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A little library learnin’

And this my friends is why we always use goggles when using the wire wheel.

So you want to borrow a tool?

1) E-mail the librarian at dondixon4 at I’ll need your address and phone number. If you may need a tool in the future you can pre-register with the library. One can also call me at 2 o 6 369 2805. If you have a goofy area code then welcome to the ‘hood, but I’ll not answer. Please leave a message.

2)  Prove to me that your are a SAMOA member. This can be done by stating, “I am a SAMOA MEMBER.”

3)  Pick up the tool at my place near 78th and Roosevelt in Seattle.  Let me know how long you’ll need it.

4)  Return the tool.  If you don’t come through I’ll be really disappointed with you and your Mom.
– Don Dixon, tool librarian


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