Meeting minutes

August, 2018 meeting

Club president, vice president and treasurer were not in attendance so an August meeting was not held.  Fortunately, those who did attend were able to enjoy a lovely picnic under partly cloudy skies at Tim and Patti Boyd’s house on the ridge east of Redmond.

When a meeting becomes a tradition

Steve and Kim Gay moved into their house in Woodinville in 2001 and held their first club meeting there on August 20, 2002 (a regular evening meeting, no “car show” or BBQ.)

Starting in 2003, the meeting moved to a Saturday in July and the time was changed to  the late morning or late afternoon followed by a BBQ.

With the exception of 2006 and 2007, for which no information has been found to confirm a meeting, the “BBQ meeting” has been held every year for 14 years (including 2018).   Chuck  Heleker – club historian

With a back yard that puts most parks to shame, Steve and Kim Gay once again hosted a great little SAMOA meeting/picnic.   -Chase Maben photo

July 14, 2018 meeting minutes

Call to order – The July meeting was called to order at 11:30AM in Steve and Kim Gay’s backyard by President Brian Slominski.  June meeting minutes were approved as printed on the SAMOAn blog.

Secretary report – Ed Sauer asked for a show of hands – pretty much everyone is receiving a monthly meeting-reminder email with link to blog.  If this isn’t happening for you, let Ed know.

Treasurer report – Not able to attend but sent report to secretary as follows:  For May/June of 2018 beginning balance of $3,566.67, expenses (web hosting) 9.95, income (membership) 60.00, ending balance of $3,616.72 balanced through May 2018.

Membership report – Toby May reported 99 current members.  Attendance at meeting/picnic in flux with people arriving late.  Final total of 24 members and 4 guests in attendance.  20 Minis at start of meeting and a few more showed up or left during or after.

Media report – Brian reported that there has been a lot of action on facebook.  Nothing new regarding a new website.

Tool library – No report.

Events report –

  • Ed says WWABFM online reg closes today (the 14th). Register on day of show (7/21) at show site.  Details on blog.
  • Peter Larsen had details on Vashon Strawberry car parade and car show. Meet at Roasterie at 10am then head over to Arts Center as a group.  Also, Bash on Vashon is 8/11.  More details to come on blog and website forum.
  • Mark Hurston says bring cash to Dyno Day on 8/18. Details on blog and forum.
  • Dan Berglund says it’s All British Day at the cars and coffee event at “The Shop” in SODO on 7/28. Details on blog and forum.

Regalia – No report.

History – Chuck Heleker sent a brief report on the history of this BBQ/Meeting which is printed above.

Photos – No report.

Old business –

  • George Thompson says he still needs to get checks and $$ for Greenwood show entries to Lisa.
  • MMW recap and discussion. Best MMW ever!  And, no, SAMOA isn’t planning on doing a MMW.

New business –

  • Glenda Larson volunteered to organize the next White Elephont Auction.  As of now, it will be at Pingrey’s Garage.
  • SAMOA is going to skip the Food Lifeline donation at the WWABFM this year.
  • A motion passed for the club to fund food and refreshments (non-alcoholic) for the August picnic/meeting at Tim and Patti’s. $200 max.
  • A motion also was passed for the club to fund food and refreshments (non-alcoholic) for the Bash on Vashon this year. $250 max.
  • Glenda suggested that SAMOA have a meeting at “The Shop” in SODO to give a break to “south-end” members.
  • After this event, Steve Gay mailed to the treasurer, Lisa, receipts for food expenses of $168.93.  Club officers voted by email to approve the expenses.  Lisa will reimburse Steve for that amount.

For Sale –

  • Aaron Anderson has an early Cooper project car for sale. Pretty much complete but in pieces.
  • Ed volunteered to help Al Beebe with his on again/off again Mini garage sale.

Tech discussion – Electric Mini on display at Greenwood.  Autosport in Ballard also has an electric Mini.

Next meeting –  Aug 25 Picnic/meeting at Tim and Patti Boyd’s house east of Redmond.  Details in this blog.

