini with Cooper S brakes for sale.

Next meeting – A very short meeting will take place on Dec 17 at the holiday banquet/party at Elliott Bay Brewing on Lake City Way in…..Lake City.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

– secretary, Ed Sauer 11-19-19


October 15, 2019

Call to order  –  It was an unusual and somber way for our president, Brian, to bring the meeting to order as he delivered a heartwarming remembrance of SAMOA member Terry Parkhurst who passed away September 22.  Twenty one club members were on hand for this October meeting, called to order at 7:30pm at Pingrey’s on Roosevelt.  The September meeting minutes were approved as printed in the blog.

Treasurer  –  For the month ending October 31, 2019, our treasurer Glenda had the following figures:  previous balance (9/30/19) $4,234.54, total income (membership) 180.00, expenses (web hosting/month $9.95, blog/year $52.70) $62.65, outstanding finances NONE, ending balance $4351.89.  A motion was passed to approve this report.

Secretary  –  Club secretary, Ed, was contacted by Will Lewis of St. Andrew’s Church regarding Terry Parkhurst’s passing and the service that will be held on October 19.  The church would like to have a Mini parked on the lawn by the front door of the church for the service on Oct 19.  Contact Ed if you can do this.  –  We also were contacted about the advance screening of FORD V FERRARI.  All SAMOA members are invited.  It’s free, it’s on Nov 6, it’s at the Regal Thornton Place theater and if you want to go you need to contact Ed before Oct 28.

Membership  –  Current number of members is 79 and…it’s shrinking……  Membership honcho, Toby, has been struggling with getting members to re-up when their memberships lapse.  The problem was discussed with several suggestions.

Website  –  The FORUM is down (again).  Brian reported it should be back up in a week. (It was up in a couple of days).  –  Still trying to contact Rodger Los regarding the melding together of the old site and the new blog.

Tool Library  –  The most-popular cone compressor has been returned.  Librarian, Don, suggests that if you are a club member, need to borrow a tool and can’t find your way to Don’s house or a meeting to borrow it, he will ship it to you if you pay the fee for said shipping.

Events  –  The holiday party/meeting is in the planning stages and most likely will be on Dec 17 at the Elliott Bay Brewery in Lake City.  Brian is organizing.  –  The 2020 white elephant auction/meeting is in the planning stages and most likely will return to SAMOA member Alan Smith’s 132 Scale Racing Center in South Tacoma on Jan 25.  Glenda is once more organizing the event.

Regalia  –  A new shipment of SAMOA baseball hats has arrived.  Regalia meister Rowly Stow says grill badges are on the way.  Also in the works is a reorder of club jackets.

Old business  –  Andrew Hou reported that he and Rowly really enjoyed the autocross organized by PSMINIs at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe.  The speedway regularly holds autocross events so that all entrants have to do is drive their cars and don’t have to work corners.  And Andrew says they got to make a dozen runs!  Next year!

New business  –  George Thompson mentions that it looks like the fellow that bought Chuck’s Heinz Hornet may also want to buy his MkIII Riley Elf.   If so, there may be a need for a driver to haul the trailered Elf back to Tennessee.  Anyone for a nice fall tour?   –  A multi-day tour around the circumference of Washington state is being talked about.  Done a couple of times back in the 70s as a speed event (the goal then was to do it in 24 hours), the idea now is for a more relaxed approach with pre-arranged overnight stops along the way.  Last stop maybe at Goldendale SOVREN hillclimb event. Long-distance-Mini-drivers Jerry Miller and Dan Berglund are the culprits planning the event.

For sale/wanted  –  Chuck’s Liverpool cop car is still available as is the MkIII Riley Elf.  The rest of the batch of Minis he was selling have been sold.  –  Kelley has some very nice NOS Lucas driving lights, one pair bumper mount, one pair body/grille mount.  –   Brian has a bunch of late-model Mini parts for sale.  –  Mark Hurston has for sale a 998cc A+ Mini engine/gearbox complete.  Also a new late-model windshield gasket.

Tech discussion  –  Peter Larsen brought his subframe for a Mini seat.  Looks like it’s been modified to fit a Honda seat of some sort.  –  George Barrett explained, and others chimed in with the various 123 distributor versions that exist – USB vs Bluetooth vs old codger points type dist.  –  Jerry heard about a great way to store cork valve-cover gaskets.  Set a stock steel valve cover on the bench and slide the gasket(s) over the top of it.  The valve cover will keep them from shrinking and/or warping.  –  James summarized the work he’s completed on the intake system of Chase Maben’s pickup.  An amazing number of things done wrong by someone previous to Chase.  –  More discussion on Cooper S caliper clearance on various alloy and stock wheels.

