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Bash on Vashon springs into fall

WHO:  SAMOA members and those who wish they were

WHAT:  Classic Minis and coffee, a classic Mini tour of Vashon (and Maury) Island and lunch all provided by SAMOA

WHERE:  The Roasterie, 19529 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon Island

WHEN:  Saturday, Sept 18, 2021, 11:30am

WHY:  It’s never too late to cruise the Island

HOW:  Wash. State Ferries, see schedule below

In all his years of leading packs of Minis around the island he calls home, Peter Larsen, the Mini Meister of Vashon, proudly states he’s never really lost one.  It’s different this year.  Not the losing-one part, rather, the tour details.  The damned coronavirus cancelled the BASH ON VASHON as a 2021 springtime event and without a lot of extra planning on Peter’s part, this upcoming fall version would also have been a casualty.

Remember to maintain 6 ft. social distancing, wear your face mask at all times except while eating and drinking and bring proof of vaccination

Minis form up in front of The Roasterie at the start of the 2018 Bash on Vashon.

So here’s what Peter has come up with.  Coffee and pastries while we gather for social distancing around our classic Minis in front of The Roasterie, Vashon’s classic coffee corral.    This will be followed by a spritely cruise around the island (and don’t forget Maury) with stops at several scenic overlooks.  And to wrap things up, for lunch we’ll continue our social distancing at The Vashon Brewery where, you guessed it, pizza will be served.  All this will be provided by the club.  Beverages at the brewery are at the individual’s expense. 

Try as they may, the 2019 Bash on Vashon participants could not see Mt. Rainier on this warm but cloudy day.

Now, if you and your Mini get detached from the tour group (not that that’s ever happened before) fear not for, as Peter states, “You can’t really get lost on an island.”  Just head for downtown Vashon, find the Vashon Brewing Community Pub, 17205 Vashon Hwy on the north end of town and wait for the slow pokes.

We hope you can join us as we bring fall in not with a bang, but rather, a BASH!

And remember to maintain 6 ft. social distancing, wear your face mask at all times except while eating and drinking and bring proof of vaccination

Ferry schedule

Forgot to mention you’ll need to take the ferry.  Which one depends on if you’re coming from Seattle (Fauntleroy), Tacoma (Pt. Defiance) or the Kitsap Peninsula (Southworth).  Here are the scheduled ferry times, one of which you’ll want to catch.  Be at the dock a half hour before sailing and remind them you’re in a tiny car (it’s cheaper).  Take the earlier boat if you wish or the later one if you don’t mind possibly missing out on coffee and pastries. A later boat than these and you’ll probably miss the tour.

Fauntleroy – 10:05, 10:45 / Point Defiance – 10:05, 10:55 / Southworth – 10:00, 10:50


Directions to Fauntleroy Ferry with West Seattle Upper Bridge closed

From the 1st Ave S Bridge onto southbound Hwy 509 , GET IN THE RIGHT LANE and take the Myers Way-White Center exit (not the W Marginal Way-South Park exit).

MERGE FROM FREEWAY EXIT onto 1st Ave S and stay in right lane.  TURN RIGHT 1st opportunity onto Olson Pl SW and FOLLOW TRAFFIC FLOW onto SW Roxbury St and TURN RIGHT onto SW Roxbury St.

 Follow to 35th Ave SW and TURN RIGHT.  Go two blocks to SW Barton St and TURN LEFT.

FOLLOW MAIN FLOW OF TRAFFIC on SW Barton St as it changes to California Ave SW and then changes to SW Brace Point Dr.  BEAR RIGHT at STOP SIGN onto SW Wildwood Pl.  GO STRAIGHT at next STOP SIGN and continue on Wildwood Pl.

As road turns right, it changes to Fauntleroy Way SW.  Turn left into FERRY TERMINAL or if cones prohibit a left turn continue on Fauntleroy Way PAST the ferry terminal and turn into one of the LINCOLN PARK parking lots to make a U-TURN and return to the FERRY TERMINAL.


Let’s do it again!

Sorry for this last-minute announcement but the SAMOA EASTSIDE PICNIC/MEETING (and tour) scheduled for this coming Saturday, Aug 7 has been cancelled. 

For the weeks leading up to July’s PICNIC ON THE GREEN I received texts, emails and phone calls, all positive, from members wanting more info about the event.  The results were over 30 in attendance and 26 Minis.  For the past few weeks I’ve received nothing but “regrets” about this Saturday’s picnic/meeting.  No positive responses.  

Maybe it was too soon to schedule another picnic.  Maybe August is just a bad month with everyone having already made other plans  (The last August Eastside Picnic at Tim and Patti Boyd’s drew fewer than 10 SAMOAns).  Tim and I discussed all of this at length and agreed that there was too much work involved if just a few attend and it was impossible to guess how much food to plan on.      

So the picnic is off and the August membership meeting will be on the traditional 3rd Tuesday of the month, the 17th.  It will be a zoom meeting and you will receive the usual email invitation and URL to the meeting a few days before hand.

We are hoping to see you soon at the WESTERN WASHINGTON ALL BRITISH FIELD MEET on the 21st and don’t forget the BASH ON VASHON on September 18 – Remember, it’s always a bash on Vashon.    –Ed Sauer, secretary/editor 8/5/2021

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