– Contact the club secretary with corrections to these minutes or bring them to the next SAMOA meeting.  Past meeting minutes are archived on the SAMOA website ( in the forum under SAMOA CLUB/SAMOANS –



June 19, 2018 meeting minutes

CALL TO ORDER – Robots rules of order be damned, that was one hell of a meeting. More a party actually where Club Prez, Brian Slominski got everyones attention at 7:42, called the meeting to order, and then everyone went back to partying. This little soiree marked the fifth anniversary of a June BBQ meeting on Roosevelt.  May meeting minutes were approved as recorded on the blog. Regarding funding for the upcoming (August) picnic/meeting at Steve Gay’s house, Brian asked if anyone remembered a motion being made at a previous meeting that the club fund that event.  Several members did remember (probably the April meeting) and that the motion was passed.  It was so noted.

SECRETARY – Our club secretary, Ed Sauer didn’t have anything new to report. A few member comments were made, per usual, about not knowing how to find the blog. It’s at but if you’re reading this you must have found it….

TREASURY – Lisa Love, SAMOA Treasurer reported that club finances are seeing sunny days with a beginning balance for May/June of $3,566.67, expenses (web hosting) of 9.95, income of 60.00 (membership, auction and a donation) and an ending balance of $3,616.72.

MEMBERSHIP – Facts from our membership guy, Toby May: 40 members and guests in attendance, 27 Minis, one Bini and one ADO16.   The place (Pingrey’s on Roosevelt) was full of Minis and Miniacs. Membership count holding steady at a very healthy 97.

WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA – Brian commented that a new website is still a goal but efforts on that have taken a back seat to efforts on getting a Mini ready for Mini Meet West. There has been a lot of action on the SAMOA facebook page.

TOOL LIBRARY – He doesn’t look much like a librarian but he’s been doing a great job. Most recently, Don Dixon has dug up a “bead breaker” for the next time you have a tire that needs removal from a wheel. Positive comments continued on the “factory style” hydraulic flywheel puller that is so amazing you want to pull a flywheel whether you need to or not.

EVENTS – Jerry Cloft, our events guru, highlighted the July 14 meeting at Steve and Kim Gay’s house near Cottage Lake. Be looking for details on this blog. Many, many more events going on this time of the year. Check them out on the events calendar. Get in your Mini and be there.

Mark Hurston has organized a DYNO DAY on August 18 at Carb Connection in Kirkland. It’s thrilling and a little scary to see/hear your Mini on a rolling road dynamometer and humbling to find out how many bhp that A-series lump is churning out.

REGALIA – The club has quite a selection. Perhaps available at the Greenwood Car Show?

CLUB HISTORY/PHOTOS – Long-time member, Shelly Staatz Thiessen has posted some marvelous photos taken in the early 60s of her mom and dad (also a long-time SAMOA member) and their 1960 850 purchased new in 1961 that is still in the family. You’ll have to scroll down quite aways to find the photos along with pics of Shelly’s office at work decorated with all kinds of Mini stuff.

OLD BUSINESS – This is where things got a bit out of control or at least the secretary couldn’t keep up with what was going on………

NEW BUSINESS – Still out of control except…. Chris Miller is retiring from work soon and will also be retiring from his self-started Mini-parts manufacturing business. The first part he started producing was early Mini cable door pulls. He started making these when it was discovered they were NLA and no one was producing them. Anywhere. Since then, he has produced about 1,800 of them. If you see them listed on a parts-house website, they were produced by Chris! And will soon be NLA again.

TECH DISCUSSION – Totally off the rails………So many tech issues it was just a blur. You had to be there.

NEXT MEETING – And you have to be at the next meeting. Minis on the green in the park-like setting of Steve and Kim’s back yard. BBQ potluck lunch. July 14, 10am.

– Corrections to these minutes should be presented at the next SAMOA meeting.  Past meeting minutes are archived on the SAMOA website ( in the forum under SAMOA CLUB/SAMOANS –


May 15, 2018 meeting minutes

CALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order a wee bit late, after a lot of parking lot chatter, at around 7:50pm by club prez Brian Slominski.  22 members in attendance plus Moose, the neighborhood cat.  Lots of stuff going on so let’s get to it:

SECRETARY – Minutes from April were approved as printed in the blog. Secretary, Ed Sauer, reported that the non-profit status for SAMOA has been renewed with the State of Washington for another year. No other correspondence.