Next Meeting  –  The old same place, Pingrey’s on Roosevelt and 89th in Maple Leaf neighborhood a little south-east of Northgate.

Meeting adjourned later than usual, 8:45 or so.

–secretary, Ed Sauer 10-15-19

September 17, 2019

Call to order – Fall came early with rain and cool temperatures but a happy bunch of Miniacs showed up for the meeting at (the former site of ) Pingrey’s Richfield on Roosevelt Way and NW 89th.  The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm by our fearless leader, Brian Slominski with 22 members and one guest in attendance.  The August meeting minutes were approved as printed in the blog.

Treasurer – The following facts and figures for the month ending 9-30-19 were presented by treasurer Glenda:  Previous balance (8-31-19) $4,538.82, income $0.00, expenses (web hosting $9.95, Bash on Vashon lunch $187.34 (Peter Larsen), membership meeting food $106.99 (Brian Slominski), total expenses of $304.28, ending balance $4234.54.  Outstanding finances, none.

Secretary – No correspondence in or out.

Membership – Toby May, membership maven, reported the current membership is 83 plus 6 lifetime members.  James Thompson asked if multiple yearly memberships could be paid in advance. The answer is yes and Glenda reminded all that memberships are not refundable.

Website – Attempts to get together with our website developer, Rodger Los, were not successful but will happen now that everyone’s busy summer schedules are over.

Tool library – Don Dixon notes the cone compressor has been checked out and was mailed to A-Series Northwest (James Thompson) in Graham.  Don notes that he has no problem mailing tools to members so long as the member pays for shipping.

Events – Biggest event of the month and possibly the year was the Portland ABFM.  Right around 140 classic Minis from all over the West Coast and beyond and most impressive was the 32 SAMOA members (including 2 competing with their race Minis) and 5 former members (including 1 competing with his race Mini) who made the trip in the fairly horrid weather.  Numerous members had positive tales to tell from the ABFM.

Also recalled was a 60thMini Birthday celebration at the Bothell Burgermaster. Turnout was small but fun non-the-less. Since it took place on Aug 26th, the proper birthday of the Mini, it was still summer with warm weather.

Regalia  –  The grille badges are on order and should be here soon.  Rowly asked if members would like a new batch of hats and the vast majority who were interested had many ideas of what colors to get.  More to come.

New business  –  Bite of Broadview car show on Sept 28, 9am-1pm. Register in advance or day of show. No charge.  Limited space so advance might be best:

Part of a great little neighborhood festival held every year at Christ the King on N 117thand Dayton Ave N, just north of Greenwood in Seattle.  Carnival, Kid Zone, Food Court, Beer garden, Live music. Festival goes til 10pm.

PSMinis has invited SAMOA to their big autocross on Sept 29 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe.  Several classic Minis are already entered.  Go to facebook for details:

For sale/wanted –  Kelley Mascher mentioned that Chuck Heleker still has a number of Minis for sale though a few have been sold such as a MkI Riley Elf and a MkII Riley Elf. Of the others still for sale (see ad elsewhere on this blog), offers have been made on some of them though not yet finalized.

Kelley also has a nice MkII Mini for sale.  1275cc, Cooper S brakes, very stock looking.  Kelley also has lots of Mini parts available.

Tech discussion –  Karobes are going to be produced by A-Series Northwest,  says James Thompson of his new business.

Chris Miller shed light on the latest race-engine development for Minis which removes the offset of the main connecting rod bearing on the 1275 engine.  Much smoother, more bhp and very, very expensive.

Never heard of Smootha-Ride suspension but lots of others had.  Discussion ensued.

Don Dixon passed around a damaged output shaft hoping to learn how damaged it is and how the damaged occurred.

Next Meeting  –  As usual, the third Tuesday of the month, October 15, at Pingrey’s on Roosevelt and 89thin Maple Leaf.

secretary, Ed Sauer                                                                                        9-18-19

August 20, 2019

Call to order  –  It was a bit late, 7:45pm, but close enough given the hot summer evening, the hot dogs on the bbq (expertly cooked by George T.) and plenty of chit chat around the 15 Minis in attendance at Pingrey’s on Roosevelt that, after an entertaining photo presentation produced by our northernmost member, Greg Birch, the August SAMOA meeting was called to order.

Titled THE MINI JOURNEY, Greg shared his life around Minis.  It started with a victory lap in a race Mini while still a child.   These days he’s been focused on racing with the Silversleeves Racing Team (Aaron Anderson and Gregg Temkin also are members) competing in the LeMons race series with Minis, 1100s and even an 1800.  Now he’s looking ahead for the Portland Mini 60 races to be his first vintage race experience in his own Mini.  A great Mini story, full of inspiration for Minis enthusiasts young and old.  And what a treat for those in attendance on this cozy summer evening.

