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Sorry for this last-minute announcement but the SAMOA EASTSIDE PICNIC/MEETING (and tour) scheduled for this coming Saturday, Aug 7 has been cancelled. 

For the weeks leading up to July’s PICNIC ON THE GREEN I received texts, emails and phone calls, all positive, from members wanting more info about the event.  The results were over 30 in attendance and 26 Minis.  For the past few weeks I’ve received nothing but “regrets” about this Saturday’s picnic/meeting.  No positive responses.  

Maybe it was too soon to schedule another picnic.  Maybe August is just a bad month with everyone having already made other plans  (The last August Eastside Picnic at Tim and Patti Boyd’s drew fewer than 10 SAMOAns).  Tim and I discussed all of this at length and agreed that there was too much work involved if just a few attend and it was impossible to guess how much food to plan on.      

So the picnic is off and the August membership meeting will be on the traditional 3rd Tuesday of the month, the 17th.  It will be a zoom meeting and you will receive the usual email invitation and URL to the meeting a few days before hand.

We are hoping to see you soon at the WESTERN WASHINGTON ALL BRITISH FIELD MEET on the 21st and don’t forget the BASH ON VASHON on September 18 – Remember, it’s always a bash on Vashon.    –Ed Sauer, secretary/editor 8/5/2021

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