TREASURY – The club treasurer’s report for April/May 2018 was given by Lisa Love as follows: Beginning balance – $3,286.62. Expenses – 9.95 (web hosting). Income – 290.00 (membership). Ending balance – $3,566.67.

MEMBERSHIP – Club membership is at a very healthy total of 98. Toby May, membership fellow, is going to be keeping the excellent roster updated on a monthly basis. The roster is available to club members only and to honor member privacy will not published online. Members can get a copy at a meeting or event or by contacting Toby (whose phone # is at the bottom of page one of this blog).

WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA – Brian has been meeting with our website developer but nothing new at this time on a redesign. He also noted that SAMOA facebook members now total 300.

TOOL LIBRARY – Librarian, Don Dixon, reported that new member, Chad Locke, has the color-tune and he reported that he’s been having fun learning the ins and outs of using it. He will report further.

Mark Hurston sang praises of, and returned the club flywheel puller, recommending that everyone should pull the flywheel on their Mini with this puller just because it’s so much fun and works so fantastically.

EVENTS – There are THREE don’t-miss events coming up the end of June. Mini Meet West at Hood River on the 25th through the 28th, Pacific NW Historics at Pacific Raceways the 29th through July 1st and the Greenwood Car Show on June 30th. See you at all three, right?

SAMOA members signed up as of 5/15/18 to go to Mini Meet West: Mitch Hansen, Don Dixon, Glenda Larson, Peter Larsen, Ben Compton, David Stewart, Jerry Miller, Toby May, Ed Sauer, Greg Birch, Mark Hurston, Brian Slominski, John Haddon.

No Travis Industries (Mukilteo manufacturer of Lopi Stoves) Car Festival this year (SAMOA was invited last year and it was amazing) but they will be celebrating their 40th year of operation in 2019 and Brian says we will be invited. Do not miss this event.

REGALIA – Chad is hoping that club regalia will be available at MMW and other upcoming events.


OLD BUSINESS – The Hood Canal tour was a rousing success and Carl Barfield, tour guide, thanked all who attended. Talk is, we need to revisit Dewatto Road sooner than later!

Rowly Stow reports that his adventures installing a breaker-less distributor have come to a happy ending.

A half-page adv. For SAMOA has been sent to the Oregon Mini Society for the MMW event program but Brian hasn’t received confirmation.

NEW BUSINESS – Prospective member, Elliott Holt, had news of a “drifting track” opening in the Walla Walla area. It’s owned and operated by a friend and would be available to SAMOA for a future event (autocross perhaps?).

A Dyno Day is planned for August 18 at Carb Connections in Kirkland. Mark has organized this event with more details coming soon.

FOR SALE/WANTED – Elliott brought front and rear subframes and an aftermarket center console for a Mini, all at reasonable prices. Michael Palmer has a bunch of Mk1 parts and a complete A/C system from a Japanese Mini. He also has an 850 motor for free if someone will come and get it.   Jerry Miller had a 5-quart jug of Valvoline 20-50 (the last of a bulk purchase he made) that Brian jumped on. Kelley Mascher is selling a pair of ’59 Mini doors (rare but rough), a pair of Cooper S doors incl. trim, and other ‘S’ parts. Mark Hurston has a pair of early OZ doors(with wing windows and ext. hinges) and wind-up door parts.

TECH DISCUSSION – Jerry has on order CV joint boots for a 1990 Suzuki Swift that are said to be a perfect fit on a Mini according to Todd Miller the Austin America guy in So-Cal.  Much cheaper than Mini boots and possibly better quality? Stay tuned.

NEXT MEETING – It’s the MAPLE LEAF MINI CAR SHOW & BBQ MEETING at Pingrey’s, Don and Brian’s, The SAMOA Clubhouse, whatever…. Bring your Mini and we’ll fill the lot! Bring an empty stomach and fill it with great BBQ.  Usual day (3rd Tuesday, June 19), usual time (6pm happy hour, 7:30 meeting).






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