The attendance sheet was passed around and last month’s meeting minutes were approved without correction as printed in this blog.

Treasurer  –  This month’s report had to be mailed in since Glenda was overwhelmed with eye surgery and a home remodel that had her unable to get out the door.  So, with hugs, here is the report for the month ending 8-31-19: previous balance (7-31-19) $4,724.82, income $0.00, expenses (web hosting $9.95, Picnic on The Green meeting bbq $176.05), ending balance $4,538.82.  Outstanding finances, none.  A motion was passed to approve this report.

Secretary  –  There was the treasurers report from Glenda but other than that no correspondence in or out per secretary, Ed.

Membership  –  New member in July, Richie Singh, and new August members Tim Pearce and John and Judy Bennett were in attendance along with 29 members and three guests, one of which was Gigi, a neighbor of Pingrey’s who was passing by looking for Bruno and stayed for the BBQ. The two other guests were Lucas and Owen, Tim’s sons.  Moose, the cat, didn’t attend but stopped by after the meeting adjourned and mingled with the crowd.

Newsletter/blog –  Is anyone using the link in the blog to the FORUM which recently returned to our trusty old website?  It’s easy to get there if you go to the menu at the top of the blog homepage and click on FORUM. Then click on the url for the forum. Eventually, this extra step will be gone and the forum will be just one click away.

Website  –  The redesign is making progress (resurrection of forum for example) even though it isn’t all as visible as that.

Social Media  –  According to Chase we have 40 new Instagram followers.

Tool Library  –  Dave Stewart has been having fun with the color-tune that he checked out from the library.

Regalia  –  A rousing round of applause was given to Regalia Meister Rowly for the bang-up job he and wife Sue did at the WWABFM.  $206 in donations was gathered of which $103 was donated to Food Lifeline.  The size of the new SAMOA grille badges was agreed upon and they soon will be ordered.

Events  –  David Koch is stepping down as Events Coordinator. Ed is assuming the position.  A total house remodel plus other outside activities plus a full-time job didn’t leave enough time in the day for David to drive his Mini much less stay on top of club events.  Ed is eager to get together with members who organize club events and try to get the 2020 schedule better…….uh……coordinated.

Mini attendance at the July WWABFM was a big success with 32 Minis and even more club members.  And it was exciting to see that a greater than usual number of these Minis were unfamiliar and several new members were taking part.

Attendance was down at both the Bash on Vashon on Aug 10 and Dyno Day on Aug 17.  Two great events that should have had lots of entries.  Maybe August isn’t a great month for Mini events?

The actual birthday of the Mini is Aug 26 and to celebrate there will be a gathering of Minis (of course) at the Bothell Burger Master at around 6-7pm.  Mark is organizing so give him a call (206-501-5011).  The drive-in is on the Bothell-Everett Hwy out towards Mill Creek.

Many upcoming car shows you should go to:  George T. says the Wedgwood Car Show is on Sunday, Aug 25 at the Wedgwood Broiler on 35thNE.  9am-3pm.

George B. reminds us of the Portland ABFM on the Sept 8 weekend.

Chase says that British Day is Sept 14 at Redmond Town Center.

Brian says we’re invited by PS Minis to their autocross at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on Sept 29 from 9am to 6pm.   The password to get on this website is psmini. 

New/old business  –  Refer to just mentioned events.

For sale/wanted  –  Jeff VH needs wheel spacers for Mary Quant.  425-503-7952.  Kelley M has for sale Hardy Spicer drive shafts, S rods, 1275 engine parts, 2 engine/gbox units.  206-789-8935.  Mark H has a nice family car for sale (a Volvo).  425-741-2266.

Next meeting  –  Same ol’ place, Pingrey’s on 89th and Roosevelt in Maple Leaf.

-secretary, Ed Sauer                                          8-22-19

July 27, 2019 meeting

Call to order –  The meeting was called to order by President Brian Slominski at 11:15am in Steve and Kim Gay’s backyard out by Cottage Lake east of Woodinville. This was the 15th annual Picnic on The Green and SAMOA Membership Meeting.  After a long dry spell there had been overnight patches of rain all over the Puget Sound area but it was dry at the Gay estate and t-shirt comfortable.  25 members (one new – Richard Singh) and 18 Minis attended.


Vice President Report – Toby May slipped into his Membership Chairman outfit and announced a total of 86 members plus 6 lifetime members.

Secretary – Nothing new secretarially was reported by Ed Sauer.

Treasurer – All’s well with the treasury for the month ending July 31, 2019. Glenda Larson detailed a beginning balance of $3,373.77, income (memberships, $160; regalia donations, $340; more White Elephant, $336; Greenwood Car Show entries. $525. Total $1361), expenses of $9.95 (web hosting by Hurricane Electric) and an ending balance of $4,724.82.


