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In 2021 SAMOA continues to change or restrict club activities in accordance with COVID-19 state ordinances and guidelines. Some members have noted that other car and enthusiast groups are organizing group events and wonder why SAMOA doesn’t do the same.

SAMOA is a non-profit social club, registered with the State of Washington.  Non-profit, volunteer-run groups such as SAMOA are generally required to adhere to the same practices as those for for-profit businesses and in the case of the pandemic are required to follow Washington State regulations. The Washington governor’s regional-based PHASED APPROACH to fighting the pandemic has recently been removed and current regulations are in a state of flux.  More information will be found here as soon as it’s clear what guidelines we need to follow.

Regarding events not organized by SAMOA, it is up to each individual SAMOA member if they want to participate.  They are responsible for the level of health-risk they and their families are taking.

As SAMOA’s officers, we share your frustrations about a lack of events for 2021 but until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control we will continue to consider not only the health risk to our individual members, but also the risk to SAMOA as a state-registered non-profit organization if public health ordinances are not followed.  – 2021 Club officers: Toby May, president; Chase Maben,vice president; Lara Williamson, treasurer; Ed Sauer, secretary.


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