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December 18, 2018 meeting

Santa was a surprise and welcomed guest at this years Holiday Party at The Elliott Bay Brewery in Lake City.  -Brian Slominski photo

An abbreviated December meeting was held in conjunction as usual with the Holiday Christmas Party. Minutes as follows:

Called to order by one of Santa’s favorite elves (and SAMOA prez), Brian Slominski, at 7:40pm. November minutes approved without corrections.  35 members and one guest, Santa!, in attendance. Nothing new from the secretary.

Treasurer’s report –  unread but presented here is the Nov/Dec 2018 Treasurer’s Report from Lisa Love.  Beginning balance $3,267.98, expenses 9.95 (web hosting), income $0.00, ending balance $3,258.03.  Bank statement balanced through November, 2018.

Old Business – 2019 White Elephant Auction.  Glenda Larson is in the middle of planning this BIG event for January 26 at Pingrey’s on Roosevelt.  Per usual, the Jan. meeting will be held in conjunction with.  To spice things up a motion was passed to provide George Thompson with ten $10 bills for placement inside 10 of the unmarked auction items.  Lara Williamson agreed to assist as cashier. Details elsewhere in blog.

New Business – Chris Miller asked for a show of hands to gauge interest in attending a Transmission Clinic on January 5.  Chris almost fell over backwards when most everyone raised

Holiday pretzel plate! -Chase Maben photo

their hands so it will be happening. Details coming soon elsewhere in blog.  Peter Larsen announced his intention to have the Bashon Vashon Mini Tour in August of 2019.

2019 Officer Nominations – President, Brian Slominski.  Vice President, Toby May.  Secretary, Ed Sauer.  Treasurer, Glenda Larson.  Nominations will remain open until the actual election is held, as usual, during the meeting portion of the WEA in January. Chase Maben has volunteered to handle Social Media for the new year.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:49.  As advertised, a quick meeting!  Party continued.  -Ed Sauer, secretary

–  Contact the club secretary with corrections to these minutes or bring them to the next SAMOA meeting.  Past meeting minutes are archived on the SAMOA website ( in the forum under SAMOA CLUB/SAMOANS   –

November 20, 2018 meeting

Call to Order – Meeting called to order at 7:30pm.  October meeting minutes approved as printed in the blog.

Secretary Report – Mark Hurston agreed, under pressure, to take minutes in Ed Sauers absence.

Treasurer Report – Treasurer Lisa Love could not attend but she emailed the treasurers report and here it is: October/November 2018 beginning balance of $3165.93, expenses of 9.95 (web hosting), 48.00 (annual blog hosting), total of 57.95, income of 160.00 (memberships), ending balance of $3267.98.  Balanced through October, 2018.

Membership – Toby May reported 87 total members with 17 Miniacs in attendance at meeting which included Damon Carson-Hall, an FOP (friend of the president-Brian).

Tool Library – Tool guy Don Dixon has two bins of books, donated to club, which will be sold at the White Elephant Auction in January.  Chris Miller fabricated a beautiful, handy adapter for the clubs cone compressor tool.

Events – British Invasion Dec 8th at Group 2 in Interbay.  NW Harvest Food Drive is Dec 1.  We need a leader for this.  Toys for Tots on Dec 2 with Chris Miller.

Regalia – Cool stuff. Don’t forget to go through the SAMOA Giftshop after the meeting.

Old Business – Nominations remain open for all club officers for next year.  In particular, the office of Treasurer.  We need help steering this unwieldy beast through the choppy seas of 2019.

New Business – On January 1, 2018 James Thompson will start A-SERIES NORTHWEST, a new Mini repair business in Graham, WA.  Seen on social media, a new classic Mini pickup in the Tacoma area.

For Sale/Wanted – Al Beebe’s garage sale was a huge success and sold out on the first day.

Tech Session – Items discussed: bracket for stabilizer(?), brake fluid.

Next Meeting – A very, very short meeting held in conjunction with the annual Christmas Party.  Location yet to be determined, date will be the usual third Tuesday of the month, Dec. 18. Stay tuned.  -Mark Hurston


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