Newsletter/Blog – Ed thanked the following for their stories, photos and editing in the most recent rendition of The SAMOAn – What’s going on? (many hands make more readable work):  Mark Hurston, Karen and Gyda May, Jerry Miller, Chuck Heleker, Steve Gay, Peter Larsen, Ted Atkins and Chase Maben.

Website – Brian again declared that the old and much missed “Forum” is back up and running.  Remember that you now need to first click anywhere on the page before you can logon and make an entry or reply.  The conversion continues with the help of Rodger Los, website designer extraordinaire.  If you like, you can go straight to the forum from the menu on the blog.

Tool Library – Librarian, Don Dixon, reports the Color-tune is checked out, and in the same breath asks, do these things even work? (Larry May says yes, they do).  The engine hoist is checked out as is the cyl. pressure tester.

Events – Lots of events discussed.  See “Old/New Business” in these minutes.


Regalia – Rowly Stow wasn’t in attendance (perhaps still recovering from he and his wife, Sue’s stellar efforts) at the Western Wash. ABFM.  No word yet on donation dollars from that event.

Old Business – WWABFM discussed including Regalia and large Mini turnout (32).  Chris Miller states that classic Mini classes should be better described (what’s in which class). Maybe more classes too.  Jerry Miller mentioned that the turnout was down (both racers and spectators) at the SOVREN 4th of July Vintage Races but the SAMOA spectators did get to do five “parade” laps during the lunch break (and Jerry saw 80mph on his speedo).

New Business/Announcements – The annual Bash on Vashon tour is approaching and Peter Larsen, as event chairman, made a motion for the club to advance $250 for coffee, donuts (before) and pizza (at The Rock after the tour).  The motion was passed.   –More event details elsewhere in this blog.  Brian made a motion for the club to advance $100 for food for the August SAMOA Car Show and BBQ at Pingrey’s (see below).  Motion was passed.  Chris asked if the Lopi Stove Factory in Mukilteo is going to do the employee appreciation car show/festival ever again and are they going to invite SAMOA again?  It was a truly amazing festival.  Brian says he’ll call them.  Mark says there’s going to be a vintage race “Remembering Westwood” on Aug 10&11 at Mission Raceway in BC.  Brian asks if it’s too early to start planning for Mini Meet West 2020 in Victoria?  Not at all, start planning now!   Upcoming smaller car shows – Wedgwood Broiler Car Show in Wedgwood, the first-ever Seafair Car Show, Bite of Broadview Car Show in Broadview.

Tech Discussion – Mr. Miller asked if he should install valve guide seals on all eight valves of just the four intakes.  Some experts say 8, others say 4.  Viton seals are the best ones to use available from Todd Miller, the Austin America guy (Autosport might have these as well).

Next Meeting – It’s the sixth annual Maple Leaf Mini Car Show and BBQ.  Bring your Mini and your appetite to 89th and Roosevelt for an evening of hot fun in the summer time at Pingrey’s on August 20.


Meeting Adjourned – At around noon.  Let’s eat!  –Ed Sauer, Secretary

June 18, 2019 meeting

Call to order –  The meeting was called to order by President Brian Slominski at exactly 7:30pm at The Growler Guys who in spite of their name were quite pleasant. After many dry days the rain threatened but was mostly just talk.  Twenty one members and one guest milled around 11 Minis crowded into five or six parking spots, then sat at the long, sheltered table for pizza and liquid refreshment prior to the meeting.  Dozens of rowdy customers made a challenge of actually holding a meeting (fond memories of a peaceful Pingrey’s).  Minutes from the previous months Seward Park Mini Meet and SAMOA Meeting were approved as written in the blog with no additions or corrections and many thumbs up were given for the event at Michael Palmer’s house.

Vice President Report – No report given as our illustrious VP, Toby May, had recently departed for Colorado and a meeting of east and west Minis.

Secretary – The usual non-report was given as our Secretary, Ed Sauer, was kept busy taking minutes of the moment.

Treasurer – Our Treasurer, Glenda Larson, gave her monthly report for month ending June 30, 2019.  She figures these figures to be correct:  (date submitted, 6/18)  Previous balance (5/21/2019) $5,973.02.  Income $16.00  Expenses $1,653.30 (web hosting, insurance and regalia reimbursement to Don Dixon).  Ending balance $4,336.72.  Report approved by vote.

Membership – Toby, aka Membership Guy, handed off the membership report to Brian who reported 91 members.  Glenda, George Barrett and Steve Gay were so moved that they renewed their memberships on the spot  ($$$ being held by Secretary for Toby’s return).

