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White Elephant Auction in January

The White Elephant Auction is being planned and will be held on Jan 25 at the 132 Slot Car Raceway, across the street from Griot’s in Tacoma.  Glenda is in contact with Alan Smith, owner of the raceway.  The last time this event was held at this location it was a huge success with lots of slot-car fun and white elephant auction action.

Mark your calendar now.  More details to come.


Mini Spares recalls brake master cylinders


Seattle, WA Oct 24, 2019 –Got an email a couple of days ago containing some very serious information:


Hi Ed,

A recall notice just appeared on the MkI forum. The image Mark Forster posted appears below. The link to the recall notice is:

This may be something you may or may not want to put on the blog since the forum still appears to be down.



If you have installed a new brake master cylinder in the past year it may be one of these defective Heritage brake master cylinders. This recall also may effect brake master cylinders purchased through other parts suppliers.

The master cylinders in question were manufactured between September 2018 and January 2019 and sold from September 2018 onward.  

If you think your Mini may have one of these do not drive it.  Carefully read the FAQ in the website link.  It appears that the number of affected master cylinders is likely very small and the problem would probably be found quickly (brake fluid on your feet).

Full details are provided in the attached news release from Mini Spares.

– Special thanks to Kelley Mascher for contributing this information.












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