Don’s Group Attire is again set up to make SAMOA jackets.  The jackets are a dark blue Dickies Eisenhower style.  The standard jacket will have the back and front embroidery shown in the following two photos.  President Toby May has donated a supply of SAMOA patches so that one of these can also be sewn onto the jacket.  There is also the option of adding your name to the jacket.  Jackets come in lined and unlined styles, with multiple sizes including tall sizes.

The jackets cost about $35 unlined, $41 lined.  There is a slight increase in cost for sizes larger than XXL.
Back and front embroidery is about $19.
The cost of adding your name is $6.
Sewing on the SAMOA patch costs $4.
(These prices are before tax)
To order a jacket contact Stephanie Glithero at Don’s Group –

phone – 206-767-0366
They are located at 5216 1st Ave South in Seattle.

There will be a Large-Tall jacket to try on at most SAMOA meetings.  If you know what size you want you can order without a first visit.  If you are not sure of the size Stephanie can order one in for you to try.

Contact Rowly Stow at 425-890-8754 or if you have any questions.


LESS TALKING – MORE DRIVING shirts are in stock and ready for delivery/pickup. Small, medium, large, extra large and XXL. Please contact me at rfpstow at – Rowly Stow/Regalia Meister, June 2021


Facemasks are now available

The design of a SAMOA facemask was discussed during several Zoom monthly meetings and the final criteria was established;

  • Multi-layered
  • SAMOA or Mini-related artwork
  • Cotton
  • Adjustable straps
  • Nose clip to prevent glasses from fogging up
  • Not made in China
After checking 35 on-line suppliers and buying two samples, no satisfactory mask was found.  The choice was then made to order custom material printed with the SAMOA logo and make the masks myself.

The outside face of the mask is 8 oz. 100% cotton, printed in Canada.

The mask liner is 400-count cotton.

Additional material or a filter can be inserted between the inside and outside layers of the mask.  Activated carbon filters can be purchased from Amazon, search “mask filters 2.5.”

The masks come equipped with elastic ear loops.  These can be removed and replaced with different elastic or cloth straps.

An exterior self-adhesive metal band can be affixed to the nose of the mask and bent into the required shape.  One band is included with each mask.  Additional bands can be obtained from Amazon, search “mask nose bridge strip.”

To purchase a mask, for $20.00, please contact me at rfpstow at


hats 20191025
Baseball-style hats, in British Racing Green (or a close facsimile), tan and black are now in stock sporting the SAMOA mini logo.  Hats are available at monthly meetings for $20.00 each.
grill badge closeup 20191025
SAMOA grille badges are available and they are beautiful.  The cost of each badge is $35.00.
grill badge 20191025
The new grille badge looks right at home on the front of Rowly’s Mini.  Each heavy, metal badge comes with fasteners.  Be aware that there have been questions about the fastener’s thread pitch being mis-matched with the mounting holes on the badge.  It is also suggested that you use loctite to be sure your badge stays in place.
Turns out SAMOA’s new grille badge will fit in many Mini applications.
There is still a large stock of tee shirts, in multiple styles but not in necessarily in multiple sizes.  All shirts are clearance priced at $10.00  In-stock sizes may be limited.
SAMOA 50th Anniversary logo coffee mugs and pint glasses.  A water bottle/coffee travel mug pair is now $5.  A selection of badges, stickers, mugs and beer mugs is also available.
Get your SAMOA swag while the supply lasts!  Shipping available to our online members.   Contact Regalia Guru, Rowly Stow at 425-890-8754 or contact him at if you have any questions.

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