Website – Brian assured us that progress is being made along the “new website” front.  More details to follow under “new business.”

Events – Many members reported on recent car shows – Don Dixon on the Micro-car show in Forest Grove, Oregon, Chase Maben on the yearly show his church holds and Glenda reported on her favorite show of all, the upcoming Tahuya Days Car Show in Belfair on July 6. –  On this deadline day for entries to the Greenwood Car Show, George Thompson pleaded for more. –  Upcoming events reminders were given by Ed:  MMEMW at Snowmass, Colorado; Idaho British Car Tour; Greenwood Car Show; Vintage Races at Pacific Raceways; WWABFM.  –  A special reminder to arrange for lodging now if you are going to the Portland ABFM in Sept.  It’s a giant event, made even better this year since THE Paddy Hopkirk will be there celebrating the Mini’s 60th b’day and Minis-only races will be held on the PIR track.  An event not to miss.  –  As usual, details and links for all of the above are in this blog.

Social Media – Chase reports that we are at 189 followers on our Instagram account.  That’s up 25 from last month.

Regalia – Regalia Meister, Rowly Stow, resumed discussion on club grille badges which continues in new business – see below.  Also discussed was what to do with the stock of new-old-stock club shirts.  Rowly made a motion to offer them to the public at the Greenwood Car Show in exchange for minimal donations made to the club.  The motion was passed.

New Business – The club grille badge discussion continued. Members made an oral commitment to purchase badges (almost ALL of those in attendance)  which resulted in a suggestion that the club make a bulk (minimum) purchase with members then donating money to the club for each badge.  –  George Thompson gave a glowing review of a British TV series, “For the Love of Cars” in which the Mini is featured in show #4.  It is available on youtube  –  A motion was passed for the club to earmark $1,000 for development of a new website.  Brian is currently on the trail of a web developer for the new site.  He also remains in contact with Hurricane Electric to be sure the “forum” from our old site, though not visible on that site, still exists.

Tech Discussion – Pot joints were recently rebuilt, for the first time, by George Barrett.  He shared many details of the experience.  For one, he devised an easy and cheap way to clean small parts by using an unused gallon paint can and a kitchen wire basket for holding utensils.  Put parts in the basket, put solvent in the can and put the basket in the can.  Seal can with lid and shake.  Remember, it is imperative to keep all pieces marked so they can be reassembled in the order they were removed.

Next Meeting – Steve Gay invited one and all to the “Minis on The Green Picnic” and SAMOA membership meeting on July 27 at Steve and Kim’s house just east of Woodinville.  A truly beautiful venue, Chef (Chris) Miller on the barbie and maybe we can get Steve to show us his latest project in the garage.  And it’s bound to be quieter than the growler guys.

Meeting Adjourned – At around 9pm.  –Ed Sauer, Secretary

May 21, 2019 meeting

Call to order – The meeting was called to order by President Brian Slominski at 7:33pm at Michael Palmer’s house in conjunction with burgers, dogs and awards for the Seward Park Mini Meet.  There were 23 Members and 0 Guests in attendance.  The minutes for the April meeting were approved as written in the blog with no additions or corrections.

Vice President Report – Toby May says remember to get a roster from him at meetings and/or events. It’s the only way to get a printed copy.  A printed roster just might come in handy!

Secretary – The secretary was AWL and Treasurer Glenda Larson substituted to take current minutes.

Treasurer – From Glenda Larson, the following:  Previous balance – $6,284.49 (4-30-19).  Income – none. Expenses – web hosting (Hurricane Electric) 9.95, SWEA (plaque for “big spender” trophy) $16.52. WA State 2019 Annual Report – $10.00.  IRS form 1023EZ: 501©(3) Application $275.00.  Total expenses -$311.47.  Ending balance – $5,973.02.  Note: Important outstanding finances:  Brian Slominski owes SAMOA 2019 for SWEA (income) total of $271.00.  Elise Slominski owes SAMOA for 2019 SWEA (income) total of $65.00.  Don Dixon to be reimbursed $1,293.35 for purchase of regalia inventory (originally $1,833.35 less $540.00 sales at club meetings).  Report approved.

Membership – 94 Current, no new

Website: Upgrades by Hurricane Electric (website host) by end of next month. Brian Slominski communicating with host to assure continued service, seamless upgrade. There may be an increase in monthly expense.

Events – Greenwood Car Show – so far only 2 signed up, last meeting to sign up is the 6/18 meeting (George in charge).  More details in this blog in UPCOMING EVENTS.

