SAMOA Membership Dues

Dues for existing members: $12, due July 2021. New members, see prorated table.

2022 and forward, $24 annually, due each January.

Prorated membership table for new or previous members’ first year

Month joined Initial membership dues Next membership renewal date
January, February or March $24 January of following year
April, May or June $18 January of following year
July, August or September $12 January of following year
October, November or December $30 (includes first full year) January after next

-Lara Williamson, Treasurer, 5/13/21



We are all in this for the long haul. As more Mini events are being cancelled and/or postponed, the question eventually comes up, “What exactly is a car club member supposed to do when there aren’t any options for getting together as a club.  No drives, events or even meetings?  Why even be a club member?”

The good news is that SAMOA isn’t in any danger of fading into the sunset. As long as there are Minis being restored, maintained and driven by our special brand of crazy car nuts, there will always be a club for us. The silver lining to being shut-in like this is that club expenses have dropped considerably.  On that note, we would like to extend a moratorium on club dues from all of our members (Perhaps use the savings for that part you’ve been meaning to get for your Mini).

From now until May of 2021 your membership will continue.  At that time membership dues can be deposited to the club coffers and your membership will be good for a year.  As soon as SAMOA can adjust to a new normal, we will notify membership of our plans for upcoming events. Keep in touch, hang in there, and above all, stay safe.  -Toby May, President and Membership Chair and the 2020 SAMOA Club Officers, 2/11/2021


Do you own a Mini or wish you did?  If so, you should be a SAMOA member.  Come to a meeting or an upcoming event.  Print out this form and get it to our President and Membership Guy, Toby May. He’ll have a blank membership form for you if need be.

SAMOA club Roster

If you are a SAMOA member and would like a printed club roster of current SAMOA member’s email addresses and phone numbers contact Toby May at any SAMOA meeting or event.  For the privacy of our membership the club roster is not available online.

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