Cars & Coffee, Sunday 5/26 at Growler Guys on 85th & Lake City

OMS – Tour of Hood Canal on Memorial Day

WW ABFM (Kenmore)

East Meets West (Colorado)

LeMay Car Museum, car show on 6/30

Mini Races at Portland ABFM – weekend of Labor Day

Regalia –

Discussed need for 40 people to sign up to purchase grill badges at $25/ea. Confirmed art work wanted.

Will display inventory at ABFM with purchase by donation only as we do not have a business license to sell.

Old Business –  No old business to speak of.

New Business/Announcements –

Exempt status applied for by Treasurer.

Cannot sell anything as we do not have a business license.

Voted and approved reimbursement to Don for purchase of Regalia in the amount of $1,293.35.

Tech discussion – See Kelley Mascher regarding date coding of window glass.

New windshield installation – Chris Miller recommended Associated Glass or Gunnar Gordon.

Next Meeting: As (almost) always, 3rd Tuesday, June 18 at Pingrey’s.

Meeting adjourned: 8:31pm   -Glenda Larson, Treasurer (sitting in for Secretary, Ed Sauer)



April 16, 2019 meeting

Call to order – The April 16 SAMOA meeting was called to order at Pingrey’s Richfield on Roosevelt by club president Brian Slominski at 7:26pm on a cool, rainy and already getting dark night.  In spite of the dreary evening 19 members and one guest showed up to talk Mini around much heavy equipment left around the parking lot by workers who during the day have been testing the soil to determin just how toxic the said soil is under said parking lot.  A motion was made and approved for the March meeting minutes to be approved with no corrections to what was printed in the blog.  Brian then introduced Brian Colville, the previously mentioned guest who our Brian met on “Buy Nothing” when Colville was looking for the loan of a torque wrench for use on his motorcycle.  Our president then moved on to the recent facebook kerfuffle about no SAMOA activity in the south end of “The Seattle Area.”  This led into the old discussion of which comes first, attending a club event or organizing a club event, and who does the latter.

Vice President Report – Toby May says to remember to get a roster from him. He always has copies at meetings and events.

Secretary Report – Was able to get notice of Chris Kimball’s Burgers and Slot-Car Event up on the blog as soon as Chris notified the editor. Unfortunately that didn’t happen until two days before the event.  Editor has yet to hear about results.

Treasurer Report – From treasurer and birthday girl, Glenda Larson, the following:  Previous balance – $6,039.49 (3-31-19).  Income – membership dues $280.00, White Elephant Auction 125.00, total income $405.00.  Expenses – web hosting (Hurricane Electric) 9.95, SWEA (tables and chairs rental) $160.00, total expenses$169.95.  Ending balance – $6,274.54.  Note: SAMOA owed Don Dixon for the SWEA tables and chairs rental for which he requested eight years of SAMOA membership (@$20 ea.) in exchange which was processed.  Motion was made and passed to approve report.

Membership Report – Toby reported current membership at 98.

Newsletter Report – Reported in Secretary report.

Social Media Report – Chase Maben reports 280 followers on instagram.

Tool Library Report – Librarian, Mr. Dixon, conducted prize drawings (for misc. tools and etc.) throughout the meeting.

Events Report – Events Coordinator, David Koch, seems to still be in Japan so members stepped up with upcoming events.  George Thompson is once again coordinating the SAMOA part of the Greenwood Car Show on June 29.  Get an entry form from him, fill it out and give it back with a check made out to SAMOA. He will deliver all entries to the car show folks.  Details and link to event in Events Calendar. –  Merv Hanna encourages Minis to show up at SOVREN’s Spring Sprint vintage races coming up April 27, 28.  –  Don Dixon says the Mini and Micro Car Extravaganza is a great weekend event coming up June 14-16.  Details and link to event in Events Calendar.

Regalia Meister –  Rowly Stowe handed around a sample grille badge and asked members about interest in buying a SAMOA example for their Mini.  The informal vote was nearly unanimous.  Discussion ensued about which design to use, how much they’ll cost, etc.  – Brian asked about who still might have old original artwork for old, original SAMOA regalia.  We will be archiving any we can get our hands on. Also discussed were club jackets.

Old Business  –  Question about who attended the slot-car event with no first-hand info available.

New Business  –  The old SAMOA website and the relatively new SAMOA blog will soon become one  (perhaps this should be in “Old Business?” ) – The prez had on hand a number of SAMOA business cards, post cards and flyers, all for promotion and meant to be handed out at events, etc., and asked if any  original artwork exists.  Up-to-date examples need to be printed.

For Sale/Wanted –  Jerry Miller has tune-up kits for 45D distributored Minis.  –  Kelly Mascher has MkI and II parts of all sorts.  If you need it, he probably has it.  – Chris Miller has a complete set of twin-leading-shoe front brakes in good condition.

Tech Queries  –  Toby reflected on his recent leaky head gasket problems which were centered on the quality of the head gaskets or lack thereof.

Next Meeting  –  Pingrey’s maybe but given recent construction/destruction in the parking lot perhaps a fall-back site should be found.  Maybe Chucks’s?  Seward Park? Any ideas?  If a commercial establishment, please confirm with propriator.

Meeting Adjourned  at 9:17pm.  -Ed Sauer, secretary



March 19, 2019 meeting

Call to order – Meeting called to order at Pingrey’s Richfield on Roosevelt by President Brian Slominski at 7:33pm after a longer than usual herding of the cats on this last day of winter where the temperature soared to a record 78 degrees.  In attendance, 26 members and four guests including Moose, the neighborhood cat, and a couple who live down the street and asked if they could join in the fun. A motion was made and approved for the January 2019 meeting minutes to be approved as printed in this blog.

Brian then introduced SAMOA’s 2019 club officers, elected at the previous (January) meeting who explained where they’re coming from and what they’d like to do for the club in the coming year.  President, Brian – Vice President, Toby May – Secretary, Ed Sauer – and Treasurer, Glenda Larson.  Each officer followed with a report of what they’d done in the past couple of months (since the February meeting had been cancelled).

Vice President – Toby stands ready in the VP position and continues with his Membership Chair duties.

Secretary Report –  Ed shared recent club correspondence.  Mini enthusiast Roger Carpenter who lives in the UK and works for Microsoft reached out to SAMOA and wanted to attend this meeting but work got in the way.  We’re hoping he can make it some other time.  Another notable contact came from a distressed Skagit County resident who texted that she and her family had just been accosted by “40 Minis travelling at a very high rate of speed down their quiet country road threatening to do harm to their children and animals and her husband was outside waving his arms and yelling explatives at them.”  Your Secretary assured her that those were MINIs, not Minis and that I would make an attempt to find out who those MINI (not Mini) owners were and let them know their behavior was not appreciated.  I also assured the texter that SAMOA members are NOT “assholes.”  It was later determined that the Mini club in question was PS MINIS.

Treasurer Report – Glenda Larson gave the monthly report with a beginning balance of $6,009.44, income of $40.00 (membership dues), expenses of $9.95 (for web hosting),  with an ending balance of $6,039.49. A motion was made and seconded and the report was approved.

Membership –  Toby donned his other cap and reported that club membership dipped to 92 then renewals brought the total back up to 97.

Newsletter/Blog – Otherwise known as “The SAMOAn – What’s going on?”  Efforts are ongoing, with David Koch’s help, to meld the old SAMOA website, and in particular the forum, with the blog.

Social Media – Chase Maben is on board and stirring up outside interest in SAMOA.

Tool Library – Don Dixon held A raffle with winners receiving ….tools!  He also found a home (Jeff Van Hurston) for a wayward tool, a vintage tire bead breaker from the tool library.

Events – David Koch explained his position as one of coordinator, not creator and a reminder of upcoming events.  Club members, who are all encouraged to host an event be it small or large, need to let David know what’s on their minds so he can see that there’s room on the calendar.

He then reminded us of the upcoming Tulip Rallye and the spring highlight, The Vancouver All British Field Meet.  Andrew Hou spoke on behalf of the MG Car Club who have been hosting the fun and scenic Tulip Rallye for many years.  The Skagit Valley is coming alive with…tulips(!) and it’s a great time for a tour around it. You will need a navigator to follow the instructions and assist in answering the questions.  Chris Miller stressed that the Vancouver ABFM is simply amazing and that there are no “day of show” entries so enter early! Consider overnight accommodations for a more laid-back event.  Ed Sauer mentioned the 60thAnniversary all-Mini race at Goodwood on April 6&7 (over 100 Minis entered, two 30-car heats on Saturday to determine a 30-car grid for Sunday’s race).  Live streaming of the event is available.  Refer to 2019 Calendar on this blog for links to these events.

Regalia – Rowly Stow mentioned how much help SAMOA members have been with his Mini since he joined the club and wanted to “pay it back” by getting involved as the Regalia Meister. Discussions are ongoing about “rally plaques,” new shirts, jackets, hats and etcetera.

Old Business – A spur-of-the-moment Mini tour happened on March 10.  Don posted a note just the day before on facebook, the blog and email and eight Minis made the run from Pingrey’s to Golden Gardens and then on to MOD Pizza in Ballard for lunch. A SAMOA event doesn’t HAVE to be planned upon for weeks or months in advance.  Want to go for a ride in your Mini?  Call some friends and invite them along.  Another good use for a club roster?  (Get yours at the next meeting – Toby).

New Business – Mark Hurston announced that NAPA stores will have their “gold” oil filters (Wix brand) at big discount from April 13th to the 27th.  Alan Smith is looking forward to SAMOA having the next White Elephant Auction at his Scale Racing Center across the street from Griot’s Garage in Tacoma. Glenda will Chair the event.

For Sale/Wanted – Jeff VanHurston needs a 13” Mini tire for use as a spare and a 13” wood steering wheel. Chris Wendt is looking for subframes. The infamous “CAR – SCREEN – OFF” lettering on the MkI Mini heater box is available in water-transfer decal form. Chris Miller mentions that former member Jim Dawson has for sale in the blog a list of some very nice early Mini parts.

Surprise auction – From the White Elephant Auction, 1.5 hours of alignment time at Prova Motorsports went to Andrew Hou.  Many thanks to Andrew and Prova Motorsports.

Next Meeting – The old same place, Pingrey’s on Roosevelt on April 16.  -Ed Sauer, secretary

–  Contact the club secretary with corrections to these minutes or bring them to the next SAMOA meeting.  Past meeting minutes are archived on the SAMOA website ( in the forum under SAMOA CLUB/SAMOANS   –



February 19, 2019 meeting

Meeting cancelled due to Snopocalypse but here’s the Treasurer’s report for February:

Beginning balance of $6,012.13, income $265.00 (White Elephant Auction $225.00, membership dues $40.00), expenses $267.69 (WEA $257.74, web hosting $9.95), ending balance of $6,009.44. At the March meeting, a motion was made and seconded and the report was approved.


This just in

The final tally for the 41st SAMOA White Elephant Auction is $2,339 (with 24 bidders. Thanks to all for this wonderful event.
– Glenda Larson, event chair

January 26, 2019 meeting

Call to Order  –  Meeting called to order by president Brian Slominski at 1:25pm after a couple of hours of heavy bidding at the 41st White Elephant Auction at Pingrey’s Richfield.  The minutes for the December, 2018 meeting were approved without correction as they appeared in this blog.

SAMOA INSPIRATION AWARD –  For everything he does for the club from social media updates, regalia, cooking hot dogs at meeting happy hours to always being cheerful and positive, Brian Slominski received the Dick and Carman Penna Memorial Trophy for 2018.

Secretary Report –  Improvements to the blog are taking place, or they’re about to, thanks to David Koch.  More to come.

Treasurer Report – Interim Treasurer, Glenda Larson, gave the monthly report with a beginning balance of $3,248.08, income (White Elephant Auction $2,114.00, membership dues $660.00, expenses of $9.95 (for web hosting) and an ending balance of $6,012.13 through January, 2019. A motion was made and seconded and the report was approved.

Membership  –  Toby May reports the club has 97 members and 15 renewals at this meeting alone! Attendance at 39 including five late arrivals, one of which was nearby neighbor Mike who immigrated from GB after working at the Longbridge factory on the Mini assembly line during the early days of the Mini.  22 Minis in Pingrey’s lot.

Tool Library  –  Tool guy, Don Dixon, says “Smart Alec”, the hydrolastic pump, is out being repaired and will be back in service shortly.

Events – David Koch has volunteered as Events chairman.

Regalia  –  Rowly Stow has volunteered as Regalia chairman.

History  –  Check elsewhere on this blog for a historical perspective of the White Elephant Auction.

Old Business  –  No report.

ELECTION OF CLUB OFFICERS FOR 2019 – Nominations were as follows:  For president, Brian Slominski – vice president, Toby May – secretary, Ed Sauer – treasurer, Glenda Larson.  Candidates for all four positions were uncontested and decided by an affirmative vote.

New business  –  Our landlord, Mr. Dixon, says the lease at Pingrey’s will likely last until next winter thanks to the slow-turning wheels of the SDCI bureaucracy.

Considering the 60thbirthday of The Mini is this year, it will be the featured marque at both the Vancouver and Portland ABFMs.  No word yet on the Western Washington version of said event.  Time to start planning now!

For Sale/Wanted –

  • Mark Hurston has nifty little ceramic Minis for sale.  Grow your own plants in a Mini.  These are NOT Chia Pets, much cooler.
  • Michael Palmer is looking for a Rowland Motors license plate frame.
  • Gordon Smith has an early 1955 (split windshield) Morris Minor Woody for $400.  Interior is nice.  The entire drivetrain, engine and gearbox is Toyota T2C.  Intriguing project.

Next Meeting  –  a motion was passed to skip the February meeting so the next meeting will be at Pingrey’s on the third Tuesday (per usual) of March at 7:30pm.  Happy hour at 6pm.

Meeting adjourned at 2pm, a great potluck lunch was served and the White Elephant Auction continued…………. –Ed Sauer, secretary

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